AKG Y500 Review On-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones

AKG Y500 Review On-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones

AKG is known for professional studio, recording, and other hi-fi products. But you also get hardware suitable for everyday use, such as headphones. We have pre-buttoned the AKG Y500 for a test.

A short digression to begin with: Do you know the AKG brand? If you have a Samsung smartphone. After all, the headphones that you get with your smartphone have exactly this name.


  • Clarity of sound.
  • Very good autonomy.
  • Ergonomic controls.
  • Environment listening function.
  • Multipoint connection.


  • Lack of body and precision in the bass.
  • Aggression and flicker at sustained listening level.
  • Inefficient maintenance.
  • The helmet body is noisy.

Behind it is Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of Samsung. They, in turn, are not only responsible for AKG but also for JBL, which is known for clean audio products. So expertise should be there – can the AKG Y500 wireless headphones prove themselves in the test?

AKG Y500 in the test: What is on the paper

First of all, some hard facts. The battery of the on-ear headphones should last a good 33 hours, which is a decent value in terms of battery life. A microphone is not integrated, but the Bluetooth headphones come with a connection cable to turn the Y500 into a headset.

If you are not a cable fan, the manufacturer has built in a nice feature: If the headphones are connected via Bluetooth, they automatically pause playback when you remove them to make a phone call, for example. If you put it back on, it goes on.

Even more exciting, however, is the so-called “Ambient Aware Technology”: You can use it to selectively fade in or fade out ambient noises that are supposed to reach your ear. So you can still hear the subway announcements or certain conversations.

The first impression

In addition to the headphones, the pack of the AKG Y500 includes the cable mentioned above with an integrated microphone and volume rocker, a USB charging cable, and a lined transport bag made of fabric. The Bluetooth headphones look pleasantly simple in terms of design:

  • My color is black anyway.
  • The buttons are on the back of the ear cups.
  • Unobtrusive silver elements round off the look stylishly.

On-ear headphones are specially intended for people who value a subtle look and do not want to isolate themselves from their surroundings completely. They lie on the ear and don’t enclose it as over-ear headphones do. The AKG Y500 is barely noticeable after a short period of getting used to it. After all, they only weigh 230 grams. My headphones, which I use privately, are 30 grams heavier.

Nevertheless – and that surprised me – they dampen the ambient noise quite effectively and also lead the sound to where it belongs: into your ears. With in-ear headphones, in particular, you may be familiar with the problem of letting your surroundings participate in the beats at a higher volume.

The features of the AKG Y500 in the test

The bracket is adjustable. AKG offers up to ten levels on the aluminum bracket. The operation of the Bluetooth headphones is simple, and the buttons are found quite quickly. On the left side, there is a kind of rocker for volume control. Below is the play pause button.

However, the headphones pause very reliably when removing them, which makes them almost redundant. On the right side are the on / off switch and the button “Ambient Aware Technology.” Warning: do not confuse this with noise-canceling!

If you activate this, you will hear a noise that I find much too loud, especially since the pitch is almost painful. What happens then? The music continues – but muffled. Let’s put it that way. If you want to hear the subway announcement, you’d better take off your headphones.

And if you are having a conversation, it is probably also advisable to put the AKG Y500 around your neck just out of courtesy. After all, the music pauses automatically – and that is a particularly practical feature, no matter how banal it may sound. After all, not everyone has headphones.

AKG Y500 in the test: clean performance in terms of sound

We come to the sound – and with it the second element of surprise. For comparison, I have listened to music from different genres, and in each of them, the AKG Y500 convinces with a balanced sound. That may sound like an empty phrase, but it is not a matter of course. Because one or the other headphones fail in the lows, they can produce a strong clarity in the highs.

Here the AKG Y500 is more of an all-rounder and knows how to convince in the middle: In my opinion, the basses are strong enough without beating too hard on the ears. The highs remain clear – only when it becomes more complex does the sound image become a little blurry. The everyday listener is by no means annoyed – only those who are looking for a powerful outburst will stay a little dull on the floor. Because if you hear too loud, you overdrive the AKG audibly.

An all-rounder for everyday life

The AKG Y500 does what it should in everyday life. It offers solid performance, good wearing comfort, and nice features. However, to completely glide into other spheres, I still recommend over-ear headphones, which also cost a little more. Currently, you can get them with Note 10 and Note 10+.

Are you looking for headphones for everyday use to isolate yourself from other people in the subway, which are not noticeable and which also arm you for spontaneous conversations? Then you are well served with the AKG Y500.

AKG Y500 Review On-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones
AKG Y500 Review On-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones


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