Urbanista Stockholm Review

Urbanista Stockholm Review

Urbanista is a Swedish company founded in 2010 and based in Stockholm. It designs and sells various products in the audio field (headphones, wired/wireless, and headphones, speakers). The particularity of their products is that they were named to pay homage to the big metropolises (Rome, Berlin, Seattle, etc.) In this test, we are interested in their Urbanista Stockholm headphones. These headphones follow the trend of True Wireless, in other words, 100% wireless. Apple followed suit with its AirPods since all manufacturers acting in the audio field are releasing their models. Discover the features and performance of Urbanista Stockholm in our comprehensive test.


  • Comfortable in ear
  • Lightweight
  • Easily connects to any device


  • Sound Quality Is Subpar
  • Price is too high

Urbanista Stockholm Headphones

The Urbanista Stockholm headphones are delivered in a standard cardboard box. The ear cups and the charging/carrying case are pictured on the front. A second photo is printed on the back, as well as part of their technical characteristics. Once the box is open, you get the two earbuds to listen to music and the box used for their transport and recharging. Plus, you get a small micro USB cable and some paperwork. The manufacturer offers four colors: black, white, pink, and green. Some competing brands should take inspiration from it, as multiple color choices appeal to users.

Urbanista Stockholm Test

When we look at the earpieces of the Urbanista Stockholm, we know where the manufacturer was inspired for their design. Indeed the two atria take the open format (not in-ear) and the rod sticking out of the ears as on the Apple AirPods. This design appeals to people who don’t like it when the headphones fit deep into their ears. Insertion into the ear is also simplified. The headphones are placed right at the entrance to the ear canal. However, this format is not only positive. If your ear is not sealed, the outside noises are more easily audible. The ergonomics will also be different depending on the morphology of the user. For some, the headphones will be comfortable and stable, while it will be quite the opposite for others.

Otherwise, the Urbanista Stockholm headphones have a neat design. You could even say they look great. They’re a bit longer than AirPods but still compact. So you won’t turn heads when you wear them in public. The ear cups are equipped with holes for music diffusion, LEDs, magnetic elements for recharging in the case, and the Urbanista logo. It is also on the latter that the touch zone is integrated, so it is on it that you will perform tapping to interact with your music.

The case that accompanies the earbuds offers an equally discreet and compact design. It is in the shape of a square galley. You will have no trouble slipping it into one of your pockets. It opens via a simple hinge. Once opened, we can see the two locations of the atria. Once in place, they are magnetically held not to fall out even if the housing cover is left open. The case is lightweight, but the materials used in its design remain strong. Thus, it will withstand shocks during your travels. On the case, there is also a micro USB port for recharging the battery. Unfortunately, the builder has decided to integrate this aging port. Today everyone uses USB-C. In addition, the micro USB charging cable supplied in the box is very small. You will therefore have to replace it.


The Urbanista Stockholm uses Bluetooth technology in version 5.0. It is nice to see that the pairing is done very easily. When using it for the first time, you charge the battery in the box with the earbuds inside. Then, you do not have to take out the headphones to put them in pairing mode for pairing. After you go to the Bluetooth menu of your source device and select the headphones, it’s quick and easy. Pairing takes just a few seconds. The right headset can be used independently. This feature can be useful if you listen to your music while remaining aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes touch controls are capricious on True Wireless headphones. Fortunately, this was not the case with Urbanista Stockholm. You have to tap on the Urbanista logo on the outside to interact. Tapping on the right earbud increases the volume. The same action on the left earbud reduces it. A double-tap on the left one allows you to play or pause your music, and you have to keep pressing the logo for two seconds on the right or left earphone to go to the next track. At first, remember which side to use to do this or that action, but you will get used to it quickly. The controls are fairly easy to remember after a while of use. You can also use touch controls to activate Google Assistant or Siri and pick up / hang up your phone calls. On the other hand, the quality of the microphone is not exceptional. You will need to be in a quiet environment if you want to be heard by the other person.

The advantage of the long rods sticking out of your ears is that you can easily place and remove the ear cups. This is also useful so as not to accidentally press the touch surface. We did not experience any discomfort while using the Urbanista Stockholm. However, the non-in-ear format does not offer the best stability. As we told you a little above, the manufacturer should have provided removable silicone tips. This way, the different users could have benefited from a better adjustment according to the morphology of their ear canals. If possible, we recommend that you test them before purchasing them. This way, you will know if the ergonomics satisfy you.

Performance and Audio Quality

The Urbanista Stockholm offers decent but exceptional sound quality. Listening to Queen’s Under Pressure gives you a crisp, well-transcribed sound. However, David Bowie’s high notes showed that the headphones were weak on these frequencies. With softer music (All of Me by John Legend), the sounds were softer. In particular, we take advantage of the mediums.
On the other hand, we all immediately noticed that the bass lacked power on Kanye West’s Stronger. You will understand the sound is rather neutral, not too much bass nor too much treble. The Urbanista Stockholm headphones give pride of place to the midrange. So the sound rendering is not catastrophic, but audiophiles will not be satisfied. You will not be able to enjoy all the details of your favorite music.

We only benefit from a passive system on the insulation side because there is no ANC (active noise cancellation system). Because headphones don’t seal your ear canals, outside noise is more easily heard while listening. Of course, you can increase the volume to reduce them, but it will be your eardrums that will suffer in the long term. As a result, the Urbanista Stockholm is not ideal when you are in a noisy environment (public transport or a noisy street). Once again, we regret the absence of silicone tips.

The charging/transport box incorporates a 300 mAh battery. This allows you to enjoy around 14 hours of battery life in total. The headphones alone allow the use of about three and a half hours (autonomy varies according to the volume of sound). They are not the most enduring True Wireless headphones on the market, but their performance remains satisfactory. On the other hand, the case is recharged via the micro USB port. Suddenly the waiting time will be longer than with a USB Type C connection. We also remind you that the micro USB cable provided in the box is really small. . Fortunately, there is a good chance that you will have a longer replacement cable in your bag.


The Urbanista Stockholm isn’t bad True Wireless headphones. But, unfortunately, they can’t stand out from the competition. In the end, there are some good and some not so good. If possible, we recommend that you test them to ensure that they adapt to your body type and that you like the sound reproduction.

Urbanista Stockholm Review
Urbanista Stockholm Review


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