Teufel REAL Pure Review

Teufel REAL Pure Review

Classic, with cable and without active noise suppression, Teufel’s new closed headphones for exactly EUR 119.99 already have the right name: Teufel REAL pure. But, of course, everything is pure, as it used to be, and the people say: “In the past, everything was better.” No battery charging, no connection problems – plug the supplied cable into the socket provided on the headphones and smartphone, and off you go. The remote control is integrated with the cable for pause/play and title skipping and triggering the voice control on Android and iOS-based smartphones.


  • Very Good Build Quality,
  • Audio Reproduction (Deep Bass with Crisp and Detailed Mids & Highs),
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation,
  • Volume Levels,
  • Smart Touch Controls, Foldable / Rotatable Earcups,
  • Battery Life (Up To 30 Hours / 23 Hours With ANC)


  • In Line Microphone (Overall Audio Quality)

Cable management on one side. The cable is plugged in here.

Of course, there is also a microphone for using the hands-free system, which achieved good results in the practical test. You can clearly understand the person you are talking to. The voice sounds slightly occupied. And the interlocutor is also pleased with the level of intelligibility. There is little noise.

Very high-quality material for the auricles inside.

The large “Linear HD” drivers with neodymium magnets should guarantee appealing sound quality. This, according to Teufel, also guarantees high-level stability. Even at high volume, so the promise, there is no annoying distortion. Our series of tests later prove that these are not just empty words. Acoustically, the Berlin manufacturer explains, the REAL headphones are optimized for mobile use. What do you mean by that? A neutral, balanced style of play, high impulse fidelity, and a lively kick bass area. The rear chambers are ventilated, which means that the drivers can vibrate, as otherwise only in open headphones.

Headband with Teufel lettering on top

We can only praise the wearing comfort. The REAL sits lightly on the head with just the right amount of contact pressure. The headband can be precisely adjusted to the wearer’s head size, is of high quality thanks to spring steel, and is comfortably padded. This also applies to the auricles. The cover made of odorless protein leather turns out to be a stroke of luck. Not sweaty, not oppressive – that’s exactly how we imagine harmonious upholstery. Another advantage: The Teufel REAL pure shields against outside noise very well, although, as already mentioned, it does not offer active noise canceling. The quality and material quality of the REAL pure leave nothing to be desired for just under 120 EUR, and the outer side of the ear cups also has a chic design and good material quality.


The Teufel REAL pure can be folded up to save space and stored in the high-quality, attractively designed transport case supplied. In this case, there is also a small compartment with a zipper, in which you can put the detachable connection cable. Teufel gives its impedance as 18 ohms. The spectrum of the representable frequencies goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


How does the Teufel REAL Pure fare from an acoustic point of view? We’re listening to “Lonely Together” by Avicii featuring Rita Ora. The REAL pure builds up the song accurately. The impeccable resolution over the entire frequency range characterizes the new product. Teufel has made a lot of improvements here. Older wired Teufel headphones can as little keep up here as numerous competitors. The REAL pure reproduces the voice of Rita Ora in a balanced manner and with very good integration into the overall sound. The bass range directly addressed by Teufel delights with precise reproduction and impeccable emphasis.

This is followed by “Runnin ‘(Lose It All) by Naughty Boy (featuring Beyonce). Though older, the song is currently hot again thanks to its use in the perfume advertising of Chanel (“Gabrielle”) starring Kristen Stewart. And the REAL pure does not show any nakedness. Above all, how well the piano and voice are separated from each other right at the beginning in the intro is almost exemplary because of the price range. The structure and the rhythm come into their own. The emphasis on The bass range is also to be praised here. There is not too much activity at low frequencies to report, which is also pleasing since the bass fades everything else into the background. No, the REAL pure is – as we find – not completely neutral, but audible in the direction of “pleasant and with a slightly warm sound, but we don’t hear any unsuitable overemphasis on certain frequency ranges. In our opinion, the tuning is excellent, as you can listen to the REAL pure for a long time.

The new version of the Snap classic “Rhythm Is A Dancer” by U96 founder Alex Christensen. The Berlin Orchestra brings together the skills of the capital city residents: Here are the talented orchestral musicians who give the often reinterpreted Snap evergreen a fresh, radiant face, and there the again outstanding Teufel REAL pure from Berlin’s “Klang-Teufel.” Nothing is missed during playback, and even users with high demands ask themselves the legitimate question of why one has to invest more in classic wired headphones.

Is it also sensitive? The soulful piano track “River Flows In You” by Yiruma should provide the answer. The REAL pure is not embarrassed here either – remarkable because the fine piece tends to overwhelm inexpensive and inexpensive components. Regardless of whether it is loudspeakers, amplifiers, or headphones – a lack of contours and poor fine dynamics spoil the listening experience. The REAL pure is completely different, which is sensitive and impresses with seamless, coherent reproduction. Sure, headphones costing almost 120 EUR cannot work out all the structures perfectly, but what the REAL Pure can do deserves respect without a doubt.

And the James Bond 007 theme song “Moonraker,” sung by Shirley Bassey, was not criticized. With a balanced balance and clear vocal emphasis, the headphones get to work and create a natural, spatial sound atmosphere that can convince through harmony and homogeneity. Speaking of spatiality, the REAL pure does well in terms of spatial width and spatial depth. Here, too, it should be noted that more is, of course, possible – but hardly at this purchase price.

Competition comparison

The Teufel Massive as an older model appears – Nomen Est Omen – visually more massive but does not look higher quality. A poorer shielding from outside noise and a less good fine dynamics show that the massive against the “new” has no great chance.

Fierce competition threatens from Ultrasone with 2015 presented “Go.” For about the same price, the Go is very well made and optically attractive. It sounds balanced and free in the high-frequency range – however, the Teufel REAL pure offers a further adjustment range for the headband for people with a larger head. In terms of sound, the competitors don’t give up. The Go adds a little more structure to the sound. The REAL pure offers more punch in the bass range and a higher level of stability.

The Magnat LZR 580, which went on sale for EUR 99, is much older than in 2014. But, still a good pair of headphones with powerful bass and good overall dynamics, the 2017 Teufel REAL pure is its master. The REAL brings more authenticity to acoustic events, is more resilient, and audibly resolves more finely.


For just under 120 EUR, the Teufel REAL pure are excellent closed headphones that are extremely comfortable to wear, have clean quality, and, last but not least, have a balanced sound with an astonishingly good resolution. Even in the Bluetooth era, there are certainly still users who want to buy classic wired headphones. These users have come to the right place – the REAL pure is a real revelation even compared to previous Teufel cable headphones because it improves the details and sounds more authentic and homogeneous overall.

Teufel REAL Pure Review
Teufel REAL Pure Review


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