Razer Hammerhead Pro – True Wireless Earbuds Review

Razer Hammerhead Pro – True Wireless Earbuds Review

Razer’s cool gimmick for sound and gaming fans: The Razer Hammerhead Pro True Wireless Earbuds. For those who like to gamble on their mobile phone or tablet, the Razer Hammerhead Pro has a gaming mode that, with the lowest possible transmission latency of 60 ms, ensures that sound and gaming action go together exactly. We took a close look at the Bluetooth in-ear headphones and were very satisfied with the result. The Razer Hammerhead Pro offers the finest sound quality, good ANC, and high wearing comfort and shine with high-quality quality.


  • Realistic sound experience
  • Good active noise canceling
  • Ambient mode
  • Good microphone when making calls


  • Battery life is mediocre
  • No wireless charging
  • Volume cannot be adjusted on the headphones

Razer Hammerhead Pro – technical details, the scope of delivery & commissioning

Technical specifications

Before we go into our personal experiences, we give you the most important technical information at this point :

  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • Driver size: 10 mm
  • Weight: earbuds 5 g each, charging case 43 g
  • Supported codecs: SBC, AAC

Scope of delivery: ear attachments for every taste

Razers earbuds come with a very attractive selection of ear tips. This is to ensure that every type of wearer can access the right attachment in every situation. The following ear attachments are included:

Smooth comfort Black Silicone: The black silicone attachments are included in three sizes; their soft surface should ensure a comfortable fit even during longer sessions.

Secure seal Translucent Silicone: The transparent silicone tips have a slightly rougher and more grippy surface to provide additional hold and noise-canceling. Here, too, three sizes are included in the scope of delivery.

Comply Black Foam: The black malleable memory foam tips adapt precisely to the wearer’s ear canal. This is particularly pleasant for people with sensitive ear canals. In addition, these earpieces offer the best possible noise canceling.

Also included is a charging cable (USB-A to USB-C), of course, a charging case – black, elegant, and robust – and easy-to-understand instructions. If you want to charge the Razer Hammerhead Pro from the socket, you need a USB power plug – most of the ones you already have at home should be compatible here. 


Before wearing for the first time, the earbuds and charging case should be charged. In our test, the battery was fully charged after about 25 minutes. The connection to a mobile phone or tablet (or any other Bluetooth- enabled sound source) is extremely easy: You activate the Bluetooth function on the device and then open the charging case with the headphones inserted near the device. With us, the earbuds appeared in the list within seconds and were then connected with a single tap. In the app, you can set the Razer Hammerhead Pro to remember the last connected device – you can find out more about the app below.

Razer Hammerhead Pro: THX-certified sound quality

The earbuds are THX certified. The Golden THX Certificate is awarded to audio products after an intensive test of sound quality. It stands for rich, detailed sound, low distortion even at high volume, and almost straight frequency response. We can only confirm these points. The Razer Hammerhead Pro delivers an intense, detailed, and clean sound that doesn’t look tinny or uncomfortable even when turned up. The highs are fine and clear, while the lows and lows come across as powerful and imposing. Overall, the sound of the Hammerhead is very harmonious and goes well in the ear. To account for the earbuds as “gaming earbuds,” we listened to some gaming soundtracks and were impressed by the rousing intensity of the sound quality. Of the equalizer profiles that can be set via the app (more on this below), we liked the bass-heavy profile best – especially with jagged, instrumental, or “heroic” gaming soundtracks.

When it comes to gaming, the Razer Hammerhead Pro, keep their promise. The extra-low latency of the Bluetooth signal of 60 ms in gaming mode ensures that what is happening in the game and the sound in the ear match perfectly. As a result, the gamer does not miss a single sound that could decide whether a pixel is dead or alive. Of course, the low latency leads to a loss of sound intensity compared to normal mode – but this is hardly noticeable.

Also, telephony works perfectly with the Earbuds. We tested video telephony to check the quality and the latency of the transmission at the same time. We didn’t notice any time lag between sound and image. 

