SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review

Listening to music without a bass, you get a flat and empty experience, far away from enjoyable. Good bass is an essential part of the sound, and that’s why subwoofers make a critical part of every great home theater system. No matter if you have the best speakers in the world, the subwoofer is the one that allows them to shine.

Speaking of SVS PB-1000, the ones produced by SVS are one of the best on the market. The company has all kinds of speakers, but the subwoofers remain their masterpiece.

But what happens when you need a budget-friendly subwoofer?

There is an answer for that, too—the SVS PB-1000.


  • Affordable price
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fantastic low ends


  • The light from the power indicator is on the front.
  • Big for smaller rooms


The SVS PB-1000 is 18.9 x 15 x 20 inches and weighs 46 pounds. As you can see, it is pretty heavy for its size. The PB stands for ported box design, providing more output power than a sealed box with the same amplifier.

The cabinet consists of standard MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). It has curved corners and a black oak vinyl finish, a recognizable image of SVS products.

The grille is plastic with wrapped cloth and covers the entire front part. There is only the SVS logo at the lower center. If you want a more aggressive look, you can take off the grille. The subwoofer will still look beautiful with its 10-inches front-facing driver and 3.5 inches front-firing port with inner and outer flares.

Small LED light is in the top left corner of the driver indicates a status by changing light. In standby mode, it is red and turns blue when it gets the signal. It can get frustrating if you prefer a dark environment, but even using the grille won’t eliminate it but make it more subtle.

On the sub’s back are all the connections and controls. There is the standard LFE coaxial port for an AV receiver, a pair of line-level inputs and outputs, and two pairs of five-way level speaker wire inputs. There is also a 3V-12V AC/DC trigger input.

From the controls, there is a power switch, a standby/on button, and three knobs for controlling the volume, the phase of the subwoofer, and the low pass filter (LPF) that has a range between 50 Hz and 160 Hz. The knobs use digital actuators, providing better precision and control with noise-free adjustments. It is always lovely to see the attention to detail by SVS.

The 10-inch front-firing driver uses a fiber composite cone for enhanced sensitivity with a rubber surround for extended use. The low distortion comes from the FEA-optimized motor technology, and the high-power voice coil solves the thermal management.

There is a vented pole piece for cooling and lowering the dual high-grade ferrite magnets’ noise, showing that the quality is there despite the subwoofer’s lower price.

The 300 watts of continuous power with 720 watts of peak dynamic power come from the Sledge STA-300D Class D amplifier, while the DSP signal processor provides accurate response and behavior. Usually, low-budget subwoofers use analog circuits, and as a result, they have less control precision.

The frequency response is impressive, starting from 19 Hz till 270 Hz (+/- 3 dB).

The auto/standby feature is cost-effective because of consuming less than 0.5 watts. The construction of this subwoofer is lead-free, so it is RoHS compliant and environment safe.

Sound quality of SVS PB-1000

The sound quality depends on the position of the subwoofer. For example, if you place it in a corner, the bass will be louder, but the accuracy will be less. If you don’t like it that way and feel like the bass is too boomy, you can put the subwoofer across the wall. This way, the accuracy will improve, and the bass will reduce.

It is impressive how the subwoofer provides depth to the music that otherwise is gone when listening to just a stereo setup. The instruments like the guitar get more engaging and drums more refined.

The bass lines deliver more body and overall more articulation. The low end has such a thump that you can feel it in the chest when you turn it up.

It is perfect for watching movies, especially horror ones or movies built with fight action. The sound will make you jump from your seat, not just from the loud bangs, but how beautifully the bass integrates with the rest of the mix without overshadowing other frequencies. The explosions and machine-gun fire have incredible detail and resolution.

The SVS PB-1000 is capable of incredible detail in the 2- to 50 Hz range by allowing the low-frequency effects to become noticeable. The bass is balanced and in control, with lots of precision.

The frequency spectrum has unimaginable depths for a subwoofer that has only 10 inches driver.


The SVS succeeded in the idea of having a subwoofer affordable for a more significant population of people. And yet, it is a subwoofer that produces strong yet detailed bass that you would expect from more expensive speakers.

So if you are looking to improve your home theater and audio experience and you are on a budget, then SVS PB-1000 is perfect for you.

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review
SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review


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