Focal Kanta N°3 Review

Focal Kanta N°3 Review

 The French speaker manufacturer Focal enjoys a stellar reputation among connoisseurs of fine sound for its high-end products, including aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced speakers. The Focal Kanta N°3 is a high-end speaker system that is new tо the market and has high hopes for its performance.

We’ll look at these speakers in detail, from their design and construction to their sound quality and features. Then, we’ll determine if these speakers are worthy of the Focal name and the money audiophiles and music lovers are willing to spend on them.

We’ll also find out if this product is the correct choice if you’re in the market for a high-end speaker system that promises to take your listening experience to new heights.


  • Exceptional build quality and modern design
  • Warm and musical sound signature with excellent detail and accuracy
  • Versatile connectivity options, including compatibility with an optional wireless hub
  • Adjustable base plate fоr flexible speaker placement
  • Removable front grille for customization of appearance


  • Expensive compared tо some other high-end speaker systems
  • A warm sound signature may not be to everyone’s taste
  • It may be unsuitable for extremely large rooms or outdoor use due to its size and power requirements.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal Kanta N°3 speakers are а stunning and practical addition to any room. The walnut veneer, black lacquer, and white lacquer finishes available for these speakers make them a perfect match for virtually any interior design scheme. Also, the cabinet’s rounded form will improve sound quality and aesthetics by decreasing the effects of diffraction.

This product is made of durable, high-quality materials and has a sturdy design. The front panel is solid aluminum, while the remainder of the cabinet is made from MDF braced inside to reduce resonance. The craftsmanship is superb, and the designers pay close attention to every detail.

You may adjust the base plate to improve sound dispersion in different rooms. This function ensures that the sound quality is not compromised regardless of where the speakers are placed in the room, allowing for greater freedom in speaker placement.

These speakers are crafted to perfection and meant to awe with their sophisticated good looks. They are a terrific option for anyone in the market for a high-end speaker system due to the careful design and construction that make them sound as good as they look.

Sound Quality

The sound produced by the Focal Kanta N°3 speakers is unparalleled. Sо, these speakers have sound characteristics that are accurate and detailed enough to impress the most critical listener.

The Focal Kanta N°bass 3’s is well-controlled and tight without being overpowering. The sound is warm and full in the midrange, with great detail and clarity.

 It has a bright and clear treble range without being sibilant or harsh. The soundstage is very roomy and places instruments and vocalists far apart.

The capacity of this model to faithfully reflect subtleties and nuances in the music is particularly impressive. That creates a richer musical experience in which even the tiniest subtleties can be picked out. So, the high sensitivity rating of the speakers ensures that they produce high-quality sound even when played at reduced volumes, making them suitable for use in confined places.

The sound quality of these speakers is outstanding, with an incredibly precise and detailed sound profile. The speakers sound great with all kinds of music, from classical to rock to jazz, and they’ll enhance any recording you throw at them.

Connectivity and Features

Because of its flexible input options, you can use the Focal Kanta N°3 speakers in various sound systems. Dual binding post-speaker terminals are built into these speakers for use with a bi-amp or bi-wiring setup. They will also work with various audio inputs thanks to their several jack types (including RCA and XLR).

These speakers stand out because оf their ability to connect to Focal’s optional wireless hub and play music wirelessly from various devices. Using this function, you can listen to music from your mobile device, tablet, or computer without a wired connection or special software.

These speakers are remarkable because of their versatile base plate, which will accommodate a variety of placement options. Whatever the shape or size of the room, this function guarantees that the speakers will be placed in the finest available locations to produce the best possible sound.

The front grille of these speakers is detachable, which protects the speaker drivers and enables the speakers’ appearance you may tailor to your preferences. Also, the grilles may be purchased in various colors and materials, making it simple to find an option that complements your current decor.

This model is a great alternative for various listening environments because of their many inputs, outputs, and other characteristics. Also, the speakers’ adaptable base plate and wireless hub add convenience and versatility to their already excellent design.

Competitors Comparison

As a high-end alternative, this model has serious competition from other high-quality speakers. Consider these well-known alternatives and see how they stack up:

In contrast to the Focal Kanta N°3, the B&W 802 D3 is another popular high-end speaker. Compared to the Focal’s model, which has a warmer sound character, the B&W 802 D3 is more neutral. 

Yet the Focal’s model has better sensitivity and can tolerate poorer recordings better. Unfortunately, the B&W 802 D3 costs much more than the Kanta N°3, as well.

The KEF R11 is an alternative high-end speaker to the Focal’s model, and it’s well-regarded. The sound signature of the KEF R11 is more detailed and accurate; it also has great clarity and imaging. 

Many listeners like the Kanta N°3 because of its warmer, more musical sound. Compared to the Focal’s model, the KEF R11 is less sensitive, making it less forgiving оf subpar audio.

Then, the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III is a high-end sp comparable to the Focal’seaker. However, the focal’s model has a more active sound character, and the Sonus Faber provides a more laid-back, calm listening experience.

 The Kanta N°3, on the other hand, excels in transparency and clarity, especially at the midrange frequencies. Another noticeably more expensive than the Kanta N°3 is the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III.

Compared to other high-end speaker systems, the Focal Kanta N°3 speakers hold their own. Its warm tonal profile isn’t to everyone’s liking, but its superb sensitivity and tolerance for error make them a great option for many music lovers.


The Focal Kanta N°3 is a premium speaker system that stands out for its extraordinary design, construction, and acoustic performance. They have a cutting-edge look and feel that sets them apart, and they’re made to last with a sturdy construction that guarantees they won’t break. Because of their precise, realistic sound that nevertheless has a musical element, they are a great option for а wide variety of musical styles.

Its compatibility with Focal’s optional wireless hub further expands its usability and adaptability, and its many connectivity choices make them a flexible alternative for a wide range of audio configurations. Therefore, even though other high-quality speaker systems are available, these speakers are a great option for anyone in the market for a premium set.

As a premium speaker system, this model is an excellent option due to their outstanding sound quality, sleek design, and wide range of compatibility.

Focal Kanta N°3 Review
Focal Kanta N°3 Review


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