Teufel Airy Sports Review

Teufel Airy Sports Review

The Teufel Airy Sports are brand-new headphones for athletes. It has a sleek and sturdy design, promising high-quality music, a snug fit, and long battery life.
Readers of this review should be active people who want to get the most out of their headphones for sports and exercise. These headphones are a great option whether you’re going for а run, working out, or just want to listen to some tunes while on the go.


  • Stylish design: The headphones feature a sleek and modern design that will appeal to sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike.
  • High-quality sound: The headphones deliver a well-balanced and engaging sound that will please music lovers and audiophiles alike.
  • Comfortable fit: The headphones are designed to provide а comfortable fit, even during long listening sessions.
  • Noise isolation: This model’s noise isolation and active noise cancellation (ANC) mode makes them ideal for noisy environments.
  • Connectivity options: The headphones offer a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and fast pairing technology, allowing you to connect easily to your devices.
  • Touch controls and voice commands: The headphones come with touch controls and voice commands that allow you to easily control your music and access your digital assistant.
  • Compact and stylish charging case: The headphones have a compact and stylish charging case that provides an additional 16 hours of battery life.


  • Price: The headphones price higher than some competitors, making them less accessible to budget-conscious consumers.
  • No physical buttons: Some users may prefer physical buttons for controlling their music and volume, as touch controls can be less reliable.
  • Battery life: Although the headphones offer а long battery life, some users may still need to recharge the headphones frequently.

Design and Build Quality

You’ll immediately feel confident and fashionable when you put on a pair of these headphones. The headphones come in many different colors to match your taste, and they have a chic, high-end look thanks to a combination of matte and glossy finishes. 

The round ear cups are cushioned and composed of soft material for a pleasant wearing experience. The headband is adjustable and manufactured from a supple but sturdy material to suit a wide range of head circumferences. 

Throughout your workout, you won’t have tо worry about the headphones falling off your head because metal arms link the ear cups to the headband.

These headphones are sturdy and well-made. They’re durable enough for everyday usage and crafted with weatherproof materials that won’t break down quickly. Also, their resistance to water and sweat makes them perfect for use during physical activity. So, earcups may be magnetically clipped together while not in use, making the headphones extremely portable.

This model has excellent design and construction. The headphones include a sleek design, plush ear cushions, and sturdy construction. It is a fantastic pair of headphones for exercise or a stylish accessory when you’re out and about.

Sound Quality

One of the best things about these headphones is how they sound. The sound quality of these headphones is impressive; it’s full and detailed, with a nice balance of different frequencies. 

You may listen to your favorite songs and podcasts without distortion thanks to the tight and snappy bass and the natural, uncolored midrange. The highs are sparkling and light, giving the music a sense of vitality and interest.

Its exceptional noise reduction is one оf its most notable qualities. The noise-isolating earcups let you listen to your music in peace. In addition to passively isolating listeners from ambient noise, the headphones’ active noise cancellation (ANC) mode eliminates virtually all sound from the outside world.

Its microphone is also excellent. Taking calls or recording voice memos on the road is a breeze because of the high-quality microphone. So, your speech will be transmitted because the microphone is equipped with noise-cancellation technology.

Its quality is superb. The headphones produce an exciting, well-balanced sound that appeals to casual listeners and audiophiles. That makes The Teufel Airy Sports excellent headphones for working out or listening to music on the road.

Connectivity and Features

Regarding electronics, this model has you covered with various inputs and outputs. The Bluetooth connection between your device and the headphones is reliable and stable. The rapid pairing technology built into the headphones makes connecting your devices a breeze. The 10-meter range of the headphones gives you plenty оf room to roam while still listening to your tunes.

In addition to providing excellent sound quality, these headphones also come with many convenient extras. For example, the headphones’ ear cups double as touchpads, allowing you to easily change the volume, skip music, and answer calls. Also, the headphones are voice command compatible, so you may use voice commands to play/pause music or activate a digital assistant.

Its sleek, portable charging case can charge them for up to 16 hours. The headphones will be safe in the case, and the LED light will let you know when it’s time to recharge the headphones’ battery. Also, the headphones have an LED battery indicator to help you track how much juice is left so you can always know when to plug them in for a recharge.

This piece has great connectivity and features. A wide variety of functions and connections are available for the headphones, making them ideal for athletes and music fans. 

Competitors Comparison

These headphones aren’t the only pair of sports headphones out there; they’re not the only ones that provide similar features and capabilities. The Sony WF-SP800N, the Bose SoundSport Wireless, and the JBL Free X are the most formidable alternatives to them.

The Sony WF-SP800N is a favorite among athletes because of its crisp audio reproduction, snug fit, and lengthy battery life. The IPX4 designation means that the Sony headphones are resistant to water and sweat, making them perfect for use during physical activity. Also, the headphones offer active noise cancellation (ANC), so you can focus on your tunes.

Another well-liked choice among athletes is the wireless Bose SoundSport. Bose headphones are well-liked due to their ergonomic design, superior sound, and lengthy battery life. 

With a design that blocks sweat and rain, these headphones are perfect for your workouts. So the headphones come with an installed microphone, so you may answer calls wherever you gо.


If you’re looking for a cheaper option to the Teufel Airy Sports, consider the JBL Free X. The JBL headphones are a wonderful option for athletes because of their high-quality sound and ergonomic design. 

So, you can use the headphones even if they get wet, and they come with a portable charging case that can give you an extra 10 hours of listening time.

Sony’s WF-SP800N, Bose’s SoundSport Wireless, and JBL’s Free X are just a few headphones that compete with Teufel’s Airy Sports. Although these headphones are capable of comparable things, the Teufel Airy Sports stand out because of their sleek design, excellent sound, and lengthy battery life. So, it makes The Teufel Airy Sports excellent headphones for physical activity.

Teufel Airy Sports Review
Teufel Airy Sports Review


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