Teufel Airy Sports Review

Teufel Airy Sports Review

Brand new and probably one of the first tests in Europe, we can welcome a sample of the Teufel Airy Sports in the editorial office. As the name suggests, the Airy Sports are sports headphones. But what use is sports headphones that don’t sound like anything? Exactly, nothing at all. Especially in sports, the tester likes it a little harder and crisper, whether the Airy Sports manages to convince in sports use, later more on that in the sound test series.


  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Very good audio
  • Great autonomy


  • Not perfect calls
  • Inconvenient refill

The Teufel Airy Sports is now available in colors Night Black and Steel Blue. In addition, the colors Moon Gray, Coral Pink, and Arctic Blue will also be available shortly.

Of course, the Berlin loudspeaker specialists also supply a case so that the Airy Sports can be safely stowed away after the sport. Since these are Bluetooth headphones, a USB charging cable is included in the scope of delivery. As usual, there is no power supply unit here either. However, the user can use the USB power supply unit from the smartphone.

If you like doing sports with your friend or partner and also have the same taste in music, the Berliners have something special in store for you. Thanks to the ShareME function, two Airy Sports can be wirelessly connected to smartphones, and both users can listen to the same music.

The charging socket for the headphones is located in the remote control

The engineers from Berlin do not want to be satisfied with the mediocre sports headphones and send the Airy Sport with linear drivers and effective external sound absorption into the large shark pool of the sports in-ears. To tailor the Teufel Airy Sports to the needs of the user, different ear tips made of soft silicone are included in the scope of delivery. So there should be the right earmold for almost every user. The flexible ear hooks (ear hooks) are antibacterial and soft silicone and are intended to ensure safe and comfortable wear.

Thanks to Bluetooth with aptX standard, Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Apple Music & video sound can be played in a maximum of CD-like quality. In addition, lip-synchronous transmission is also possible. This is important for people who are more likely to go to the gym and use their bikes to warm up while watching their favorite series on their smartphones.

4 of a total of 6 included earbuds

If you prefer to use the in-ear headphones outdoors, you can do so without any problems, even when it starts to rain, which unfortunately does not seem unrealistic in the current weather situation. The Berlin headphones have an IPX7 certification, so environmental influences can hardly harm them. Even water sports enthusiasts can use the Teufel Airy Sports, as it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of one meter, thanks to the IPX7 protection class.

Remote control housed in the neckband

Functional remote control is housed in the neck strap. With this, various operating functions are possible, which we would like to discuss in this section. The multifunction button is located in the middle of the remote control. If you press this once, playback starts or is interrupted. If the user presses the button twice, the system jumps to the next song, and if you want to hear the previous track, the button must be pressed three times. If you hold the button down for two seconds, the voice assistant is activated. If the headphones are no longer required, they can be switched off by pressing them for four seconds. If a call is made, it can be accepted or ended by briefly pressing the multifunction button.

Adjustable neckband in detail

The plus and minus buttons can increase or decrease the Volume. However, these two buttons also have special functions in connection with the multifunction button. If the user presses the multifunction button and the Volume up button, a connection to a Share-Me device is established or terminated. If the multifunction button is pressed with the Volume Down button, the automatic playback function is activated or deactivated.

Back of the remote control

The integrated battery of the Teufel Airy Sports can give you up to 25 hours of pleasure when fully charged. In addition, the integrated hands-free system has Qualcomm CVC technology, which ensures better speech intelligibility and can convince in the practical test. Voice control via Google or SIRI is, of course, also possible.
We can only say good things about the fit at Airy Sports. The tester had the Airy Sports with him several times during sweaty fitness activities, and the headphones were always convinced with a perfect fit in or on the ear.

Ear hook on the ear

The Teufel Headphone app is also brand new, with which various settings can be made on the Airy Sports. For example, there are different EQ curves to generate the best possible sound for every user. The sound curves neutral, bass amplification, techno, pop, treble boost, rock, and classic are available. The battery level of the Airy Sports can also be checked in the app, and ShareMe devices can be managed. Of course, we captured the app again with some screenshots, but we have to mention that this shows the beta version of the app:

Sound Quality

After examining the technical and optical finesse, we would now like to start with our sound test series. We start with “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed. The title starts with smoky and crackling vocals by David Draiman. This is presented very nicely by Airy Sports. We are also enthusiastic about the midrange range, which is often neglected by some other manufacturers and especially in this product area. The depth and emphasis can also be absolutely convincing.

It continues with “Laugh Now Cry Later” by Drake feat Lil Durk. Here we get an impression of which material the Airy Sports could have been matched with. The singing sounds very natural and sensitive. But when the bass kicks in, we are a little amazed at what the Berlin in-ear hits us here or in our ears. Again, the bass is dry and crisp, although not completely precise. With sports headphones in particular, however, we consider this to be “whining at a high level” because Airy Sports appears to us to be an excellent partner for athletic motivation.

It continues with electronic music, and Airy Sports can spoil us with the title “Business” by Tiesto. We like the depth of the track on this track as well. The Airy Sports can present the low and midrange ranges cleanly and presently and does not seem overwhelmed or pointed in the high range. There is also no reason for criticism in terms of the rich bass range.

But we saved one last challenge for Airy Sports until the end. We start playing the track “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Often we observe here the lack of the smoky character of the female singing voice. How does this fact relate to Airy Sports? We like Bradley’s voice very much in the playback, and Lady Gaga’s voice also shows facets that have unfortunately not always been perceptible in many other components of recent times. Of course, there is still a little lack of diversity and finesse than high-priced hi-fi components, but overall the Airy Sports delivers an astonishing performance within its price range. The competition should pay attention here.

What about the competitive environment of Teufel Airy Sports? Due to the lack of tested “Neckband” variants, we also looked around in the area of ​​True Wireless In-Ears. You can get the TUNE 225TWS from JBL (test will appear shortly), which, in contrast to Airy Sports, is true wireless, i.e., completely wireless. They also deliver solid voice reproduction but cannot quite keep up with detailing the Teufel headphones and are also cut out in the bass range. In addition, Airy Sports plays louder and offers excellent communication when using the hands-free system.

The Apple AirPods Pro is significantly more expensive than the Airy Sports and has excellent active noise cancellation. Acoustically, however, the sports headphones from Berlin deliver a brilliant performance and convince with grandiose voice reproduction, concise mids, and a hearty bass range. The wearing comfort is similarly high, especially since with the included earbuds, there is still the possibility of adjustment to the ear size. According to the impressions in test operation, both components can be regarded as very operationally reliable.


The buyer receives a great companion for numerous purposes, whether an outdoor activity, in the swimming pool, or the gym. The Teufel Airy Sports can be perfectly adapted to personal needs, both in its fit and musical preferences. The scope of delivery includes three sets of earbuds of different sizes, a nice and small case for safe storage after exercise, and a USB charging cable – by the way, Teufel still relies on micro-USB here. The voice control and the hands-free function worked flawlessly during the test operation and achieved record marks. But what surprised us is the acoustic performance of the Berlin in-ear headphones. Mids and lows delivered clean,

Teufel Airy Sports Review
Teufel Airy Sports Review


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