Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review

Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review

We will examine Skullcandy Push earbuds in detail and give my objective thoughts on their style, sound, and other aspects. More and more people are switching to wireless earbuds, so it’s crucial to pick a pair that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality.
These earphones are good sellers: they look great, produce respectable sound, and cost little. So let’s check оut these headphones and see if they’re worth the price.


  • Comfortable
  • Battery life
  • Good sound quality


  • Build quality not so great
  • Microphone quality can be better

Design and Build Quality

Due to their compact size, you can easily slip this device into your pocket or purse. The four-color earphone possibilities are black, indigo blue, light gray, and dark green. Despite their plastic structure, the earphones have a robust and reliable feel.

Ear hooks affixed to the main body of the earbuds are a distinctive feature that serve to hold the earphones in place during strenuous physical activity like running or other forms of exercise. Sо, the silicone ear tips will keep the headphones securely in place while also being comfortable for long listening sessions.

The IPX4 rating ensures the earbuds are protected from light rain and sweat. So, submerging them in water is not recommended because they are not entirely waterproof.

For the price, these earbuds have a lot going for them in terms of design and construction quality. The ear hooks provide extra safety for those who use the headphones while exercising, and the earbuds’ overall build quality and comfort are also positive.

Sound Quality

This product delivers respectable performance for itѕ low cost. Fans of bass-heavy music styles like hip-hop and electronic dance music may enjoy these earbuds. Yet, there are instances where the bass overwhelms the rest of the spectrum, making the midrange and treble frequencies difficult to make out.

Yet, the earphones block out ambient noise, letting you listen to your music or podcast without interruption. Both sides can hear each other clearly; otherwise, the call is uncomplicated.

The inability to tailor the music to your preferences is a major drawback of the earbuds’ companion software, which lacks an equalizer function. However, you c to manage your media and activate your voice assistant.

The earbuds have a decent sound for the price, especially if you like bass-heavy tunes. Also, the earbuds block out ambient noise and deliver clear phone calls, but they don’t include an equalizer feature, which may be a deal breaker for certain consumers.

Connectivity and Features

This product is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, allowing for a secure and dependable wireless connection to your device. So you may walk around freely without being tethered tо your gadget thanks to the earphones’ 30-foot range.

You can use the buttons on the earbuds to do various things, such as activating your device’s voice assistant, taking and finishing conversations, skipping songs, and adjusting the volume. However, battery life is reduced by the earbuds’ automated on/off function, which senses when they are in your ears and activates or deactivates the device appropriately.

Regarding battery life, the earbuds have you covered with up to six hours of listening time on a single charge. With the charging case, you can extend the battery life to a maximum of 12 hours, allowing for up to 24 hours of playback before recharging.

The “FitFin” feature of the earbuds is designed to hold them in place firmly when you exercise or run. Also, the ear hooks on the earphones provide an additional safety measure, making them a suitable option for those who want to wear their headphones while doing physical activity.

Considering their low price, these earbuds include various useful features and connection methods. Earbuds with in-line controls are a practical addition, and the headphones’ ability to turn on and off automatically is a boon to battery life. These earphones are ideal for those who want to listen to music while working out, thanks to the FitFin and the ear hooks.

Contrasting Competitors

Many low-priced wireless earbuds are on the market, making life difficult for the Skullcandy Push. Sо, that is how they stack up against some of their major rivals:

Truly wireless earbuds from JLab Audio, the JBuds Air, provide a snug fit and high-quality sound for a price competitive with Skullcandy Push earphones. Unfortunately, Тhe JLab earbuds rely on touch controls rather than traditional buttons, making them more difficult to master.

Wireless earbuds from Anker, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2, are a bit more expensive than the Skullcandy Push but have a superior sound quality and longer battery life. Moreover, you can alter the sound signature using a companion app and touch controls.

The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 Wireless Earbuds are comparable in price to the Skullcandy Push earbuds, and they provide a snug, secure fit in addition to passable acoustic performance. Nevertheless, the battery life is shorter, and the features aren’t as robust as the Skullcandy headphones.


Skullcandy Push provide excellent value for the asking price thanks to their secure fit, high-quality construction, and bass-heavy sound profile, which will please listeners of certain musical genres. 

Also, the earbuds contain many useful features, such аs an IPX4 rating, an automated on/off function, and buttons for controlling your smartphone.

Although other similarly priced wireless earbuds are on the market, they are still a solid option for active consumers because of their FitFin and ear hooks.

This piece is a great alternative for a pair of wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank but still deliver sound quality and functionality.

Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review
Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review


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