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Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

If you want the full experience while watching a movie and not disturbing your whole family or roommates in the process? Then the Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphone system is the perfect pick to take you on that adventure. It is one of the better options and they are interference free and offers an incredible range up to 330 feet (100m). On an open field or place you get full range but of course depending on what the walls are made of in most offices in NYC the range gets up to 100 feet (30m)


  • Impressive wireless sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extended range through walls
  • Connects easily to audio devices, TV, and PC
  • Rock-solid connection
  • The bass boost and faux surround modes are great


  • Very Expensive


The Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphone system are a closed back over the ear set that keeps the audio fully in so you don’t disturb anyone that is potentially near you. They fit so effortlessly and so snug that you might want to take a break from time to time, especially if you’re having a movie marathon or binge watching a show. They also come in a variety of different colors.

How to set them up

Their set up is quite easy in fact, you have only two parts: the headphones themselves and their stand that doubles as a charging station as well. The base/stand is pretty light weight and isn’t of the highest quality. It also has an optical connection and a 3.5mm analog minijack that allows you to connect your TV or any other audio output. For the people who want to connect the TV they would have to connect it with the optical connection that’s built into the TV. It can be used as a plug and play situation, to accomplish this you just have to follow a few simple steps. The user should first start of by plugging the AC into the base station, then proceed to plug the power into a power outlet and connect the built-in optical cable, and that’s it you are good to go.

Battery life of Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System 

The RS 175 headphones battery life lasts and outstanding 18 hours which is way more than enough even for true and loyal Netflix bingers. And you can even get a second pair of the Sennheiser headphones for your friend or partner and have the full experience, whilst that one base station transmits two both of the headphones without a problem.


The Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphone system is most definitely one of the more high-end products in the wireless performance game. To show their full potential here is a little experiment we did to test their strength. When you leave your apartment and walk down your hall and are roughly 50 feet (15m) away from the transmitter, you still get a seamless glitch free sound. You can even go into a completely different room and not have your audio breakup or cut off even once. The sounds transmitted through the headphones also balance out very well with music, movies, TV shows and so on. The audio you get has a rich bass boost, and you don’t get difference when you switch between the optical digital cable and the 3.5mm analog input cable. The headphones have a provided bass boost feature that cranks up the bass level a lot more, but most of the users prefer not to medal with this feature because they find it equally pleasing and satisfying without that added bass.


Of course, there are many cheaper Bluetooth headphone options on the market but with this range and glitch free audio it is quite hard to come by. And if you want to have that full cinema experience from the comfort of your own home, then I guarantee that these are the right choice.

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System
Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System


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