RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review

RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review

The RSL started its business in 1970 by the founder Howard Rodgers located in North Hollywood, California. A producer from Warner Bros Records bought a pair of speakers and liked the sound so much that he recommended it to other people. Soon, RSL Speakers (RSL stand for Rogersound Labs) were present in many record companies throughout California.

The RSL Speedwoofer 10S is RSL’s response to the competition, providing better results for less money, and it is an improved and cheaper version of the first Speedwoofer 10 subwoofer released in 2011. The new subwoofer delivers distortion-free output below 30 Hz and musical bass, two things missing in the other offerings in its price range.


The RSL Speedwoofer 10S is sold only direct through the Rogersound Labs website, with a 30-day no-risk trial and free shipping.


  • A budget subwoofer that delivers above its price point
  • Small design
  • Ideal for audio home systems
  • Affordable wireless option


  • The exterior is not so much exciting and eye-pleasing
  • Low-end bass is deep but stops short at 20 Hz


A subwoofer is a speaker with the primary purpose to reproduce deep bass, which is added, together with higher maximum volume, to the existing set of speakers.

The cabinet’s dimensions are 16 x 15 x 16.75 inches, holding a 10-inch cast aluminum frame high excursion woofer and a Class D amplifier with 350 watts (the previous model Speedwoofer 10 has a Class A/B amplifier with 375 watts). The subwoofer is forward-firing and uses RLS’s Compression Guide tuning technology to mitigate the distortion from the cabinet’s resonance by guiding rear sound waves through calculated places of extension/compression, so the internal resonance is at a minimum. The sound waves vent out of a long, rectangular port beneath the 10-inch driver. The sound is better when there is less cabinet resonance.

The RSL Speedwoofer 10S represents a compact cube that has square edges and a black vinyl finish. The subwoofer has a built-in wireless receiver. You can pair it with Rogersound’s wireless transmitter (it is not expensive), which will allow you easier positioning and setup of the subwoofer. Pairing is easy, and once connected, they stay in sync.

Besides the wireless pairing button on the back, the subwoofer features stereo line-level inputs and outputs, speaker level inputs and outputs, a variable 180 degrees phase control knob, a variable crossover knob (40 to 200 Hz), a crossover bypass switch, and volume control. Also, there is an LED that shows the power status (redd off/blue on).

Although the subwoofer is considerably smaller than the others in its class, it can provide low-frequency extension down to 24 Hz and usable acoustical energy down to 20 Hz.

For some people, downsides might be the lack of remote control, no built-in EQ, no different modes for movies, music, but they are certainly not dealbreakers.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is that subwoofers are far more affected by the room’s acoustics than regular speakers. That means that the room’s size, shape, furniture placement, and subwoofer’s position all make a difference. Certain bass tones might enhance, and others get canceled. Two or four subwoofers can solve this situation. So buying two less expensive subwoofers is probably a better idea than buying one more expensive.

Sound quality

The RSL Speedwoofer 10S is a fantastic subwoofer for both music and movies. It delivers equally good sound.

When it comes to the upper bass of a drum and electric bass, it is punchy and precise. The composure remains there when reproducing ultra-deep bass tones like submarine engines in deep waters. The bass gives a realistic feel to the music.

Another thing that makes this subwoofer a great choice is its ability to blend in with the other speakers. It becomes an extension of the system.

You won’t be surprised that RSL Speedwoofer 10S is capable of producing such a floor-shaking bass. The surprise is how effortless, and with such a richness it does it.

Watching movies, especially some with amazing audio effects, can feel the bass punching you in the chest. The low-end reproduction is so much better than expected, while the midbass is with fantastic quality and quantity.


There are just a few things not to like with RSL Speedwoofer 10S. Probably it could have a little bit more attractive design or the bass to dig just a little bit deeper, but it is neglectable considering what the subwoofer has to offer. It is noticeable that many times in this article, the subwoofer’s affordable price has come up. That doesn’t mean that it is cheap and not any good. It is an excellent subwoofer that sounds bigger than it is. If you can afford to buy an expensive one, you should probably reconsider buying a couple of Speedwoofer 10S and place them across the room for the whole audio experience.


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