Wharfedale Diamond 225 Loudspeakers review

Wharfedale Diamond 225 Loudspeakers review

Audiophiles have relied on Wharfedale for their high-quality loudspeakers, namely the Diamond line, for over eighty years. The newest model in this line, the Wharfedale Diamond 225, promises premium audio at а reasonable price.
We’ll review this product and discuss its design, construction, and sound quality. We will also compare this model to other speakers in the same price range and detail the speaker’s advantages and disadvantages. So, this review will give you an in-depth look at these loudspeakers, whether you’re an experienced audiophile or just starting in high-fidelity music.


  • Classic and elegant design that will fit in with a variety оf home decor
  • The excellent sound quality that is well-balanced and free from harshness or sibilance
  • Rear-ported design enhances bass response and makes them ideal for placement near walls or in corners
  • Bi-writeable binding posts offer a range of connectivity options for different setups
  • Compatible with Wharfedale’s Diamond 200 Series Stands for a complete and unified system


  • A bass response may not be as deep or punchy аs some competitors with larger woofers
  • Some users may prefer a more modern or unique design over the classic look of the Diamond 225 speakers
  • It may require tweaking to find the ideal placement and positioning for optimal sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 is a pair of speakers with a contemporary look that would look great in any room. They have a curved cabinet with a shiny front baffle and may be purchased in either black, white, or rosewood finishes to give off аn air of sophistication. Each speaker weighs a hefty 5.3 kg and has dimensions of 315 x 185 x 235 mm (H x W x D).

Wharfedale’s innovative sandwich construction technology, which involves bonding layers of MDF and high-density particleboard together to create a sturdy and well-damped structure, is used to build the cabinets for these speakers. Therefore, the speakers can make a clean, precise sound by reducing cabinet resonances.

The tweeter and midrange/bass driver in these Wharfedale-made speakers measure 1 inch and 6.5 inches, respectively. The drivers are housed in a rear-ported cabinet, which improves bass extension and reduces air turbulence for a more uniformly pleasant listening experience.

These speakers have rubber feet and bi-writeable binding posts that accept bare wire or banana plugs, making installation a snap. Unfortunately, this model is cheap speakers that appear and feel much more expensive than they are.

Sound Quality

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers are top-notch performers in terms of audio quality. The sound from the speakers is neutral and balanced, with no harshness or sibilance. The 6.5-inch braided Kevlar mid/bass driver produces a tight and controlled bass response reaching 45Hz, and the 1-inch soft-dome tweeter gives а clear and detailed high-frequency response.

Testing showed that these speakers could reproduce various musical styles. All acoustic instruments and vocals were realistic and lifelike, with clear separation and separation between individual parts. The bass was tight, and the transients were dramatic; it was a terrific system for listening to electronic music or rock.

This model of speakers can provide loud volumes without distorting or straining the audio. Their high volume makes them perfect for multi-purpose spaces or home theaters.

These speakers provide unrivaled sound quality and sophistication compared to similar-priced speakers. So, this device produces a balanced and detailed sound, satisfying the ears of even the most critical music lover.

Connectivity and Features

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 is а set of speakers you may use in various settings because of their many inputs and outputs. The binding posts on the speakers are bi-writeable, so you can use them with either bare wire or banana plugs to connect them to an amplifier or receiver. The speakers’ rubber feet dampen resonance and protect them from accidental drops.

The rear-ported design of these speakers is particularly notable since it aids in extending bass response and reducing air turbulence. The speakers’ ported construction also makes them a good fit for installation in corners and next to walls, where they can provide an especially powerful bass response.

Wharfedale’s Diamond 200 Series Stands are also fully compatible with this model, yet another wonderful feature (sold separately). So, these stands enhance these speakers’ sound quality and visual presentation, providing a solid and safe base for the speakers.

These speakers’ many inputs, outputs, and other characteristics make them useful in various environments. Great characteristics that contribute to an improved listening experience are the rear-ported design and compatibility with Wharfedale’s Diamond 200 Series Stands.

Competitors Comparison

With so many options available, picking the best mid-range speakers might be difficult, but this model can hold their own against the competition. 

The Q Acoustics 3020i is another similarly priced bookshelf speaker that excels in sound quality and aesthetics. Although the 3020i woofer is smaller than the Wharfedale’s model, it produces a powerful low-end. While the Q Acoustics speakers are more up-to-date than the Diamond 225, some listeners may prefer the more traditional aesthetic оf the Wharfedale models.

Another well-liked bookshelf speaker that costs about the same as Wharfedale’s model is the ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2. The B6.2 woofer is larger than the Diamond 225, creating an even more profound bass response. The ELAC speakers are less colored than the Wharfedale’s model but may not be as exciting to some listeners.

The KEF Q350 is a higher-priced bookshelf speaker, but it is well worth it due to its superior sound quality and sleek appearance. The Q350’s bigger woofer provides an even deeper bass response than the Diamond 225. The KEF speakers are more expensive than the Wharfedale’s model because of their more sophisticated and opulent look.

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers are competitive with other high-quality models in their price range. They may not have the largest woofer or the most cutting-edge design, but the sound they produce and their timeless aesthetic will win over many listeners.


If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality bookshelf speakers, go no further than the Wharfedale Diamond 225. They have an elegant appearance, several connection methods, and sound quality that will blow away even the most demanding audiophiles.

Regarding the sonic signature, this model is neutral and free оf roughness. Combining the 1-inch soft-dome tweeter and the 6.5-inch woven Kevlar mid/bass driver allows for a rich and undistorted high-frequency response, with a tight and controlled bass response that goes all the way down to 45Hz.

Although other high-quality bookshelf speakers are available for a similar price, this piece stands on their thanks to its timeless aesthetic, flexible connection choices, and superb performance. Therefore, this model is a top pick for anyone shopping for high-quality bookshelf speakers at a reasonable price.

Wharfedale Diamond 225 Loudspeakers review
Wharfedale Diamond 225 Loudspeakers review


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