Teufel Supreme On Review

Teufel Supreme On Review

Modern design and smart functions come together in the Teufel Supreme On. The Bluetooth headphones come with their own headphones app and wirelessly pass the music onto a second Supreme headphone. This is how the on-ear performs in the test.

Since modern smartphones no longer have a jack socket, many headphones have also dispensed with fixed cables. So does the devil Supreme On. But the all-clear: A headphone cable with fabric sheath is still included in the scope of delivery.


  • Pleasant sound for rock and pop
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Useful functions and options
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and shipping


  • Not a recommendation for all genres

So that the cord does not tear out during operation, it is firmly hooked onto the left earphone via a locking mechanism. As a result, the connection is stable but does not protect against knots, as I found in the test. So first of all, back with the headphone cable in the supplied cloth bag.

I set up the Bluetooth connection to the player using the power button on the left ear shell. Just press a little longer, and the Teufel Supreme On appears in the Bluetooth menu on my iPhone. Practical: Smartphones with NFC function connect by themselves. However, no cable must be plugged into the 3.5 mm jack socket.

Teufel on-ear headphones sit comfortably

With its soft cushions, the supra-aural Teufel Supreme On sits comfortably on the ears and does not pinch even after prolonged use. With a weight of just 210 grams, the on-ear headphones are also pleasantly light.

The music is controlled via a single joystick button with a turnstile on the right-hand side of the listener. Pressing it once starts the music, sliding it up or down changes the volume, swiping left and right to jump between music tracks. If you hold it down for a long time, the Bluetooth headphones continue to wind.

Practical: When you remove the headphones, playback pauses automatically. If I put it back on, the music continues. For the smart pause function, Teufel uses proximity sensors that can also be deactivated if necessary.

The operation works well and is learned quickly. In addition, the multi-function button is big enough that the headphone can be controlled almost blindly.

Communication with the Apple Siri or Google Assistant voice assistants on the paired smartphone is completely hands-free. The Teufel headphones can also be used as a headset via two built-in microphones.

Teufel Headphones App: ShareMe

In addition to the Teufel Supreme In (test) and Airy Sports Bluetooth in-ears, the Supreme On is the next headphone that offers additional functions via the Teufel Headphones app. The application is available for Android and iOS systems, tablets, and mobile phones.

In addition to settings for SmartPause, voice assistant, and a selectable switch-off timer in the event of inactivity, all control options are explained in detail in pictures. Among other things, the new share function:

With the ShareMe function, music and podcasts can be shared between two Teufel Supreme Ons – with independent volume control. To do this, hold the power button and the control button on the first set of headphones during playback until you hear an acoustic signal. Then press the two buttons on the second headphone for 2. Now both are playing the same song at the same time.

The battery lasted 20 hours and 30 minutes in the Teufel Supreme On test – a decent value. But, of course, nobody listens for longer in a row anyway. If the battery is empty, the on-ear headphones recharge using the USB-C cable included in the scope of delivery.

This is what the Bluetooth headphones sound like

The Teufel Supreme On sounds balanced and rich in detail in the test. The bass is not particularly deep but powerful.

The Teufel headphones slide forward between the upper bass and lower mids and provide warm notes. Voices sound particularly strong in their keynote, which is nice with podcast broadcasts.

The stereo image, in which individual tone sequences can be followed effortlessly, was also convincing. The highs are clear and understandable—particularly suitable for modern styles of music.

Useful: the Teufel Headphones app comes with a range of sound presets for modern listening applications. In addition to the classics “Rock” and “Pop,” there are also presets for a bass boost, podcasts, or techno.

In addition, a custom preset can be created according to your taste.


The Supreme On are small and lightweight on-ear headphones with a warm sound. The music control via the joystick works without any problems. The ShareMe function makes it easy to share music with a second Supreme On. Proximity sensors in the housing start playback automatically—conclusion: smart in design and functionality.

The Bluetooth headphones are available in Ivy Green, Moon Gray, Night Black, Pale Gold, Space Blue, or, like our test headphones, in Sand White.

Teufel Supreme On Review
Teufel Supreme On Review


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