Tribit QuietPlus 78 Review

Tribit QuietPlus 78 Review

Even opening the small packaging of the Tribit QuietPlus 78 elicits the first appreciative raising of the eyebrows. The ANC headphones are delivered in a high-quality hard case and are therefore immediately prepared for travel. In addition to the headphones themselves, a jack cable for wired operation and a micro-USB charging cable are included. A short multilingual manual is also available.


  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Portability
  • Decent Sound
  • ANC Function


  • Poor call quality.
  • Inconvenient button placement,

Foldable, light, and comfortable to wear

The fact that the QuietPlus 78 fit into the small protective case is due to its metal hinges, with which the ear cups can be folded. Otherwise, plastic is the material of the Tribit QuietPlus 78, which also ensures a low weight of just over 260 g. Of course, this does not create a high-quality premium impression, but considering the price range, this is okay.
In our example, the right auricle creaks quite clearly when you move it. However, in real use on the head, this does not happen even with a lot of movement. Apart from that, the quality is largely convincing.

While a thin rubber pad on the headband offers rudimentary wearing comfort, the soft padding of the artificial leather-covered ear cups is much more comfortable. Memory foam is used here, which adapts to the shape of the head very well and quickly returns to its original shape. The Tribit QuietPlus 78 also does a good job of contacting pressure and striking a pleasant balance between security and lightness. They don’t squeeze, but even with hasty movements, they make no move to leave your ears.

In addition to a possible extension of the headband by approx. 5 cm on each side, the auricles can easily be swiveled in any direction and adapt – at least partially – to the shape of the head. There was no reason for complaint here. Unfortunately, there is no joint to turn the receiver by 90 degrees.

All control elements and connections of the Tribit QuietPlus 78 are located on the right handset. In addition to the volume buttons and the power button (which also takes over the BT connection), an ANC button with which the active noise suppression can be activated and controlled. More on that later. The buttons also handle playback and voice control. For example, if you hold down Vol +, you jump to the next track.

There is also a jack connection for wired playback if the battery runs out and the micro-USB charging port. It’s a shame that Type-C is not offered, but there is still space for the short charging cable in the case.

According to the manufacturer, the built-in battery should last 30 hours, and a charging process should be done after 2-3 hours. We can confirm the charging time of around 2.5 hours, but the runtime seems very generous. At medium volume without ANC, it was over after 25 hours. A good value, but less. With ANC, we came to about 13 hours.

ANC works reliably

Let’s stay with noise canceling. The Tribit QuietPlus 78 relies on hybrid noise suppression through insulation and Active Noise Canceling (ANC).

The latter is remarkable in the price range. The isolation is already very high due to the headphones themselves, and they shield from the environment. ANC does a surprisingly good job on this. In particular, deep and even noises are filtered very reliably. This works particularly well, for example, as a passenger while driving, and the vacuum cleaner at home is now hardly annoying. However, the Tribit tends to have difficulties with high-pitched noises.
ANC can be operated at either the Low or High level. Unfortunately, the differences are difficult to reproduce. The high setting works more aggressively, but it is also a bit more erratic or not as constant.

There is also a transparency mode that makes a really good impression. The sound acting from the outside is reproduced clearly and distinctly. Discussions are then possible without any problems.

Sound – deep, clean, but a little lifeless

When it comes to sound, the Tribit QuietPlus78 also does a solid job with small prints. Although we cannot attest to the “superior sound,” the performance is clearly above average in this price range as well. The sound image has a slight emphasis on the bass. The 40 mm drivers come here impressively deep and create a certain volume and pressure, which is pleasing. The generally dark tuning ensures soft, not sharp hearing. However, we miss clarity and precision. The dynamics are also neglected, and so the QuietPlus 78 sounds a bit lifeless overall. At the same time, the very unexcited sound is never exhausting, which somehow fits the aspect of relaxation.

When using ANC, the sound image changes a little. It becomes clearer above, and in the middle, the bass thumps a little more. Precision and dynamics forfeit again. The setting is much more fun overall, which many users should like.

The integrated microphone is not a highlight, which is due to the very tinny language. But sufficient for the occasional call acceptance.


Measured against the price range targeted by the manufacturer, it is remarkable what the Tribit QuietPlus 78 * can do in many areas. Above all, the well-functioning ANC performance, together with the passive isolation, can ensure peace – even in a hectic environment. In this sense, you get a lot on offer here. Suitable, but not necessarily outstanding, is the unexcited sound that is never exhausting. Here is the decent volume and the great bass, but the lack of dynamics lacks liveliness and freshness. As a result, you can enjoy music and audiobooks, switch off and relax, but the QuietPlus 78 doesn’t motivate you to dance along.

The simple choice of material is compensated for with proper quality, apart from the creaking in our copy. But the wearing comfort is all the better. The battery life does not set any records either, but all in all, it is good.

So if you are looking for affordable ANC headphones, you should check out the Tribit QuietPlus 78. Of course, real hi-fi fans will not be satisfied, but neither are they the primary target group.

Tribit QuietPlus 78 Review
Tribit QuietPlus 78 Review


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