Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review

Can Anker now also use headphones? The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 comes with ANC, an extensive app, a quick charging function, and contactless charging. We have tested the in-ears of the power bank specialist!

The Liberty Air 2 Pro are pleasant-sounding, bass-rich in-ear headphones that can be adjusted to suit your listening and wear preferences thanks to a wide range of setting options. With a good ANC, IPX4 protection, and a powerful battery, they are successful all-rounders.


  • Stylish look and shape
  • Solid bass sound
  • Pretty good battery life
  • Great carrying case
  • Wireless charging


  • Rough midrange sound
  • Spotty touchsensitive controls
  • Bad onboard microphones
  • Gimmicky companion app

The Chinese hardware developer Anker sells power banks and USB-compatible accessories and Bluetooth speakers such as the Soundcore Motion + and now a whole range of headphones under the name Soundcore. The Soundcore product range now includes 13 wireless headphones, to the top model tested here, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. There are three ANC and two transparency modes, a quick charge function, and contactless charging. We have tested the Soundcore flagship for you – you can read here what the in-ear headphones can do and how they compare to popular models in this segment.

How well do the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 sound?

We tested the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 with various cross-genre titles from Spotify and Tidal in our sound test. Already at the first listeners of Cherry Berry (Bess Atwell), the pronounced bass emphasis becomes clear. The low tones are lush and prominent without being obtrusive or booming. The result is a compact, round and full-sounding bass reproduction that allows medium and high-frequency tones enough space to unfold. The coordinated sound is clear, for example, with Time Of Extinction by Jambinai and Nils Lofgren’s Keith Don’t Go.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earplugs

The voluminous, clear, and detailed illustration relates to the instruments and the vocals, which is also beneficial for the playback of podcasts and audiobooks. In this way, the voices are reproduced clearly and easily understandable. The only drawback: At high volume, there is increasing distortion, which tarnishes the sound. Otherwise, the sound performance of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is really impressive.


The headphones also offer good speech intelligibility during telephone calls. While the other person’s word is clear and easy to understand, your word is presented somewhat reserved and pointed. In addition, if you are outside when calling, the background noise is well attenuated, which positively affects the speech.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Battery life and comfort of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2: The practical test
The Liberty Air 2 Pro earphones are equipped with 55 mAh batteries, which allow a runtime of almost seven hours with deactivated ANC. On the other hand, if you use one of the ANC or transparency modes, the playing time is reduced to about five hours. The headphones are charged in the charging case, with which you can fully recharge the headphones almost three times. This increases the total runtime, including the case, to around 26 hours without ANC (with ANC or transparency mode around 22 hours). It takes about an hour to charge the earphones fully, but you can also use the quick charge function if you hurry. So the in-ears are behind15 minutes of charging time for the use of two and a half hours in basic mode.

The case itself can be charged via USB-C or contactless via the Qi standard. According to the manufacturer, charging via USB-C takes around an hour and 45 minutes, and contactless charging takes three hours.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro charging case with earpiece

After around 7 hours without ANC, the earphones have to be put back in the case – thanks to the quick charge function. However, they are ready for use again after 15 minutes.
How well can the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 be worn?
As soon as you unpack the Liberty Air 2, the nine pairs of ear tips in sizes XXXS to XL immediately catch your eye. Since the fit and the associated wearing comfort is always highly subjective, thanks to the attachments, high and individual accuracy of fit can be achieved. Once you have found the right size, the Air 2 sits lightly and stably in the ear. Due to the low weight of 5.5 grams per earpiece, it is still very comfortable to wear over a longer period. The ergonomic fit also shields you well from the outside world – but we’ll look at that later.

The stable seat allows a short sprint or more hectic movements, but the headphones are less suitable for use during sports. Instead, there are models like the JBL Reflect Flow, which are much better designed for sport. However, the Liberty Air 2 is protected against splash water following protection class IPX4, protected against light rain. However, you should rather refrain from diving or using it in the shower.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Operation and Soundcore app
As usual for in-ear headphones, the Liberty Air 2 Pro is controlled via touch fields outside the earphones. You can start and pause playback, select tracks, accept and reject calls, or (de) activate noise suppression via a single tap, double-tap, and hold. In our test, it was operated without any major problems. The wearing sensor is also practical: if you take a receiver out of your ear, playback is automatically paused and resumed as soon as both earbuds are in place again.

In addition to the controls on the earphones, Soundcore also offers an extensive app for Android and iOS. You can use this, for example, to reassign the gestures so that the volume can also be controlled via the earpiece, which is not provided for in the standard assignment. You can also personalize the listening experience using integrated hearing recognition. A hearing test is performed to compensate for any imbalances between the left and right ears. You can save your personal HearID as a basic setting and also adjust it manually via EQ. In our test, the personalization works very well, so that there is a noticeable gain in spatiality and precision compared to the basic setting.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 app
In the Soundcore app, you will find a variety of setting options that you can use to personalize the headphones.In addition, the ANC and transparency modes can be selected in the app, voice control can be activated, the battery level can be viewed, or updates can be installed.

Bluetooth – how stable is the connection of the in-ears?
Signal transmission via Bluetooth is common for true wireless headphones. Soundcore relies on Bluetooth 5.0, which enables a reliable connection with a long-range. When the sliding mechanism is opened, the headphones are put into pairing mode. Pairing works fine with both IOS and Android devices. In addition, the earphones can also be used individually in a single mode (but you should deactivate the carrying sensor for this).

When it comes to Bluetooth codecs, Soundcore relies on the standard codecs AAC and SBC. Unfortunately, a high-resolution codec like aptX is not supported.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 charging case

Noise-canceling: how well does the Liberty Air 2 shield?
You can choose between the desired ANC and transparency mode via the earphones themselves or via the app. There are three ANC modes available: one each for outside and inside, as well as a travel mode and, in addition, a manually adjustable mode. The indoor model is primarily intended to eliminate background voices, while the outdoor mode is more aimed at more diverse sources of interference. The travel mode eliminates mostly low-frequency noise.

Overall, the ANC works solidly and provides a good reduction in background noise. Thanks to the ergonomic fit, the earphones nestle comfortably in the ear so that some noises are muffled even without ANC. However, the sound changes depending on the mode: For example, the bass range is amplified in travel mode, whereas the representation of the mids increases in contrast to the interior mode.

Anker Soundcore Liberty earplugs

There are also two transparency modes, a normal mode and a special one for voices. The amplification of outside noises is not quite as powerful, however, so it is only possible to perceive the surroundings when the playback volume is low. In addition, the tuning mode has a noticeably perceptible background noise, which is not the case with the normal transparency mode. Nevertheless, the simple operation and the variety of settings of the ANC via the app are impressive.

The headphones can do that in terms of design.
Unlike many in-ear headphones, Anker or Soundcore does not rely on a spherical design, but on a stem design that we know from the Apple AirPods Pro, for example. Nevertheless, the processing quality is good, and the Air 2 is quite appealing with a simple, subtle design line. The charging case is also handy and, thanks to its compact size, fits easily into any trouser pocket. The sliding mechanism is also practical so that the case can be opened quickly and easily. When choosing colors, you can choose from blue, black/gray, white or pink.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Case and Listeners

Our test result on the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro
The Liberty Air 2 Pro offers a good, bass-strong sound and is very comfortable to wear. There are also many setting options in the app, as well as solidly working noise canceling. Disadvantages are the background noise of the transparency mode and the non-support of aptX. But if you are looking for practical, good-sounding, and simple companions for everyday life, the Liberty Air 2 Pro could be a good choice for you.


Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review
Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review


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