Razer Hammerhead Pro: Comfort

We put Razer’s earbuds through their paces in every situation and were convinced of the comfort in every respect. Moreover, the selection of earplugs mentioned above means that everyone – even very sensitive wearers – can choose the right attachment for their needs. 

This means that it can also be worn for longer periods, be it during gaming sessions, simply listening to music at home or on the go, and does not lead to a feeling of pressure or irritation in the ear.

The seat is stable, even in sports – we have borne the earbuds while jogging – one must not fear, the in-ears that goodbye. The earbuds can loosen a little with very vehement head movements, such as when dancing, but this could be remedied quickly with a short push. The hammerheads never fell out of their ears.

The IPX4 certification certifies that the headphones are sweat and splash-proof. This means that even rain cannot harm the Hammerhead Pro, but they must not be worn for swimming.

Razer Hammerhead Pro: App, Tap System, and ANC

The app

If you want to use the Razer Hammerhead Pro in all its facets, you are well-advised to get the app on your mobile phone or tablet. This is available free of charge either in the Google or Apple store. As soon as you open the app, it connects to the headphones. In addition to a tutorial on touch operation, she also immediately offered us a firmware update. The app itself is self-explanatory and gives access to various additional settings of the in-ears.

On the one hand, you can customize the taps. Depending on personal needs, functions such as “accept a call,” “activate gaming mode,” “activate voice control,” and a few other options can be assigned to the two earbuds and various taps. On the other hand, some might miss the ability to change the volume via the earbuds – this is not one of the options that can be selected.

The EQ (equalizer) gives the user different sound profiles or the possibility of putting together his sound profile. For example, the following sound profiles are available:

  • THX
  • Reinforced
  • Enhanced bass
  • Clearer
  • Singing
  • Individually

Also included in the app is a fit test with which the earbuds check whether the earbuds are optimally seated in the ear canal. This helps, among other things, with selecting the right tips if you are not sure which size is the right one. You can also set whether the music should stop automatically when an earbud is removed.

The touch operation

The touch function of the same is used for the quick operation of the Razer Hammerhead Pro. Various combinations of taps are preset – once, twice, three times, once and hold, three times and hold – which can be used to play or pause music, answer or reject calls, activate gaming mode or voice control, play the next song, or between ANC and Quick Attention Mode changes. As mentioned above, the various commands in the app can be customized. The tap operation usually worked well for us. Sometimes a few attempts were necessary to trigger the desired action. Somewhat impractical: the tap function is very sensitive and sometimes reacts to long hair worn open. The app’s tutorial function, which allows you to practice touch operation, is helpful. 

ANC – Active Noise Canceling

The Razer Hammerhead Pro uses hybrid ANC, which minimizes both internal and external unwanted noise using opposing sound waves. A well-adapted fit in the ear canal adds a passive factor to active noise suppression. The ANC is activated by default and can be deactivated with the tap command if necessary. You can also switch to Quick Attention Modebe changed means that the music is paused, and the ambient noise is transmitted into the ear via a microphone so that you can focus your attention on people or the traffic * in a flash. The ANC of the Razer earbuds is very effective and can, for example, shrink passing cars to very low noise. However, the Hammerhead doesn’t have to hide compared to on-ear headphones, and over-ears with ANC usually only have slightly stronger noise suppression.

Battery life

With active noise canceling activated, Razers Hammerhead Pro has a battery life of around four hours. This is relatively short compared to the runtime of some other headphones. Still, it is not surprising considering the batteries’ performance to deliver for ANC, sound quality, and the like. The duration was enough for us for sport, everyday life, and a train journey. The charging case also holds juice for up to four charging cycles, for a total of 20 hours of running time. 


Overall, the Razer Hammerhead Pro True Wireless Earbuds convinced us across the board. We were particularly enthusiastic about the rich sound and the high comfort level, and they gave us a few sonorous hours. The fact that the touch system didn’t always listen to us immediately didn’t hurt the enjoyment. Mobile phone and tablet gamers will enjoy these in-ears and solid companions on the couch and on the go – the same applies to all music fans.

Razer Hammerhead Pro – True Wireless Earbuds Review
Razer Hammerhead Pro – True Wireless Earbuds Review


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