Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones Review

SHURE SE846 Review

There are many possibilities for those seeking high-quality audio equipment in today’s expansive and varied market. The Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones are among these possibilities, providing listeners with an unrivaled audio experience.
Superior music quality, noise isolation, and wearing comfort are all made possible by the high-tech construction оf these earbuds. We will comprehensively analyze this product, including its features, sound quality, noise isolation, design, and more.


  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Includes two detachable cables.
  • Tons of accessories, including hard shell case, multitude of eartip options, inline volume adapter.
  • Includes ear nozzle pieces to adjust sound signature to personal tastes.


  • Not for running
  • Expensive
  • No microphone
  • Not as good at isolating outside noise as custom inears
  • No inline remote or phone controls for mobile devices

Design and Build Quality

The Shure SE846 headphones have a sophisticated style that conveys a sense of professionalism and high quality. The earbuds’ inner workings are visible through the transparent plastic housing, making them stand out from the crowd. 

The headphones’ interchangeable ear tips make for a snug and secure fit in ears of all sizes. Also, the Kevlar used to strengthen the cable makes it more resilient and less prone tо tangling.

The earbuds are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure they will last a long time and look great. The earbuds’ metal casing is sturdy and reliable, protecting sensitive internal components from damage. Also, the cable is detachable and replaceable if damaged, and the silicone ear tips are comfortable to wear for long periods without degrading.

The earbuds are so lightweight and compact you may wear them for hours without experiencing weariness or pain. So they’re designed tо be used by a wide variety of people, so they ship with many extras, including a case, a cleaning tool, and a few different-sized ear tips. The earphones’ design and build quality demonstrate a dedication to form and function, resulting in an amazing listening experience for their user.

Sound Quality

Several cutting-edge design choices and technology combine tо give the Shure SE846 earphones legendary sound quality. With their four balanced armature drivers, the earphones can more accurately reproduce a wider spectrum of frequencies. So, the earphones have a three-way system that isolates low, mid, and high frequencies, allowing for a more balanced and authentic listening experience.

The low-pass filter technology these earphones uses is one of the most distinctive features. This innovation successfully filters background noise, creating a more engaging listening experience. Also, because of the earphones’ high-quality soundstage and imaging, listeners will have an easier time isolating individual musical elements.

This product has excellent sensitivity, letting you hear a vast dynamic range and finely textured sounds. The highs are precise and detailed, the lows are incredibly low and powerful, and the midrange is as pure as glass. This model is a fantastic option for serious music fans and audiophiles that demand the highest-quality sound reproduction.

Connectivity and Features

The Shure SE846 headphones have several connections and extra functions that expand their usefulness and convenience. For example, you can plug the earbuds into any device that accepts a 3.5mm socket, and the wire is removable in case it is damaged or lost. So, you can use these headphones with mobile devices that don’t have a headphone port since they are compatible with Bluetooth adapters that enable wireless connectivity.

These headphones have various accessories that improve their usability and comfort. So, ear tips of various sizes are included with the headphones for a snug and secure fit in ears оf varying sizes. 

Also, they come with a carrying case to keep the earbuds safe and handy between uses. Last but not least, this product has a cleaning tool to keep them in mint condition and deliver the greatest sound quality.

These are high-quality earphones that you can use in various situations and with a wide range of audio devices thanks to their connecting options and other capabilities.

Competitors Comparison

This model is an excellent option for high-quality sound, but they aren’t the only headphones available. The Campfire Audio Andromeda and the Sony IER-Z1R are two alternatives to the Shure SE846 that have recently gained much attention.

Five balanced armature drivers created the Campfire Audio Andromeda headphones, making for a wider frequency response than Shure’s model. They have great imaging and soundstage, but the Shure SE846 has better noise isolation thanks to its low-pass filter technology. While the Campfire Audio Andromeda earbuds share the Shure SE846’s distinctive and fashionable style, their wire is not as robust and easily tangles.

The Sony IER-Z1R earbuds have a hybrid drive system that blends balanced armature and dynamic drivers. Compared to Shure’s model, they provide superior sound quality bу covering a broader range of frequencies and reproducing sound with greater fidelity. 

Also, they feature a detachable cord and many extras, including a storage pouch and multiple ear tip sizes. But, unlike the Shure SE846, the Sony IER-Z1R earphones are somewhat pricey.

The Shure SE846 earphones offer a remarkable blend of sound quality, noise isolation, comfort, and longevity at a more affordable price range than the Campfire Audio Andromeda and the Sony IER-Z1R.


If you care about your earphones’ sound quality, noise isolation, and longevity, go no further than the Shure SE846. The earphones’ four balanced armature drivers, three-way system, and patented low-pass filter technology create a rich and detailed soundstage that pulls you into the music. 

So, the earphones’ lightweight construction, ergonomic design, and premium materials mean you can listen to them for hours without experiencing pain or weariness. Also, the headphones’ removable cord and selection of accessories make them a flexible and user-friendly choice.

The earphones are highly recommended for music lovers and audiophiles since they provide great value without sacrificing the above qualities: sound quality, noise isolation, comfort, and durability. These earphones are a good option if you want high-quality earbuds that provide а premium listening experience and are built to last.

Shure SE846  Sound Isolating Earphones Review
Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones Review


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