Jabra Speak 510 MS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Jabra Speak 510 MS Review

The pandemic situation with the Coronavirus has brought new normality for all of us, working from home. Many people struggle with virtual meetings and video conferences and need a better audio experience.
One option is to have headphones for all the phone calls. The other option is to buy a speakerphone specifically designed to make and take calls, such as Jabra Speak 510.
There are four different options of Jabra Speak 510 MS. It is available in MS and UC variants. Both versions are entirely the same; just the MS version will automatically set itself as the default device in Skype for Business and Lync apps. The other two variants are Speak 510 and Speak 510+. The difference between these two is the LInk 370 USB Dongle that comes with the 510+ version, providing up to 100 feet of range from the computer. This way, you can wireless position the speakerphone wherever you want.


  • Interesting design
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Bluetooth connection is strong


  • High price
  • Not suitable for listening to music


The Jabra Speak 510 MS has a recognizable cylindrical shape that reminds me of a UFO. You wouldn’t think it could be a Bluetooth speaker the first time you see it, but still, you must give it credit to the design and futuristic look.
Jabra Speak 510 MS, made of black sturdy plastic material, has a polished outer rim housing all the controls, and is a perfect example for a refreshing and risky design, among other speakerphones with the usual square form.
As far as the size is concerned, it is relatively big but light enough to carry it around. It measures 12cm in diameter, 195 g weight, and comes with a soft bag to place the speakerphone when you are not using it or traveling.
The surface is mainly the speaker’s grill with an in-built omnidirectional microphone for 360 degrees coverage, allowing everyone in the room to hear and be heard. The firmware of the speakerphone has an echo cancelation which is excellent for video conferences.
The outer rim has touch-sensitive buttons for call control, such as answer and end call, volume up and down, mute, Bluetooth, and battery status.
As a nice contrast to the all-black finish are the LED lights that line the outer edge of the grille. The lights allow seeing the volume levels of the speakerphone.
There is also a discreet 3.5 mm headset port in case you want to have a private conversation.
Around the base of the Jabra Speak 510, there is a USB charging cable. It is not very long, only 3 feet, so you can’t use it far away from the computer.
Once charged, the Speak 510 can work for 15 hours which is more than enough to get you through the working day. There is a battery icon on the outer rim that gives you insight at the battery level. It takes about 2 hours to charge fully.
There is an auto-power down feature, allowing standby mode for the Speak 510 for about 200 days.

Sound quality Jabra Speak 510 MS

The clarity of calls is impressive when the Speak 510 connects via USB. But, because the USB cable is only 75cm long, sometimes it might be easier to connect the Speak 510 via Bluetooth. There is a difference in the sound quality via USB and via Bluetooth on Skype. Skype uses Wideband, while Jabra connects via Narrowband when using Bluetooth.
Overall, Jabra Speak 510 has an impressive, powerful volume output, capable of fulfilling a decent-sized room. The voices are distinguishable and sharp, while distortion is at a minimum.
Because the speakerphone’s primary use is conference calls where people should sit around it, there are no problems if their distance is not more than 3 to 5 feet. Beyond that, there might be distortion, and the voices sound hollow, like someone talking in a giant hall.
The Jabra Speak 510 works with almost all conferencing systems, from Skype to Whatsapp calling. It is just a perfect and beneficial device when needed to call and speak to multiple participants.


The Jabra Speak 510 is a great device that saves time, organization, and hassles for anyone responsible for conference calls. The setup is easy, and the sound quality is beyond expectations. These two main characteristics are usually significant drawbacks for most of the competitive conference units.
The impressive battery life, ease of transport and travel, effortless connection to laptops or smartphones make the Jabra Speak 510 “a must-have” device.


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