Teufel Real Blue Review

Teufel Real Blue Review

The “Real” headphone family from Teufel has a long tradition: The Aureol Real and Real Z are followed by the Teufel Real blue, Bluetooth headphones with gesture control. Innovative usability or just a gimmick – the test explains it.

The “Real” headphone family from Teufel has a long tradition: the Aureol Real and the Teufel Real Z (test), which have already given me hours of listening pleasure, are now followed by the “Blue” extension, with – as the name suggests – wireless Bluetooth streaming.


  • Impressive audio reproduction
  • Good noise reduction
  • Very comfortable


  • Touch control is not ideal
  • Switch of smartphone sometimes faltering

The new models are Teufel Real blue NC, closed headphones with noise-canceling, and Teufel Real blue, purely Bluetooth headphones, which are highlighted here. In addition, the Teufel Real pure headphones with a detachable 1.3-meter cable are also new.

Teufel Real blue in the test

The Teufel Real blue are circumaural Bluetooth headphones with hands-free function and gesture control and are primarily made as companions on the go.

When you unpack the headphones for the first time, you immediately notice the good quality of the headphones: the headband and ear pads are covered with odorless and supple protein leather. The rails for size adjustment are made of flexible spring steel, while the hinges and rotating ear cups are made of robust plastic. All moving parts run smoothly and almost smoothly.

Large Teufel logos are decorated on both sides of the ear cups. There is no battery compartment because the Teufel Real blue comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a micro-USB charging connection. In addition, there is a mini-jack next to it so that the headphones can be used with an empty battery or in an airplane via cable.

Only two buttons are used to switch the headphones on and off and couple them with Bluetooth-enabled devices. All other control functions are managed via a touch-sensitive control panel on the right auricle, which can also be deactivated when not in use.

In addition to the headphones, the delivery scope of the Teufel Real blue includes a hard case for safe transport, a short USB cable for charging, and a 3.5-millimeter jack cable of 1.3 m length.

Technical details of the Teufel Real blue

The manufacturer specifies the frequency range of the Teufel Real blue as a manageable 20 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz. In addition, the manufacturer calls the built-in drivers in the Teufel Real blue “Linear-HD,” and a neodymium magnet drive should deliver high levels with minimal distortion. This is matched by the low nominal impedance of 16 ohms, which elicits a sufficient level and powerful sound from higher quality audio players.

For phone calls on the go or in the office, for example, the headphones have a built-in hands-free microphone. The voice quality is good in the Teufel Real blue test; it is not above average, but it is convincing due to its reliability.

The Berlin manufacturer is silent on its website about the Bluetooth standard used but speaks of transmission quality on CD level.

With a weight of 200 grams, the Bluetooth headphones are one of the lighter representatives of their kind. Moreover, the long battery life of the headphones, which Teufel claims to be up to 30 hours of listening time, is astonishing. This value could be achieved in everyday life depending on the selected listening volume and the distance to the playback device.

Swipe to the next track

The good quality of the Teufel Real blue also ensures that the Bluetooth headphones sit comfortably. Medium contact pressure and the surrounding ear shells ensure good passive external noise attenuation and keep the receiver securely on the ears, while the soft cushions made of protein leather lie comfortably. As a result, the headphones are also a quiet companion in terms of their external effect.

The coupling to the Macbook, iPhone 7, and a smartphone with the Android operating system succeeds straight away. After the connection is disconnected, the pairing between the devices is automatically re-established. There were no dropouts during my Teufel Real blue test.

I found the headphones’ gesture control to be pleasant and intuitive. A swipe up and down on the right ear cup changes the volume, a swipe forwards and backward navigates between the individual tracks of a playlist, and a single tap starts or stops playback. This also makes it easy to take calls.

Teufel Real blue in the hearing test

The fact that the Teufel Real blue is a pleasant outdoor partner is underlined not only by its functions such as Bluetooth operation, external noise reduction, and gesture control but also by its sound coordination. Furthermore, particularly in a noisy environment, a certain frequent assertiveness that the Teufel Bluetooth headphones bring with them in the form of a slight bass boost and mild warmth is of high value.

Its solid and deep bass fills the human hearing spectrum sufficiently and thus proves that headphones do not necessarily need a frequency response below the 10 Hz mark. In impulsive music material, the kick drum and bass sometimes merge into one unit, which can be attributed to the bass boost. The response of the low-frequency instruments is always precise without lapsing into sluggishness.

The mids sound largely neutral so that it is easy to differentiate between the various instruments. Distorted electric guitars play crunchy, bass guitars have a gnarled note, and vocal parts convince with a powerful key range.

The highs sound brilliant, sometimes bright for better assertiveness, but neither nasal nor excessively sharp. Here, too, the upper 20 Hz are sufficient to make the entire frequency range audible.

The acoustic stage is sufficiently wide to allow guitars and drum kits to be set up at a sufficient distance from each other. So naturally, open headphones push the soundstage even further. In general, the Teufel Real Blue understands a wide range of different musical genres, even if his strengths lie primarily in modern music productions, electronic music, hip hop, rock, and metal. The headphones lack a bit of delicacy and bite for serious works, but this is often only noticeable in a deadly silent environment.

When used on the road, the positive sound adjustments predominate, making the Teufel Real blue a real outdoor recommendation.


Real blue from Teufel is a well-made, high-quality headphone that is more than just a lifestyle product. Its demand for a neutral sound, including optimization for on-the-go use, is only part of the pro list. The stable Bluetooth connection, the uncomplicated control via swiping movements, and the above-average battery life round off the headphones accordingly and leave little to be desired.

Teufel Real Blue Review
Teufel Real Blue Review


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