SONY GTK XB60 Review

SONY GTK XB60 Review

Most Bluetooth speakers currently available are small, handy, and compact. However, the new Sony SRS-GTK-XB60 looks more like a gaming PC than a speaker. Built into the speaker’s exterior, an impressive bright LED transforms the speaker into a single Bluetooth speaker party sound system.

If you unbox the Sony SRS-GTK-XB60, you will notice that it has a very large device. With 28.2 x 27.4 x 56.2 centimeters and a weight of 9 kg, he immediately noticed that there were no small things saved here. Therefore, the execution is very valuable at first glance and makes a good and stable impression.

What is immediately noticeable is that the device was not designed for outdoor use, as it does not have water protection certification. Therefore, if you want to use the speaker outdoors, you must protect it from rain and dust.


  • Great sound with lots of bass depth
  • Very good volume
  • LED light show
  • Easy operation with marked buttons


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Not robust and no water protection
  • Heavyweight

SONY GTK XB60, A New Generation Speaker

Despite its size, the SRS-GTK-XB60 has a top carrying handle suitable for everyday carrying. You can place the speaker laterally or vertically.

The control panel is on top, but only when it’s in the upright position. There’s an on/off button, a play/pause button (doubles as a call handling and song navigation button), plus/minus buttons for volume, and an additional bass button. There’s also the Stamina button, which can be activated to extend battery life. Finally, there is a button that controls the playback source.

Here you can choose between Bluetooth USB inputs. The wireless party chain button should not be missing, so you can connect multiple GTX-XB60s or XB90s. If you want to use a quick-connect option, you can also do that via NFC. All keys are well marked on the surface and easy to use. The connectors are located on the back. Here is a USB port that can be used as a power bank for various devices. The USB port can also be used to play music from a USB stick.

Songs should only be saved as MP3 or WAV files. As an analog input, there are cinch inputs. Therefore, you can connect a CD player directly via cable and do not need an additional amplifier. The Party Chain button is located on the back for quick connection. There is also a microphone connector and microphone control.

Above the microphone connector, you can use the SRS-GTXB60 as a karaoke speaker. Matching microphones need to be purchased separately; they are not included. There is not only a microphone connector but the SONY GTK XB60 has a built-in microphone. Phone calls can be made through this microphone. The speech quality was very good and understandable for my taste. It is reminiscent of that of the Yamaha LSX-70.

The sound comes from the large front grille. Behind, two 2-inch tweeters and two 5.2-inch woofers. The set brings a total musical power of 30 watts to the ears.

Disco lighting is mounted on the front grille of the enclosure. These lights can bring an EDM festival vibe to your room, according to Sony. When I first put the speaker into use, I was very excited about the light gadgets. They are very bright and flash in different colors.

The LED lights sometimes flash in time with the music or randomly. However, there is also a small drawback with the lighting.

Each time you plug the speaker into an electrical outlet, the LED lights will flash. The LED lights can also be turned off by holding down the Wireless Party Chain button for a few seconds.

Battery Life

According to Sony, the speaker has a battery life of 15 hours. However, only when the LED indicator is off, and the volume is below 50%. So at maximum volume and with Stamina on in my test, I only got 6 hours of battery life.

Without the Stamina button, I would probably only get 4 hours, which is normal for this size. Since this is a portable speaker, you should consider whether you have the light show turned on and whether the volume should be full. If not, you should see that there is a power outlet nearby.

So if you’re hearing the speaker live for the first time, you’ll quickly notice that he gets a real sonic monster. I tested the SONY GTK XB60 with different techno pieces, rock, pop, or classical. I was particularly impressed by the music with lots of basses. Unfortunately, the thing has such a behind that the next big party can begin. Even with the extra bass button turned off, some of them sounded even better. The highs and mids were very good overall.

The volume is damn loud when you turn it up. You can feel the pumped bass escaping from the speakers. I found the sound just rounder on some songs with the Extra Bass button turned off. The timbres were better tuned for my taste.

But for tracks with heavy sub-bass, I find the bass power to be a bit too much for the plastic enclosure; it starts to crumble a bit. But, of course, you can also use the Sony app to change the sound perfectly to your liking. I can only say that the sound quality is not good for all classical music fans. Highs and mids are too dull.


If you’re looking for a big Bluetooth speaker with plenty of basses, this is the place for you. The SONY GTK XB60 offers great sound for large rooms or parties. The part has nothing to do with the normal Bluetooth speakers that there are above all, here you get a real soundbox.

However, it must be considered that it is portable, but the battery lasts a maximum of 3.5 hours. In addition, it is very heavy and bulky. Therefore, it is not waterproof and should be covered for an outdoor party.

SONY GTK XB60 Review
SONY GTK XB60 Review


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