Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Samsung galaxy has released so many amazing pair of earbuds over the last couple of years. Going from the amazing Samsung  galaxy buds plus to the not so favorite galaxy buds live. But now since the buds Pro have arrived we will see who they will outshine. These buds pro aren’t exactly different from the previous galaxy buds in the line. They seem to be a hybrid between the galaxy buds plus and the galaxy buds live. They have a metallic glossy look and they come in black, silver and violet. They also come with a clamshell styled charging case that we haven’t seen in a while. The case is pretty small and it doesn’t look bulky when you put it in your pockets the birds have a tight fit and are secured by magnets and they do charge wirelessly.


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Basic noise cancellation
  • Simple touch controls


  • Flat, cramped sound
  • No Google Assistant / Siri support
  • Bulge out of the ear


The buds pro are very similar in shape and size like the previous Samsung galaxy buds. The only change is that they have smoother edges and the more pronounced split between the mat and the glossy sections. these earbuds have the exact same features as most of the high end premium earbuds on the market have. They are equipped with noise cancellation and because they have a full seal on the ears it works quite well. And they do include silicone ear tips. Once you find out which size of rubber tips is great for your ear the AirPods will fit in perfectly and you wouldn’t be afraid of them falling out during your workouts or if you’re just walking around. There are also sweat resistant so they can withstand everything throw at them in the gym. But this doesn’t mean that they should be submerged underwater or if she should intentionally splash them.

How They Work

For much easier usage you should download Samsung galaxy’s wearable app for many of the features that these earbuds have. this is how you can use noise canceling features turn on the ambient sound turn on or off touch controls try on different EQ profiles and much more. The noise cancellation feature has high and low setting so you can switch between them anytime you want the IQ profiles can boost the bass, soften the music and it can be dynamic , clear and the trouble boost is very nice. This apps also allows you to turn on automatic voice detection and seamless earbud connection which allows you to swap between. Audio devices if you’re signed onto your Samsung account. This app also offers a feature called 360 audio. This 360 audio feature creates a virtual surround sound environment with have tracking for media consumption using Dolby Atmos. But it can only be use when it’s paired with a Samsung galaxy phone or tablet. But you can also use surround sound while using streaming devices like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus or an Apple TV+. Samsung galaxy provod’s have a sensitive touch feature on the panels on the sides this can be used for playback controls and lowering or turning up the volume. You can raise or lower the volume by tapping and holding the right and left earbud simultaneously but you can also change that with the Samsung wearable app to your liking. Everything works pretty smoothly and not many people have had issues with all of this. The touch controls might be a little bit too sensitive but you would get the hang of it. But it does have some complication when it comes to you having more than one open media source at the same time. We’re watching YouTube if you touch or not the earbuds it won’t do much but if you use a much more unpopular app for example Dropout this will trigger the music from Spotify and play it over your video.


The Samsung galaxy buds pro use Bluetooth 5.0 and support three other Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC and the Samsung Scalable Codec. This codec helps with improving the audio quality and the connections stability and keeps everything running smoothly. iPhone users can enjoy the high-quality audio with the AAC Bluetooth codec. The earbuds also have mono mode and this is great for anyone who lives without hearing impairments. Switching between Samsung devices with these earbuds is quite easy. If you ever want to switch between your Samsung galaxy phone to your TV or galaxy tablet you just have to turn the auto switch in the Bluetooth settings.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

On the Samsung website it says that these earbuds last up to five hours with one single charge and about 13 hours of additional charge in the charging case. When tested the galaxy earbuds lasted about four hours and 48 minutes with noise cancellation turned on. And you can recharge the bus a couple of times with the charging case. The battery life isn’t that bad but it’s far from being one of the best. The other earbuds from the Samsung galaxy line have a double lasting battery life but of course the other models don’t have noise cancellation and that does help out a lot.

How They Sound

These earbuds have great sounding to them there is a noticeable boost in the bus range and some spikes in very high range but other than that everything sounds smooth and decent. With these types of frequencies that the earbuds give outs means that the music sound pretty amazing all the time. But from time to time you might realize some happy face coming into the tracks and making some vocals a lot less clear because of the auditory masking. The accuracy when it comes to the mids is on point , sounds come through clearly. Samsung galaxy buds pro have the ordinary standard isolation for some true wireless earbuds but later on it was discovered that sealing the ear off completely improves the isolation and still keeps the high end dynamic sound. The galaxy wearable app provides to other active noise canceling features that you can change in the settings. Having these noise cancellation and features means I shouldn’t have any trouble with hearing the engine of a bus or a car or any low end ambient noise that might be going on around you.


Even though they’re a small pair of earbuds they have a very good functional microphone that performed extremely well. It’s the texts different kinds of frequency responses and the mic is very accurate when you’re talking into it it offers a neutral leaning output across all the vocal ranges. Yes of course there is still some muffling due to the microphone being embedded but it is not that bad as it is another other ear buds on the market. The microphone does a decent job with cutting background noises when you’re talking into it.


The final verdict is that there are some tiny flaws that are not even recognizable and that this earbuds work smoothly and effortlessly. They are very comfortable to where they have a great sounding system and they offer well noise canceling features , their price point isn’t that high and they’re quite affordable. But if noise cancellation isn’t a big deal to you and you want a longer lasting battery life you would might want to get the Samsung galaxy buds plus for a similar price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Review
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Review


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