Teufel Cage Review Bluetooth Headphone

Teufel Cage Review

Whether Playstation, Xbox, or PC, there is no way around a gaming headset for real gamers. The Teufel Cage is the Berlin version for multiplayer, with a clip-on microphone, intelligent noise suppression, and a built-in sound card. This is how Teufel wants to help gamers win with the Cage.

There are headphones with built-in microphones, and there are headsets. Their core functions are listening to music and making phone calls. Even gamers who mainly play multiplayer games can use it. However, you benefit more from specialized gaming headsets.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Detachable microphone
  • Left / Right microphone ports
  • Dual microphones (ENC)


  • High price
  • Availability in US
  • Settings only via USB

One of them is the devil cage. The headphones come with an integrated sound card, a microphone for speech, and a second one to suppress echo noises. It sounds like a good prerequisite for communicating with teammates. Let’s play.


One of the most important properties of a gaming headset, in addition to sound, is, above all, convenience. After all, hardcore gamers wear their headphones for hours or nights. So nothing should pinch, and the ears shouldn’t start to glow after a short time.

The removable ear pads of the Teufel Cage are made of soft imitation leather, which produces significantly less heat build-up than a real leather version. At 340 grams, the Teufel gaming headset sits quite lightly on your head, despite its size.

The pressure on the ears is strong enough to muffle keyboard noises passively. Not too strong, however, that the head bursts. In addition, its over-ear construction, which encloses the ears, provides additional noise dampening and prevents noise from penetrating to the outside.

The extendable and elastic bracket made of spring steel is suitable for different head sizes and shapes. And wearers of glasses shouldn’t have any problems here either. Even after a few hours of continuous exposure, the Teufel Cage did not feel uncomfortable in the test.

When it comes to design, tastes differ. For example, Generally, I wouldn’t say I like gaming headsets very much from the outside, although I at least like the way the ear cups are suspended from matt-lacquered metal.

Clip-on microphone

The Teufel Cage works with and without a microphone. When not in use, it can be switched off using a switch on the left auricle. Or I pull it off using the jack connector.

The microphone boom is stable and can be perfectly aligned with the mouth. This increases the voice quality. In addition, the characteristics of the sound absorption are strongly bundled so that it hardly transmits any background noise.

The speech intelligibility is pretty good and noticeably matched to the spoken word. A second, invisible microphone helps to block out ambient noise. Only when another person speaks directly next to the main microphone are their noises transmitted.

Teufel Cage in practice

The Teufel Cage can be used in two ways: on the one hand, using a classic 3.5 mm audio cable, which also works with – old – smartphones, or on a computer via a USB cable.

While the first, analog variant, uses the computer’s sound card, the USB connection uses the audio card in the Teufel headphones (test). In the test on a MacBook, the digital connection led to a significantly stronger sound.

Two matching cables with noise-reducing sheathing are included in the scope of delivery.

The USB connection also lights up the two Teufel logos on the ear shells. The brightness can be adjusted by pressing the multifunction button on the right-hand side of the receiver several times. Right next to it, there is a rotary wheel that digitally controls the volume.

For further adjustments to the Teufel Cage, the manufacturer offers the free PC software “Teufel Audio Center,” which also contains the audio driver for the computer. Among other things, the application can be used to assign the multifunction button freely, configure microphone and chat volumes, load sound profiles, or create your own presets.

These functions and audio output in 7.1 multi-channel sound are reserved exclusively for Windows users. Users of Apple devices and game consoles listen in stereo – with Sony’s Playstation 4 via USB or 3.5 mm jack, with Microsoft Xbox One only via the jack input.

Sound quality

In terms of sound, the Teufel Cage is perfectly designed for games: the gaming headset reproduces the entire frequency range cleanly, offers good localization of details, and creates a large space.

Narrator voices, dialogues, and gaming partners sound clear and precise. This is also confirmed by fellow players on the other listener line. The Teufel gaming headset resolves details cleanly, which underlines its sound accuracy. Sound effects like explosions come to the point and are very dynamic. So much for a well-rounded picture.

The bass is a bit too prominent for me to listen to music. However, fans of electro and hip-hop genres should like the vote. The sound coating with a penchant for depth gives games even more atmosphere – especially in gloomy moments, it builds up enormous tension.


Cage is the name Teufel calls its gaming headset. When you gamble continuously, you feel trapped in it and quickly lose time. This is ensured by the high level of comfort and the intelligent isolation from echoes. In addition, team players praise the voice quality of the clip-on microphone. Game changer!

Teufel Cage Review Bluetooth Headphone
Teufel Cage Review Bluetooth Headphone


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