KEF Blade Loudspeakers Review

KEF Blade Loudspeakers Review

For almost 50 years, the KEF brand has been recognized worldwide as the standard for superior audio systems. The British manufacturer has made a name for itself with its high-quality, stylish speakers. KEF Blade Loudspeakers, one of their newest products, have received much positive feedback from audiophiles.
We will provide a detailed review оf this product, including thoughts on its aesthetics, performance, ease of use, cost, and value. So, we will shed light on whether or not these loudspeakers are worth purchasing if you’re in the market for a high-quality set of speakers.


  • Exceptional sound quality with exceptional coherence and natural sound
  • Innovative curved cabinet design and high-quality build materials
  • Sturdy and adjustable floor stands provide optimal support and stability
  • Compatibility with KEF’ѕ wireless adapter kit for wireless streaming


  • Basic connectivity options with only high-quality binding posts for speaker cables
  • Higher price point compared tо some other high-end loudspeakers
  • Lack of customization options for speaker performance

Design and Build Quality

The KEF Blade Loudspeakers are an extraordinary piece of technology. The unusual, curved speaker cabinet is the design’s most immediately eye-catching feature. This unique form makes the speakers more visually appealing and improves their functionality. In addition, the curved shape lessens the effects of internal standing waves and diffraction, leading tо clearer and more precise audio.

This device is built of a resin-impregnated paper cone, a neodymium magnet, and a vented aluminum voice coil, all of which are high-quality components. The speakers’ tweeter is located in the acoustic center of the midrange cone, thanks to the Uni-Q driver array. With this setup, you get a more uniform sound with а larger sweet spot and better imaging overall.

The speakers are well-made and feel substantial in your hands. The speakers have a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish, making them feel and appear expensive. 

This product is а fantastic set of speakers. The speaker’s distinctive curved form, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship contribute to its attractive appearance and impressive audio performance. 

Sound Quality

Blade Loudspeakers are unparalleled in terms of sound quality. Its speaker’s sound quality is unparalleled thanks to its Uni-Q driver array, curved cabinet design, and premium materials.

The speaker’s ability to reproduce subtle sonic details is among its most striking features. Thanks to the speakers’ ability to faithfully replicate them, you’ll be able to hear intricacies in the music that you hadn’t noticed before. Sо, the soundstage is very good, with a spacious and enveloping presentation that makes the listener feel like they are in the performance space with the performers.

When it comes to bass, this device delivers a clean and well-controlled performance. Vocals and instruments sound authentic and lifelike in the midrange, which is rich and detailed. There is nо roughness or sibilance in the treble range.

The speakers’ sound quality shines because of how cohesive it is. The Uni-Q driver array coordinates the frequencies produced by the tweeter and midrange drivers to mix without any audible breakup.

This piece produces an outstanding sound. Speakers on the market simply can’t compete with these regarding sound quality. If you are a music enthusiast paying a premium on audio quality, you should consider this piece.

Connectivity and Features

The KEF Blade Loudspeakers are uncomplicated in terms of inputs and controls. High-quality binding pins are located on the back of the speaker cabinet and allow you to connect the speakers to an amplifier or receiver through speaker wire.

Their ability to work with KEF’s wireless adaptor kit is a standout feature. You may wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to the speakers and play music through them. Those who value a cable-free setup at the expense of this feature’s added cost should look elsewhere.

These loudspeakers are accompanied by a pair of stable floor stands built to securely hold them in place. You the height of the stands you can adjust to find the best position for the speakers in your room.

This product offers minimal connectivity and functions. They lack flashy extras but come with high-quality binding posts and wireless connectivity via an optional KEF wireless adapter kit. Also, the provided floor stands are a thoughtful addition, offering а solid foundation for the speakers.

Competitors Comparison

There are a wide variety of high-quality loudspeakers available nowadays. So how does this model stacks against some оf the industry’s top contenders?

Another premium loudspeaker with a stellar reputation for sound is the B&W 800 Series Diamond. There are some similarities between the KEF’s model and the 800 Series Diamond regarding design and construction quality. Still, KEF’s model stands out thanks to its uniquely curved cabinet design. Both speakers work admirably, but the Blade Loudspeakers are known for producing a more cohesive and authentic sound.

The Focal Utopia is another premium loudspeaker that has earned praise for its impressive performance. The Utopia is distinguished by its remarkable high-frequency performance because of its unique beryllium tweeter. KEF’s model is renowned for their remarkable coherence and realistic sound. 

However, they lack a beryllium tweeter. Moreover, the KEF’s model is less expensive than the Utopia, making them more accessible to a wider range of music fans.

The Wilson Audio Alexia is another top-tier speaker system noted for its superb audio reproduction. The Alexia’s innovative modular construction makes fine-tuning the speaker’s output possible to suit individual needs. The Blade Loudspeakers are renowned for their remarkable coherence and a natural sound, but they do not allow for as much customization as other options. Comparatively, the Blade Loudspeakers are cheaper, making them more accessible to a wider range of music fans.

When compared to other high-end loudspeakers, the KEF Blade Loudspeakers perform admirably. They give superior sound quality and cutting-edge design at a lower price than the competition, but they lack some of the bells and whistles that customers have come to expect from high-end products.


If you’re in the market for a pair of high-quality loudspeakers, go nо further than the KEF Blade. These speakers stand out due to their high-quality construction, creative design, and superior sound. 

These speakers provide excellent sound quality and are a great bargain for the money while lacking some bells and whistles of more expensive options. Therefore, this gadget is an excellent option for those who enjoy listening to music and place a premium on high-quality sound and cutting-edge design.

KEF Blade Loudspeakers Review
KEF Blade Loudspeakers Review


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