The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

The Powerbeats Pro Review

As everyone knows Beats has one of the most powerful headphones and earbuds in the market. They have a large variety of different kinds of headphones and earbuds, but most most importantly everything depends on how the earbuds or headphones will sit on your head or in your ear. And that’s when all this comes to use for the Powerbeats pro earbuds. If you like these earbuds and if you think that you would use them for a long period of time all depends on how they would sit in your ear. If they feel comfortable if they have a snug fit and a tight seal you would love them and won’t think twice about how much you would spend on them but if none of these qualify then you might start questioning if they were actually worth the purchase. But with some tweaks and with some iconic your hugs they are very bendable and they can be essentially clipped onto any ears. These beats earbuds have a long lasting battery life that outshines the AirPods.


  • Better sound than the AirPods
  • Phone call quality is excellent
  • Sweat and water resistance
  • Epic battery life for the category
  • Apple H1 chip is a workhorse for headphones
  • Ambidextrous controls are amazing


  • More expensive than AirPods
  • May not fit all ears perfectly
  • Not the most discreet look for office or casual environments
  • Charges via Lightning and not USB-C

But other than that they have all of the same features including fast pairing, rock solid wireless connectivity and an always on Siri voice recognition for iOS users. And the physical push buttons for music playback will be very efficient for Android users. And the quality of your phone calls is amazing. even if the AirPods bus are quite large themselves they don’t fit into most ears. Some people have had the problem where the earbuds don’t completely seal off the ear canal so more of the outside noises leaks through. So the full sound quality would be affected by the outside environments like if you’re on the subway or on the streets of New York you wouldn’t get the highest of the sound quality that these earbuds give out in the first place. But the users to get this state fit from the earbuds are immediately amazed with the sound quality.

Design of Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats pro earbuds are specifically designed and made just fit most ear types then the past Powerbeats, and unlike the pro powerbeats they don’t have a wire connecting the left and right earbud. And this is mostly because Beats is now owned by Apple and they have now refined the design. The Powerbeats pro are 23% smaller and the Powerbeats3 are at 17% lighter. They have not been marked as fully waterproof but they are water resistant and sweat proof. If in any case they get splashed nothing would happen to them but if they were submerged in the water or blasted with water they could endure some type of failure. The protective case they come in and the charging case is quite large, it’s about 3 to 4 times the size of the AirPods charging case.

If you plan to store in your pocket it might look quite bulky I would advise you to leave it either in a bag or in a locker just not in any of your clothing pockets. And protective pouch is not included with these earbuds if you want to store them in a safe place you would have to leave them in there charging case. The charging case is not wireless like the AirPods wireless charging case is. But it does come with a included lightning cable which is better than micro-USB Beats cable.

Sound Quality

These earbuds have amazing sounding to them because they have an upgraded piston drivers that are supposed to cut down any distortion. They deliver a much cleaner and richer sound and mass is bigger but tighter to get all of these things the tight fit of the earbud is needed, and for maximum noise cancellation. The main difference between the AirPods and the Powerbeats pro earbuds is that the AirPods sit more loosely onto the ear and they let more of the outside noise come through. The Powerbeats pro are heavy on the bus but the bus kind of lackes in definition. They have some trouble push which is also referred to as a presence boost and can make some tracks a tad too bright.

The power with pro earbuds can be compared with other premium to wireless earbuds but none of them will ever be compared or be good enough as a wired pair of earphones. Because of their simultaneously larger design than the AirPods they have a built-in larger battery the last more hours. The Powerbeats EarBuds lasts up to nine hours while the AirPods last about five hours . And the charging case gives 15 hours of more battery life. A five minute charge can get you an hour and a half of playback while a 15 minute charge can last up to 4 and a half hours

The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Review
The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Review


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