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Ultimate Ears BLAST Review (Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi)

Ultimate Ears Blast Review

When Ultimate Ears released their first Alexa-powered portable speaker, called the Megablast, it immediately was reviewed with a 5 – star rate because of its lively and outstanding performance. The price of Megablast is higher, and now we get to review its smaller brother with a more affordable price and are very excited about that.

You will not save up some money by purchasing the Ultimate Ears BLAST, but you will get lots of smart features for less money. Already it has the chance to be on the same level with the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 speaker, so that alone is a good start for the new star on the horizon.


  • Amazing design
  • Dynamic sound
  • Powerful midrange
  • Neat details and timing
  • Usability


  • At loud volumes,top-end can be harsh
  • Alexa does not include all the elements
  • The cost is a bit high


We can all admit that we love the recognizable Ultimate Ears’design. And now, with Blast, it is back. Throw it in a bag, take it on a pool or a beach, even go camping in the woods. There is nothing that this speaker can’t survive. It is the same story as with Boom 2.

But to be honest, some improvements make the Blast more sophisticated and stylish for the new generations. The devil is in the details, and now you have less flashy colors of the devices, the ends are flatter than those of Boom 2, and you have the LED lights that go on and off as you interact with Alexa. There is also a charging stand called Power Up, as an option if you want to purchase it.

Another difference with Boom 2 is that the battery lasts a little less. You have approximately 12 hours of battery life on Ultimate Ears BLAST, while Boom 2 has 15 hours of battery juice. Also, the Blast doesn’t have a 3.5 mm audio input anymore.


It is a growing trend of the companies that produce audio equipment to integrate Alexa or Google Assistant into their speakers. However, Ultimate Ears BLAST are still the first ones to offer that function in their portable speakers.

You have a bespoke app that is free to download, both for Android or iOS, that will help you connect the Blast to your network and get Alexa coming to life. The installation and the app are pretty much easy to use, but we recommend downloading the Alexa app, helping you customize the settings better.

Same as using other similar devices, like Sonos One or Amazon Echo, you need to voice the commands, and Blast will recognize them and makes sure you get what you asked.

Unfortunately, there is still no support for Spotify or Deezer, although we expect it soon. That means, for now, Alexa plays tunes via Amazon music unlimited and TuneIn radio. But you can use Bluetooth to stream music from other popular music sites.

When you buy the Ultimate Ears BLAST, you also get a three-month free trial period of Amazon Music.


Regarding the sound performances, Blast is not as powerful and robust as Megablast. It is more or less similar to the implementation of Boom 2.

Ultimate Ears BLAST has a cylinder shape, which allows it to spread the sound 360 degrees across the room evenly. It doesn’t matter where you will put the speaker. It will still provide a focused, loud and crisp clear sound.

As we mentioned before, Blast is not as powerful as Megablast, which means the low end is not as deep, but it is still controlled and precise.

For its size, this speaker can be loud. The response is excellent, and it only draws you into its momentum. The voices are also clean and give you the great pleasure of listening to powerful vocals.

You can’t go by without noticing that the Blast’s sound has top-notch quality.

The biggest rival to Ultimate Ears Blast would be the Sonos One for sure.

Although both are in the same price range, they undoubtedly crave different customer types. While Sonos One has its design for indoors to create a multi-room at home, the Blast and its good battery life are more for the people who love outdoors.


Once again, the Ultimate Ears have proved that they know the magic formula to success and know their way for manufacturing speakers. We can say that now, they did it with the Blast as well.

I would go for Boom 2 personally because of its affordable price. The Blast seems a bit expensive for its price. Especially that the more versatile model Megablast has just a little bit higher price at the market.

The verdict remains that Ultimate Ears BLAST is a hell of a speaker that will find its way to the heart of the people.

Ultimate Ears BLAST Review (Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi)
Ultimate Ears BLAST Review (Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi)
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