Urbanista Miami Headphones Review

Urbanista Miami Headphones Review

The Urbanista Miami is supplied with a rigid carrying case. It comes in four different colors: pearl white, midnight black, teal green, and, in our case, ruby ​​red. Modern colors will find their audience without any problem. Our test copy won us over. The helmet, despite its original and bright colors, remains very sober and above all elegant. There is real color consistency between the different helmet parts, even though the materials are different. The shades are both matte and bright. It’s very successful.


  • Active noise-cancellation (ANC) on board
  • Eye-catching and comfortable design
  • Equally eye-catching price point


  • Mediocre ANC
  • Mids and treble lack detail

The hoop is adjustable but not notched. Its thick aluminum structure ensures, both in view and use, a well-deserved strength. Just like the headphones, the padding is provided by thick and comfortable foam. On the left ear cup, there is a USB-C port for recharging. A white LED shows the headset’s activity and a button to activate or not the ANC functions and the ambient sound mode. On the right, we first have the microphone for calls, a 3.5mm jack (a cable is included), and three very (too?) Discreet multimedia control buttons.

Inside the ear cups, presence detectors allow playback to be paused when the headphones are removed. It is frankly well seen and very pleasant to use.

Comfort and ergonomics

The design comes at a price. Yes, the helmet looks good, but the manufacturer has made some concessions to contain that clean design—first, the comfort. Yes, the helmet exudes solidity very clearly, and the materials are also qualitative, whether it is the headband, the structure, or the ear cups. We only find that the pressure exerted by the latter is felt. Therefore, we would not necessarily recommend this helmet for those who have a “big head.”

Also, This modern and simple design means that the control buttons are as discreet as possible. It’s frankly successful, but we find that they are, in fact, too small and above all too similar, which makes it difficult to find and distinguish them too easily.

Sound quality and ANC of Urbanista Miami

The first thing that strikes you from the first moments of listening with this Urbanista Miami is the richness, roundness, and depth of the bass. Rest assured, this nature is not doomed to isolate a hidden defect. They are perhaps ample but benefit from a truly remarkable precision. You only have to launch a title like “Requiem” by Agar Agar to realize the beauty and depth of these basses. Despite the 40mm diameter of the headphones, no space problem with the bass and midrange. However, this is not our style, the “Brasseaux” helmets, but here we must admit that it is a direct pleasure. Of course, this will not match all music styles, but a little spin in an equalizer will correct the situation.

In terms of bass, Urbanista Miami has a very pleasant course. Rather than lukewarm, their musicality will allow the bass to express itself without hindrance and give a fairly faithful dynamic to the whole. Despite the physical compression inherent in the size of the speakers, the stage is wide and precise. However, despite beautiful timbres in terms of the voices, we will still notice a small hollow at the level of the mids and the very high treble, which will break the linearity that we hoped for with the bass, giving a feeling of confinement that will not necessarily highlight the soft and brilliant mixes, without giving in the unmanageable. Tracks like “Beginner’s Luck” by Maribou State will then lack a little air, and the mids are a little erased, but this style of his “relaxation” will compensate.

The ANC is present on this helmet, it is a fact, and it is not necessarily a feature that one should expect from a helmet of this price range. So unsurprisingly, no, it is not the most efficient ANC available on the market. But if this is an important criterion for you, then you have made a mistake on the budget to allocate to the purchase of your helmet. THEREFORE, the ANC is not total here, but it still allows us to cancel a quantity of noise that exceeds our expectations, even if they were low. However, on the other hand, a clear distortion of the sound will be felt when this function is activated. So we will not be able to advise you anything other than not to use it or in calls and to rely on the closed nature of the helmet, which insulates already well enough in the state while preserving the musical qualities of the helmet.

In terms of codec support, Urbanista Miami will be satisfied with the bare minimum. We could regret the absence of aptX (HD) in the list, which will only be summed up as SBC and AAC, but would it be used well on a headset of this price range? The answer, in our view, is no. The aptX (HD) is still reserved for very high-quality streams, and when looking for an audiophile experience of this magnitude, we generally have a much larger budget. The Urbanista Miami is not meant to be a top-of-the-range helmet, but its performance makes it an excellent choice for tight budgets.


The Urbanista Miami is a helmet that has several strings to its bow. Its main distinction from the competition is clearly on the aesthetic point of view, which is also very successful. But not only. The manufacturer offers a headphone with appreciable musical performances, with beautiful timbres, deep bass (and clean! Even if it will not please everyone), and a faithful dynamic. Its autonomy is monstrous, and some features, particularly the detection of the presence of the headset, are welcome, especially at this price.

Still, by dint of trying too hard to look for the perfect design, Urbanista had to make a concession or two: that of ergonomics and the good location of the control buttons, not easily recognizable. Finally, the ANC is not the most efficient on the market, and the musical distortion it causes will make you want not to use it. Fortunately, the helmet is closed and basic. Moreover, the insulation is, in our opinion, strong enough to do without the ANC.

Urbanista Miami Headphones Review
Urbanista Miami Headphones Review


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