Urbanista London True Wireless Earbuds Review

Urbanista London Review

You don’t have to be a secret agent to wear a button in your ear. The gently rounded Urbanista London is a real alternative. These in-ears look good and sound great. And they stand out from the uniform white pulp – provided you choose one of the trendy colors. In addition, there is active noise suppression, a nice charging case, and excellent voice control.

It’s hard to argue about Swedish design. Accordingly, the products of the headphone and speaker manufacturer from Stockholm are modern and timeless at the same time. Urbanista is committed to creating attractive products for people in urban environments. The Scandinavian earphones are impressive and stand out from the crowd of large white buttons in the audio world. Even if it is made of plastic plugs like the London, they shine optically with their matt surface and cool color outfits. Despite their noble appearance, they prefer subtle colors instead of a strikingly garish design. My test copy comes in burgundy red. This is in at the moment and also goes perfectly with my taste. Alternatively, there is Midnight Black.


  • Bass-forward sound signature
  • Solid noise cancellation for the price
  • Effective Ambient Voice mode


  • Audio can use more definition in the high-mids and highs
  • Noise cancellation changes sound signature
  • No app or adjustable EQ

Sophisticated styling

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand, we received a nice box from Urbanista. It contains a personal dedication, a t-shirt with the date of release of each product, a slipcase with ten city guides in English, and the youngest member of the family, the Urbanista London. So that everything is consistent, the box of the Londons is the same color as the chic earphones. First, you can see the well-formed charging case in the box. The earphones are located in it. A short USB-A to USB-C charging cable, three additional pairs of silicone plugs, and the operating instructions are also included in the scope of delivery. As I said, the pretty storage and charging box in matt burgundy red leave an excellent impression at first glance. The matt, shimmering surface feels pleasantly soft and looks robust at the same time.

The Urbanista London have clever little things to offer

I like that the Urbanista London is held magnetically in this case. So the earbuds won’t run away even if the charging cradle is accidentally opened the wrong way round. If the lid is open, the earphones switch on automatically and begin pairing directly. If the pairing does not go as desired, a button in the charging garage ensures that the Londons are reset if they are still in the box. If the connection is successful, they play in the ear as one imagines. With the help of a small infrared sensor, the in-ears recognize as soon as they are taken out of the ear. If this is the case, playback will stop. In this way, you can react quickly to external stimuli without tapping on your ears to turn off the headphones. Very good, so I don’t miss anything from the current podcast.

Firm fit in the ear

The comfort of the Urbanista Londonis excellent – provided you have chosen the right silicone plug. They even sit so well on me that I could change my sweater without any problems without losing the plugs. At work, I sometimes kept them in my ears for hours without feeling uncomfortable. I usually wear comfortable headphones on my ears, but these in-ears didn’t bother me at all. They are shaped so that they nestle comfortably against the anatomy of the auricle and do not flicker around. They are firmly seated, and operation – by touching the right or left handset – works flawlessly. The volume can be adjusted with a finger tap, the voice assistant started, or playback paused and continued. In addition, the noise suppression or the ambient noise function is activated by holding for a longer period. The latter ensures that noises from outside are also transmitted.

Pleasing perseverance

The Urbanista London last for me on average, a little over five hours on one charge. About 30 minutes before they run out of juice, the earphones answer with an announcement. Then they have to go back into their case for about an hour and a half until they are fully charged again. I can repeat this process three more times so that you can enjoy over 20 hours of continuous music without having to fill the charging case with new electricity. The supplied charging cable can be connected to any USB socket. A full charge of the case takes about 2.5 hours. Alternatively, the stylish case can also be charged via the Qi charger. Very convenient! Incidentally, Urbanista sells a suitable model with the “Lyon,” but it currently seems to be sold out. Any other loader will also work.

