Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones

Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones


If you are looking to buy crazy affordable headphones from one of the world leading brand in technology, then the Sony MDRZX110 is your best choice. These headphones are a part of the ZX family and are described to an over ear headphone model but their cups strangely look like the on-ear headphones. The Sony drivers have a 30 mm diameter with PET diaphragm and CCAW voice coils.


  • Neodymium magnets
  • Punchy mid-bass
  • Thick rugged cables
  • Fully foldable
  • Prime branded at a ridiculously affordable price
  • No harsh mids or piercing highs


  • Dark and muddy sound
  • Boomy, boosted bass
  • Recessed higher mids
  • Strong mid-bass bleed and congestion on mids


These headphones are scary affordable and even cheaper than most in ear (ear buds) headphones and basically more affordable than any product Sony has to offer. This also makes them one of the most sold headphones from the brand. Even though they are cheap most people would assume that they lack in quality and performance, but that’s surely not the case here. These headphones have features that are only found in expensive and advanced headphones like: neodymium magnets, durable cables, wide frequency responses of 12-22,000kHz and a 1000 mW power handling. The headphones themselves are fully made out of plastic witch back cups that mimic metal and makes them look so much more luxurious. The cables are extremely well made, they are rugged, thick, sturdy and carry a solid L plug. This kind of cable texture and quality is quite unexpected for such affordable headphones, not even some over the top pricey headphones have such good quality materials. You can also get the Sony MDRZX110 in 3 different verities:

  • MDR ZX110 (they don’t have a mic or remote)
  • MDR ZX110 AP (they come with a in line mic and the remote is compatible with Androids)
  • MDR ZX110 NC (this is the special verion that contains Active Noise canceling technology.

The added mic tool does an amazing job with making, listening and responding to phone calls and they work great for gaming on your PC or PlayStationEntertaiment systems.

And you can get them in three different colors: white, black and pink.

The packing or protective case that they come with is quite simple and follows the line of affordability to make. The case is just sa simple clear plastic protective case.

Features of Sony MDRZX110

Bass and sub bass: the headphones have a strong bass feature to them and have some of the sub bass depth. Like other headphones from other brands, they are mid-bass centered, boosted and boomed for their 33mm dynamic driver. But the fine line is that they do put out so much energy with whatever you are watching or listening to.

MIDs and Vocals: Sony MDR ZX110’s have a mid-bass bleed and congestionof mids and lower vocals. EQ mids get far less congested, higher mids don’t gain any crispness and the overall sound keeps on being the same. Their strange recession continues to make them non-fatiguing along with barley any sibilance and they have no piercing peaks.

Sound leaking: their leaking out sound is barley even present, you can crank them up to the higher levels before it could leak out and nearby people could hear. The sound isolation is good but not as strong, you can expect a little bit less efficiently than with other headphones.

Comfort and wearability

These headphones lack a bit with inside padding and in the comfort department but the full plastic construction makes them feel so light weight to the head, and don’t cause any pressure. The ear cups on the headphones move and rotate and the entire thing folds and it makes them pretty foldable so you can adjust them to your liking and comfort.


So, as we all hoped that the budget friendly SONY MDR ZX110 headphones would be a raging success when they are release, with their exclusive features and built-in gadgets. But non the less the sound quality is not the best, the sound come out to poor, dark and muddy. But not all people make a huge difference between the sound quality in headphones, and many are on a budget so they are just looking to find good enough headphones that look very professional and sturdier when you wear them.  They do still work very well for their price point. These headphones would be one of those headphones you would buy as a birthday present for a friend or just a pair of headphones you would buy and not worry if they get lost or banged up.

Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones
Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones


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