Teufel Move Pro Review

Teufel Move Pro Review

 The selection of in-ears, on the other hand, is more manageable. There is a choice of three pieces under the series name Move – two for athletes and a new one with “Sound for connoisseurs.”

The Teufel Move Pro comes in an elegant and compact carrying case with a winding aid for the headphones. It has a bit of weight but is practical in everyday life: Swing the in-ear around it, and the problem with the annoying knots is solved.

Teufel Move Pro winding aid

Even outside of the bag, the Teufel Move Pro hardly leaves any knots. A fabric cable ensures this with a very stiff plastic layer that hardly transfers any noise when rubbed against the cloakroom. In addition, the cable is securely attached to clothing with a clip, while the 3.5-millimeter jack plug sits in the smartphone in an escape-proof manner in the test.

The cable has an integrated hands-free facility with a remote control that should work on mobile phones with the Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile systems. The headset function on the iPhone works flawlessly: the music is automatically reduced, and the voice quality is convincing.


  • Great sound
  • Super workmanship
  • Very good transport case
  • Good price-performance ratio


  • Cable cannot be changed

In addition to accepting calls, the button on the left earpiece is also used to control playback. However, there are no volume buttons.

With ear tip tree

Teufel Move Pro with exchangeable EarTips

In terms of design, the Teufel Move Pro is one step ahead of its sporty colleagues. The matt-shimmering aluminum housings not only look classy ​​but are also robust and should minimize sound reflections inside.

The scope of delivery includes three different sized silicone ear tips, which offer a good grip and solid noise suppression. In addition, a small opening should protect against overpressure when inserting so that the Teufel in-ear headphones do not press uncomfortably on the eardrum.

Hearing test

In terms of sound, the Teufel Move Pro plays on the neutral side. Nothing bothers you. It looks exaggerated or even too sharp. The nominal impedance is written out as 16 ohms – perfect for operation on a smartphone. The so-called “HD” membranes are driven by lightweight neodymium magnets, which are supposed to ensure high performance.

Bass sounds strong, are well contoured, and play dynamically, but do not overdo it. In the fundamental range of voices and instruments, the Move Pro also convinces with a clear sound. In contrast to some competing products, there is no central depression that brings bass and treble to the fore.

The highs dissolve cleanly and leave a lot of scope for details. This makes the in-ear an ideal playing partner for high-resolution music and audio streams in maximum resolution from Spotify and Tidal. Unfortunately, only S sounds tend to increase slightly in heavily compressed voices. In the cheaper RHA S500i, however, this is even more pronounced.

The Teufel Move Pro feels most comfortable with hip-hop, electro, rock, and pop. Jazz and classical music fans also get their money’s worth because of the offered neutrality – only the stage size could be a bit more spacious.


The Teufel Move Pro offers clean quality and a homogeneous sound impression. With various ear molds and the transport box, including winding aid, the accessories package is also right. The in-ear is rightly the premium product from the big T from Berlin.

Teufel Move Pro Review
Teufel Move Pro Review


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