UE Wonderboom 2 Review

UE Wonderboom 2 Review

The first Wonderboom has already proven itself to be a reliable outdoor companion. The new UE Wonderboom 2 adds even more with a refined design and numerous improvements. We’ve tested the new model and will show you what to expect.

The Wonderboom 2 from UE comes in a compact format and is lightweight as a practical and robust box for on the go. In terms of sound, it weakens a bit in the low range but is very convincing in the mid and high range. So, if you’re looking for a cheap BT speaker that can shine outdoors, the UE Wonderboom 2 could be just the ticket.

The Logitech subsidiary Ultimate Ears had already introduced a real outdoor speaker with the first model called Wonderboom. And the new Wonderboom 2 in this test consistently continues this approach. Barely larger than a juicy orange and equipped with a practical strap, the ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker is quickly packed up and ready to use anywhere. As a result, the Wonderboom 2 is simply ideal for the on-the-go.

In this test, you will find out what the Wonderboom 2 can do in terms of sound, whether the battery has enough power, and what extras the (almost) perfectly round box comes with.


  • High maximum volume, especially in outdoor mode
  • Beautiful, practical design
  • Pretty tough


  • A bit weak in the bass due to size

Sound test UE Wonderboom 2: amazingly small, surprisingly loud

Like all models from the Ultimate Ears sound company, the Wonderboom 2, with its 360-degree design, radiates the music equally in all directions. As a result, this is perfect for use with multiple handsets, especially outdoors. Sure, you can’t expect abysmal bass from the little more than a hand-sized ball for its size. However, the depth performance is very impressive.

UE has equipped the Wonderboom 2 for appropriate outdoor party sound reinforcement with its outdoor mode. You will find the activation button marked with a small Christmas tree on the underside of the box.

The outdoor mode lowers the lows and particularly boosts the (upper) mid-range. The sound should be distributed particularly well in the fresh air. And indeed, if you crank up the Wonderboom 2, your music resounds with unexpected power from the speaker, which is just ten centimeters high. The maximum sound pressure of 87 dB specified by the manufacturer seems credible.

If we listen to our reference track Blinding Lights by The Weeknd on the Wonderboom 2, we notice concise mids and brilliant highs, as well as an acceptable basic volume. However, the small box cannot deny its tiny volume with this hip-hop track, so you should not expect the deepest bass from the Wonderboom 2. Nevertheless, given the size, the Wonderboom 2 is quite okay.

Processing of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2: Robust, light, handy

A weight of only 420 grams, the already mentioned loop for carrying or hanging up, a hand-flattering shape – the Wonderboom 2 presents itself as the ideal outdoor companion. Visually, the Wonderboom 2 fits seamlessly into the typical UE design alongside its four larger siblings, such as the Boom 3 or the Megablast. The look with the robust fabric and the dominant, large volume control buttons is simply unmistakable.

The top and bottom of the Wonderboom 2 are rubberized and thus offer a secure footing on different surfaces. There are three buttons at the top, one for pairing with new devices, a power button, and a multifunction button that you can use to start or pause playback or skip to the next track. The only other control element is the outdoor button with the tree on the bottom.

The micro USB port for charging the battery is hidden under a waterproof and dustproof flap (rear) side. A USB-C port would certainly have been more modern and appropriate here, but that’s bearable.

Features: So simple, so good

The Wonderboom 2 does without any frills and relies on rather spartan equipment. For example, there is no speakerphone, app control, or equalizer. Instead, the UE Wonderboom 2 is a cheap Bluetooth box for listening to music, and it has everything you need on board for that.

Their strengths lie in their small size, extremely robust quality, and simple operation. In addition, the battery life of 13 hours is impressive without breaking any records. However, the time required for charging is quite long, at around two and a half hours. Here, UE has not installed a USB-C connection with a quick charge function is revenge.

The compact and well-made housing gives the impression that it would survive one or the other fall unscathed and is also certified with protection class IP67. This means that splashing water, a downpour, or dust poses no danger to the Wonderboom 2. So, you can easily use the small Bluetooth box on the beach or at the quarry pond. Even temporary submersion of up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter shouldn’t bother the compact speaker ball at all. But we didn’t want to try it after all.

UE Wonderboom 2 Review
UE Wonderboom 2 Review
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