Sennheiser HD 560S, Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 560S, Studio Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 560S headphones are a premium pair of studio monitors for audio professionals. It is the latest release from the renowned audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser.
We’ll analyze these headphones in detail, discussing their build quality, comfort, sound, functionality, and overall value.

Anyone interested in selecting the best headphones for their needs will find this post useful, not just audiophiles or music producers.
These headphones are great for anyone who values high-quality sound, whether you’re a professional audio engineer, a musician, or a music lover.


  • Neutral sound signature: The headphones have a balanced and neutral sound signature, making them ideal for critical listening and audio production.
  • Wide frequency response range: The range of 6Hz-38kHz accurately represents the sound.
  • Comfortable fit: The earcups provide excellent noise isolation and prevent sound leakage, making them ideal for extended listening sessions.
  • Premium build quality: This model has a premium build quality, ensuring it will last many years of use.
  • Versatile connectivity options: They come with various accessories and a detachable cable, making them easy to replace if needed and increasing their versatility.


  • Open-back design: They have an open-back design, which may not be suitable for noisy environments.
  • Price: This model is relatively expensive compared to headphones in the same price range.
  • May not be suitable for bass-heavy music: They have a neutral sound signature, which may not be suitable for those who prefer a bass-heavy sound signature.

Design and Build Quality

The headphones’ simplistic aesthetics are attractive and functional. The headphones’ classic black-and-silver color palette exudes an air of professionalism. The earcups are roomy and round, so the earpads have plenty of areas to move, and the headphones are easy to wear for extended periods.

This model has a high-quality build thanks to using a mixture of plastic and metal in its construction. The plastic headband iѕ held firmly in place by a metal adjusting mechanism. Also, the earcups are a sturdy combination of metal and plastic.

The headband and earpads are padded for comfort, and the earpads are composed of a soft, velvety material that feels pleasant against the skin. The headphones are great for long listening sessions because they are lightweight and have a secure fit.

The headphones are durable and well-made; they won’t break under daily use. Speaking of that, a two-year warranty covers the headphones. This model of headphones generally has an amazing design and build quality that is up to Sennheiser’s usual high standards.

Sound Quality

These headphones have outstanding sound quality with a well-balanced, organic sonic profile. The headphones’ frequency response spans from 6Hz to 38kHz, allowing a wide variety of sounds to be reproduced faithfully. 

Its proficient noise isolation and leakage control facilitate undistracted, all-consuming listening. The earcups provide an effective barrier around the ears, blocking out ambient noise and limiting sound leakage. Because of this, this model is great for usage in places with a lot of background noise, like a studio or a packed coffee shop.

The headphones are great for audio production and critical listening due to their high transparency and precision in sound reproduction. 

These headphones provide superior sound quality compared to competing headphones in their price range. The HAs a result, the60S is an excellent option for those who are picky about their headphones due to their well-balanced sound profile, faithful reproduction of the original recording, and superior noise isolation and leakage.

Connectivity and Features

This product has many inputs and outputs to accommodate many users. The headphones’ 3.5mm audio jack and a 6.3mm converter make them suitable for use with various portable media players. Its cable is also removable.

This product has many useful extras, such as a storage pouch and an adaptor. The carrying pouch is a handy accessory for safeguarding the headphones during transit and storage.

You can use the headphones with any electronic device, from desktop PCs to laptops to mobile phones and music players. The headphones’ low impedance оf 80 Ohms makes them compatible with various electronic gadgets.

These headphones stand out from others in their price range thanks to various characteristics, not the least of which is their extensive connectivity options and accompanying accessories. Their open-back design allows for a more realistic and expansive sound than closed-back models. Its balanced sound characteristic makes them great for critical listening and recording.

These headphones, in general, impress with their many useful functions and great connectivity choices. 

They are a great option for casual listeners and serious studio owners because of its accessories and wide range of device compatibility.

Competitors Comparison

The sound quality and overall value of this kind of headphones are superior to those of competing headphones in the same price range. 

The DT 990 Pro is great for critical listening and recording because of its neutral and balanced tone. Nonetheless, the HD 560S is the superior option for lengthy listening sessions because of its more comfortable fit and larger frequency response range.

Another well-liked option in the same price range as the HD 560S is the AKG Pro Audio K240. The K240 is a great choice for serious listening and professional recording, thanks to its neutral and natural sound. If you plan on listening for long periods, your best bet is the HD 560S because of its more accommodating design and extensive frequency coverage.

The Philips SHP9500 is a cost-effective choice that doesn’t skimp on features. The SHP9500 is well-suited for critical listening and recording because of its neutral and balanced tone. However, the HD 560S is the superior option for audiophiles and professionals because of its more comfortable fit, larger frequency response range, and higher-quality construction.

These headphones are an outstanding option for anyone in the market for high-quality studio headphones due to their exceptional sound quality, comfort, and value for money. 

So, because of its neutral sound profile, wide frequency response range, and comfortable fit, this piece is a top pick for critical listening and audio production.


This product is among the best, thanks to its superb sound quality and plush design. These headphones are great for critical listening and recording because of their neutral and balanced sound. That is why these earcups are great for blocking out outside noise. The headphones also have а wide frequency response range (6Hz-38kHz).

They are perfect for marathon listening sessions because of their high build quality and snug fit. The headphones’ interchangeable attachments and removable cable make them convenient and flexible in different situations.

If you’re in the market for a set of high-quality studio headphones, these headphones are a fantastic choice because of their affordable price and high level of performance. Compared to comparable headphones in their price range, they provide superior sound quality, unparalleled comfort, and exceptional value.

These headphones are a great option for anyone in the market for a pair of high-quality studio headphones due to their superior sound, comfort, and price. 

They are top-notch options for anyone serious about audio, whether you’re an audio engineer, music producer, or audiophile.

Sennheiser HD 560S, Studio Headphones
Sennheiser HD 560S, Studio Headphones


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