Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review

Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review

The true wireless Bluetooth in-ears PUSH from Skullcandy are comfortable earbuds with a secure grip. They offer an independent remote concept for controlling Android and iOS devices and have a high battery life of six hours, which is doubled by the transporting case with integrated charging station. The flat and oval-shaped earbuds are bass-driven and have a lot of power.

Skullcandy Push earbuds are equipped with ear hooks, which provide additional support inside the ear cup so that the earpieces do not fall out even during fast, jerky movements. At the same time, the pressure on the ear canal is reduced, which is particularly noticeable during longer listening sessions and ensures a good wearing experience. Only tight-fitting caps can cause pressure discomfort, since the case design is very flat. Respectively, the design is fashionable and eye catching.


  • Comfortable
  • Battery life
  • Good sound quality


  • Build quality not so great
  • Microphone quality can be better

The high battery life of the just nine-gram earpiece (per side) of six hours is impressive, and well beyond that, when not listening at high volumes. In combination with iOS devices, the battery level is indicated by a display next to the Bluetooth icon. If the batteries are empty, a complete charging process in the transport case takes a good two hours. The case offers a battery reserve for another six hours of listening time and is also equipped with an LED indicator that shows the available capacity with just the push of a button. The case has practical feature even thought it’s not build from high quality materials. Ironically, the earbuds which are also made from plastic, has more robust and more high quality look.

Bluetooth connection

The wireless system supports the Bluetooth standard 4.2 and offered stable ranges of up to eight meters. In the practical test that we done, dropouts occured occasionally. Pairing with devices that already have wireless is automatic when the earbuds are removed from the case and manual pairing is only required when the connection is established for the first time.

For this, the button of both earpieces is pressed simultaneously for about five seconds, so that the headphones are put into pairing mode after switching on. For disconnecting, an automatic switch-off also takes place with the putting back into the charging device.

Device control on Skullcandy Push

When the wireless connection is established, playback starts or stops with simple press of a button. Both left and right side can be used for this. Volume control is also available, and it can be reduced via double click on the left and increased via right. This also works very well in practice, since the pressure point of the buttons is smooth on one hand and therefore there is no unpleasant pressure is on the ear. At the same time, however, there is a perceptible resistance, which provides orientation and avoids misinterpretations. Additionally, title navigation is available by keeping the buttons pressed. Here, the right side is used to skip forward and the left earpiece to skip back. Calls, on the other hand, can be accepted and ended on both sides by pressing a button, whereby these are displayed in acceptable quality on one side via the left earpiece. However, the user’s own voice is reproduced accompanied by noise, which restricts speech intelligibility. The microphone’s quality was therefore not convincing. Finally, it is still possible to call up voice assistants by triple clicking on a button.


One thing in advance: The Skullcandy Push in-ears are really loud and have power! In this respect, there are high volume reserves, since listening to music is already fun at low levels. The impressive bass foundation also extends into the low bass range, it is powerful and dynamic, but could be more defined, since there is sometimes a tendency to “wobble” in the low frequencies. The opposite pole is represented by present trebles, which provide a lot of openness in the sound. However, we noticed a tendency to exaggerate sibilants with increasing volume. The mids are quite clear and bring vocals into focus, which results in a full, engaging sound that also conveys three-dimensionality. With its warm and open sound character, the bass-emphasized tuning harmonizes extremely well with contemporary productions and stylistically covers no small bandwidth if bass-heavy music is gladly listened to.

Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review
Skullcandy Push Wireless Earbud Review


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