Sennheiser HD 599 Review Open Back Headphone

Sennheiser HD 599 Review & Sound Test

The name Sennheiser has become virtually inseparable from premium audio gear, and their headphones are no exception. We’re going to have а look inside the Sennheiser HD 599 open-back headphones today. These headphones’ high sound quality and wearability are the results of careful design.
We will examine these headphones in detail, discussing their features, specs, performance, and overall value. This gadget is great if you’re an audiophile, gamer, or someone who values listening quality. So let’s dive in and check out the features of these headphones.


  • Good impact, especially for an open-back headphone.
  • Lightweight and comfortable. This is pretty much a given for anything Sennheiser.
  • Comes with 2 cables: One terminates in a 1/4″ jack with a 3.5mm adapter, and the other is a traditional cable that terminates in a 3.5mm jack with a 1/4″ adapter.
  • Easily driven by an amp. The best headphone amp for the money!
  • Good packaging.
  • Detailed in the treble with nice sparkle. Intimate sound.
  • Accurate Timbre.


  • Though comfortable, they aren’t quite on the level of an HD558.
  • The adapter is a bit bulky

Design and Build Quality

The Sennheiser HD 599 headphones are open-back, meaning they dо not completely block out external noise. With a more open and airy soundscape possible thanks to the design, these headphones shine in more peaceful settings. Therefore, that makes them less ideal for usage in noisy areas or when you don’t want others to overhear your audio.

The headphones have a chic matte black exterior with tan highlights on the ear cups and headband. So, they have an elegant simplicity that will win over many customers. 

The big, spherical ear cups are cushioned with plush velour cushioning, making them extremely comfortable to wear for long periods while listening to music. The cushioning can be removed, washed, or replaced if it gets dirty or worn out.

The ear cups and the adjustable headband are padded for comfort throughout extended use. Keeping your ears from becoming tired during marathon listening sessions is much easier, thanks to the headphones’ low weight. The non-swiveling ear cups may be an inconvenience for some users, but otherwise, the build quality is excellent.

These headphones generally have a superior, comfortable, and long-lasting design. The durable construction and top-notch materials will serve you well for many years. While the open-back style isn’t for everyone, it does offer a refreshingly different listening experience.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Sennheiser HD 599 headphones is excellent, providing a realistic and rich listening experience. So, the headphones cover a broader frequency range than the human ear can detect, from 12 Hz to 38.5 kHz. Therefore, the headphones can faithfully reproduce various frequencies, allowing for а more authentic and nuanced listening experience.

This device provides a well-balanced sound characteristic with a touch of middle emphasis to help bring out the fullness of vocalists and instruments. The bass, however, remains prominent and effective, with a tight and crisp response. The treble is bright and vivid without being piercing.

The soundstage is one of the most impressive qualities. The open-back design creates a wider and more realistic soundstage, which can improve the overall musical experience. Also, the imagery is top-notch, providing distinct spatial delineation between the various musical elements and the vocalists.

This product produces a sound that is both authentic and incredibly detailed, making them ideal for listening to music or playing audio-intensive video games. Compared to conventional closed-back headphones, the open-back design allows for a more immersive listening experience. This model is a great option if you are searching for headphones that accurately reproduce various frequencies without sacrificing fidelity or precision.

Connectivity and Features

You can use The Sennheiser HD 599 with any 3.5mm audio jack device. Moreover, a 6.3mm converter is included so that you may use them with devices that use a standard 3.5mm port. Detachable means the cable can be swapped out for a newer, better one in case of damage or wear and tear.

The headphones’ low impedance and high sensitivity make them stand out since they are easy tо drive and don’t need an amp to produce a powerful sound. Since some smartphones and laptops don’t have particularly robust amplifiers, these headphones are a great alternative.

These headphones also have some sound leakage due to their open-back design. That means they do not isolate or eliminate ambient noise well, but the music is more genuine and spacious. So because of this, they are not ideal for usage in quiet settings or when you don’t want to wake up your neighbors.

These headphones generally have a straightforward design that makes them compatible with various electronic gadgets. Also, because of their open-back design, low impedance, and great sensitivity, they offer an authentic and original listening experience when paired with a mobile device.

Competitors Comparison

As open-back headphones go, this model has some stiff competition. So let’s see how they stack against some of their most formidable competitors.

The first set of headphones is the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. The HD 599 headphones are often used as a point of comparison because of their open-back design and similarity tо these headphones. Also, some listeners may enjoy the DT 990 Pro’s stronger sound character and enhanced treble for certain kinds of music. 

The HD 599 headphones, however, have a more even sound characteristic and a more realistic, natural soundstage. Both pairs of headphones are high quality and easy to use, but the HD 599 headphones feature a sleeker, more simple style.

The Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X headphones are another option. Like the previous ones, these headphones have an open back and an emphasis on natural, realistic sound. Some listeners may find the ATH-more AD700X’s immersive soundstage preferable to the HD 599’s when using headphones for video games and movies. Yet, the HD 599 headphones have a more balanced sound characteristic and a more comfortable and robust build quality.

The Sennheiser HD 599 headphones are up against the stiff competition, but they more than hold their thanks to their authentic and detailed sound, ergonomic design, and sturdy construction. So if you need a pair of high-quality open-back headphones, look no further.


This piece is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a high-quality pair of open-back headphones. Because of their accurate and realistic sound, comfortable fit, and sturdy construction, they are а fantastic choice for listening to music and playing video games.

These headphones have a low impedance and high sensitivity, a broad soundstage, and a balanced sound profile, making them competitive in the open-back headphone market. They are also straightforward with most devices, thanks to their standard 3.5mm audio connector and detachable wire.

This gadget is a fantastic choice if you want to improve your listening experience. With its one-of-a-kind and enveloping sound, they let listeners fully immerse themselves in the music.

Sennheiser HD 599 Review Open Back Headphone
Sennheiser HD 599 Review Open Back Headphone


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