Marshall Woburn Review

Marshall Woburn Review Marshall may be known to some of you primarily through its presence in the guitar amp sector. The amplifiers are often found at rock ...

Marshall Woburn 2 Review

Marshall Woburn 2 Review The Marshall Woburn 2 speaker is the most powerful and imposing of all the brand's Bluetooth speakers. This second version of the ...

Marshall Tufton Review

Marshall Tufton Review Marshall expanded its range of portable speakers last summer. The Marshall Tufton is the largest of the three new models and one of the ...

Marshall Stockwell 2 Review

Marshall Stockwell 2 Review Stockwell 2 in review: Not everything is perfect The design Sound Quality Stockwell 2 in comparison Specifications ...

Marshall Stanmore Review

Marshall Stanmore Review Some editors are enthusiastic amateur musicians in our publishing house, so it is hardly surprising that the current amplifier from ...

Marshall Stanmore II Review

Marshall Stanmore II Review In technical terms, this means: Frequency Range: 50-20,000Hz Mains Frequency: 50-60Hz Mains Voltage: 100-240V ...

Marshall Kilburn Review

Marshall Kilburn Review The Marshall brand is probably familiar to anyone who has ever held a guitar in their hands or watched a live band. But Marshall not ...

Marshall Kilburn II Review

Marshall Kilburn II Review We tested Marshall Kilburn II and will show you the strengths and weaknesses of the box in amplifier optics. The strengths of ...

Marshall Major IV Review

Marshall Major IV Review The Marshall Major IV relies on wireless charging in the auricle, a new folding clip that keeps it in place when folded up compactly, ...

Marshall Monitor II ANC Review

Marshall Monitor II ANC Review The MID ANC from Marshall caused a real surprise during our test in August 2019 with its great sound that is suitable for all ...

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