Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review Wireless Subwoofer

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review

A good subwoofer is a necessary part of every home theater. It is there to make sure all the low frequencies in music and movies find their way to the listener.

Sonos sub Gen 3 is the latest from the Sonos series of subs, released in June 2020. It is an upgraded version of the previous models – Gen 1 and Gen 2, coming with all the previous models’ features, enhanced with some new.


  • Compact cabinet
  • Powerful bass
  • Trueplay app
  • Easy to place
  • No rattling sound nor buzz
  • Easy setup


  • Expensive
  • Only compatible with Sonos speakers


Sonos sub (Gen 3) in two standard colors, white and black gloss finish. Depending on your furniture and home decor, it is up to you to decide which one suits you better.

The dimensions of the sub are 15.3 inches tall, 15.8 inches wide, and 6.2 inches deep. The cabinet’s shape is with rounded corners and a hole in the center where the dual drivers are. There are two drivers in the center, facing each other, which eradicates the rattling sound and provides a strong bass.

Sonos makes all the products of top quality. The company makes tests on every product, ensuring all the things are correct and reliable, and worth its brand name. That is why Sonos has the lowest failure rate of its devices.

As mentioned before, the sub has two racetracks shaped drivers, which have such a position, that assures no rattling of the cabinet even when it plays maximum loudness. Each driver has its amplifier, designed to bring the best out of the design. This Gen 3 subwoofer has even more internal memory and a faster processor, capable of providing updates for the system when released. There is 256 MB of RAM and a powerful Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor.

The subwoofer has a connect button on the back. There is an LED that indicated the power status and connection of the system. It can be in a standing position or lay flat for a more discreet look. The quality of the sound won’t change in either situation. There is only one wire that comes with the device in the box, and that is the power cord. Once plugged in, all you have to do is press the join button on the back, and the sub will connect to the system via the Sonos app. The app itself will adjust all the audio settings to ensure an enjoyable music experience.

The latest app is the Sonos S2 app, for easy setup and control of the sub and other speakers. Through it, you can also control other services like Apple Music or Spotify.

Another great thing is the high-power radio receiver so that you can control the system from a more considerable distance.

If you have a wireless network that is not stable, Sonos has provided an Ethernet port.

One of the essential things for blending the subwoofer into a system is the correct setup of the crossover point. The frequency where the bass transitions go to the subwoofer and the highs and mids go to the other speakers must be perfectly done. This way, you get fantastic sound. Otherwise, it might not sound excellent.

Sound quality of Sonos Sub (Gen 3)

As with the previous generations of Sonos subs, Gen 3 also only works with Sonos products.

With a frequency response as low as 25 Hz, the subwoofer provides deep bass that resembles watching movies in a cinema.

For things to get even better, there is the Sonos Trueplay software. Its function is to analyze factors such as the room’s size, interior inside, the speakers’ position, and their impact on the sound. When the analysis is over, the app adjusts the sound settings to ensure perfect sound. Even the volume is adjustable from your phone. Trueplay has about a 3 minute series of test tones before the software calculates the ideal crossover point.

No matter if you use the subwoofer Gen 3 with Sonos Fives, the Arc, the Arc Dolby Atmos soundbar, or any other speakers paired up to a Sonos Amp, the bass will be precise and noticeable. The bass will always provide that extra touch needed for a whole video experience without being boomy. The sub takes away the bass from the main speakers, allowing them to open their mid-range even more, which has a fantastic result.


If you already have a system of separate wi-fi speakers and feel that adding a subwoofer will improve your audio experience and provide that last missing piece of the puzzle, then Sonos sub (Gen 3) is a perfect choice.

But if you are starting a new system and are not sure if you need a subwoofer or not, it is a good idea to start without it. Just see how the Sonos speakers sound in the first place and later add the subwoofer if you are not happy with the provided audio experience.

Since Sonos is a wi-fi-based system, there is no need to buy all the pieces at once.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review Wireless Subwoofer
Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review Wireless Subwoofer


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