Sound and active noise cancellation

This is where my test will be different from many others I’ve found. However, I can’t say with certainty whether it’s me or my copy. Most testers certify that the Urbanista London has a dynamic, deep sound with an expressive bass and a fairly balanced sound. The active noise suppression led to slight changes in the sound of other testers. In principle, I can agree, but my experience is different. In normal mode, without active components, the sound is rather slim to me. The earphones deliver a balanced sound experience, but I lack the pressure in the bass for a closed system. The sound improves suddenly as soon as I switch on the active noise cancellation. The voice confirming the switch no longer sounds thin, but of course. If I turn the noise cancellation off again, this voice sounds narrower again. However, it should not change at all or only change minimally.

The better sound

Since I wouldn’t say I liked the narrow sound, I listened to my further test with the ANC activated. In this mode, I was not disappointed by the sonic properties of Urbanista London. Here I can fully agree with the ratings of the other testers. The in-ears provide a rich bass foundation that can inspire me in all styles of music. Since the current Yello album is captivating me right now, I let go of “The Vanishing Of Peter Strong” on the BlueTooth blasters in my ears. As soon as the first bass lines sound, my feet begin to bob along with the beat. A good sign. Only the bubbling in the stomach area is missing. Boris Blank again proves an excellent feeling for the perfect mixture of swinging bass and drawn percussion. The London follows with excellent precision for this price range. Treble is resolved well, but the image should be a bit warmer for my taste.

Successful illustration

Despite the minimally cool drawing, I experience a three-dimensional representation of all instruments. The “Toccata in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach also provides an impressive, room-filling picture. Here I am absolutely satisfied with the presentation. Possibly because I always associate the recording with the coldness of a church building, and I am currently sitting in my living room at 22 degrees Celsius. I switch to “Memphis” by the Delvon Lamar Organ Trio and enjoy the comfortably warm drawing of the Hammond organ and the drumming cymbals of the drummer. When I close my eyes, I’m right back in the Little London Plane and listen to the musicians performing their legendary performances. My test guests play big in the midrange. I want only the representation of the heights a bit more sensitive. Still, overall, the illustration is extremely successful, especially when you consider that a small one-centimeter driver works inside the Urbanista London.

A question of courtesy

In addition to active noise suppression, my test guests also offer me the ambiance mode. It should let background noise through. And the frequency range that is usually responsible for voice reproduction is opened up. So I can have a conversation without having to take the in-ears out of my ears. I have provided, of course, that I haven’t turned the music excessively loud. This can be an advantage on the plane, for example, if you want to fully understand the direct speech to the stewardess or a loudspeaker announcement. Since the earbuds automatically go into pause mode as soon as I take one out of my ear and because I’m a polite person, I prefer to pull the plug when I want to talk.

The microphone in the earphone

In the hands-free mode, Urbanista London also impresses across the board. For example, if I try the voice assistant, he’ll understand every word clearly. Sometimes even better than my assistant in the living room. Lately, I’ve caught myself giving orders to the assistant over the headphones instead of instructing the servant in the house. Be it to switch on the light or regulate the heating, because I always have the buttons in my ear during the test. Telephoning via earphones is also completely unproblematic. I find it very convenient to ask the assistant to dial the number without pulling the phone out of my pocket. The voice quality has grown to that of the microphone built into the cell phone. Only when it gets too loud around it.


The Urbanista London is appealing because of its distinctive exterior. And they sit comfortably in the ear even when worn for a long time. Thanks to the different silicone caps, they should fit every ear. They can score with pleasantly powerful bass and otherwise provide an appealing sound image in terms of sound. The active noise cancellation did not affect me, apart from the better sound. The charging case is well thought out in detail and can even be charged wirelessly. Apart from the music pauses when you take a receiver out of your ear, you can also control volume, call acceptance, or ANC activation on the earphones. The battery power is also sufficient for a long working day with short breaks for charging. In the last few weeks, I have liked to run around as a “secret agent” with a button in my ear, and I think I will probably do that for a while longer. Subtle design with good sound: I like to be an urbanista.

Urbanista London True Wireless Earbuds Review
Urbanista London True Wireless Earbuds Review


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