JBL Reflect Mini NC Review True Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Headphones

JBL Reflect Mini NC Review

JBL is sporty and would like to deliver the right beat for training with the Reflect Mini NC. The wireless in-ear headphones have a waterproof case and, thanks to their small rubber wings, shouldn’t fall out of your ears while jogging, for example. On top of that, the true wireless plugs are equipped with active noise cancellation. How good the JBL Reflect Mini NC sound and whether they cut a good figure outside of sporting activities, says the test.


  • App has adjustable EQ
  • Waterproof design and extra-secure in-ear fit
  • Strong mic clarity


  • So-so noise cancellation
  • Way too much bass for an accurate sound signature
  • Modest battery life for charging case

The JBL Reflect Mini NC headphones come in packaging similar to that of their predecessors in the test. The scope of delivery is also identical. The scope of delivery includes:

Reflect Mini NC headphones

  • 3x ear tips
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • quick start Guide

The very good quality is immediately noticeable after unpacking. The older Reflect Flow seems to be a bit “cheaper” right away. The assembly of the earpieces is now also a little easier, and the quick guide is a bit bigger because there are many more functions available.

JBL Reflect Mini NC: Nothing slips here

The JBL Reflect Mini NC sits firmly in the ear and does not fall out even during a sprint. Rubber attachment and wings do a great job, but they are quite large and press over time. In addition, the attachments do not fit everyone because the size differences are very clear. For example, the middle attachment can be a bit large and the small one too small. Good: The plug housings are waterproof up to one meter under IPX7. The dive should also be limited and not exceed 30 minutes.

For this reason, the JBL headphones are only partially suitable for swimming, but sporting activities in snow or rain are not a problem. It is operated using small buttons on the outside of the earphones. The control options are limited. The music fan has to decide whether he wants to control the playback, the volume, the noise-canceling mode, or the voice assistant of the connected smartphone. The configuration works easily with the help of the free “My JBL Headphones” app (forAndroid and iOS ). A command scheme can be selected for each earphone – practical.

Battery life and transport box

The Reflect Mini NC can easily manage an extended workout with one battery charge: They played six hours and 49 minutes of music in the test, then the True Wireless had to be in the small charging box. That’s okay, but it doesn’t come close to real endurance runners like the Beats Powerbeats Pro (11 hours and 22 minutes). The elongated transport box fits comfortably in your pocket due to its handy size. It also has a small loop to attach the case to the backpack or keychain.

This is what the Reflect Mini NC sounds like

The sound of the JBL plugs characterized by a powerful but not too deep bass. The highs are pleasant, the headphones give the voices a bit slim but otherwise unadulterated. Integrated microphones are responsible for noise-canceling, which capture ambient noises such as cars driving by. At the same time, the headphones send the corresponding counter-sound to the user’s ear, whereby the two sounds overlap and cancel each other out. As a result, the headphones reduce outside noise quite significantly, although not as much as the Apple AirPods Pro or the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

If music fans want to see more of their surroundings, they switch to “Ambient Aware.” The JBL plugs then amplify the ambient noise so that the user can hear train announcements better, for example. The so-called TalkThru mode can also be activated via the smartphone app. If this is active, the in-ears shut down the music. The user can then talk to his training partner during the workout, for example. But it would be more polite to take the headphones out of your ears.


In our JBL Reflect Mini NC test, we probably tested one of the best wireless sports headphones. I think the price-performance ratio is very good. There is always criticism that the headphones are not suitable for work because they are not comfortable in the long term, and the NC does not work. But as sports headphones make a great impression, with a good hold in the ear and a good sound, I can only recommend the JBL sports headphones. Even compared to the predecessor, a lot has been improved here and is worth the extra price. If you are a real runner since or regularly in the gym, you should test the Reflect Mini NC.

JBL Reflect Mini NC Review True Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Headphones
JBL Reflect Mini NC Review True Wireless Noise Cancelling Sport Headphones


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