Q Acoustics 3030i Review

Q Acoustics 3030i Review

Q Acoustics is a company that first appeared in 2006, offering fantastic budget audio equipment. In 2018, the company launched the 3000i series as one of the most successful yet. The 3000i has multiple stand mounter options, a large tower, and is perfect for home cinema.
Today’s review is about Q Acoustics 3030i, the largest of the three speakers in the series. The idea behind 3030i is to offer more than 3020i can provide but still be smaller than the floor-standing 3050i.


  • Huge sound with detail
  • Powerful bass
  • Attractive design
  • Fine build
  • Smooth and accurate


  • Long break-in period


As far as the design is concerned, Q Acoustics follow the successful recipe from the previous series but added a bigger cabinet and larger mid/bass unit. The cabinet of Q Acoustics 3030i is 12.5 liters of volume, which is more than double the cabinet on 3020i (6.1 liters). The more significant mid/bass driver and the bigger cabinet are responsible for louder sound.
The cabinet’s measures are 200 mm wide, 320 mm high, and 313 mm deep and come in Graphite Grey, English Walnut, Arctic White, and Carbon Black. The weight is 6.4 kg.
The Q Acoustics 3030i is a two-way reflex speaker and has a 1-inch dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch woofer, with a new motor with aluminum windings covered in copper. Q Acoustics used classic material such as impregnated and coated paper to build the main drivers, and it is the same 6.5-inch driver on the floor standing model 3050i.
If you compare it with the 5-inch driver in 3020i, the additional 1.5 inches might not seem like a big difference, but when you add the doubled volume of the cabinet, the final result is more prominent and deeper bass.
The tweeter is decoupled from the woofer for better isolation from its vibration, helping to improve the detail and focus.
Point to Point P2P bracing, first introduced on the Concept 500 speaker, features in 3030i too.
The grille attaches magnetically on the front. Removing the grille opens up the sound a bit, and the front panel has an excellent finish, that the speakers look fantastic even without the grille. On the back, there is the bass port and a pair of attractive binding posts. Because of the rear-firing port, you need to leave some space between the speaker and the wall behind it so that the port can work properly.
The sensitivity is 88 dB, frequency response range is from 46 Hz to 30 kHz (+ 3dB, – 6 dB). As far as amplification goes, anything upwards of 25 W should be fine.

Sound quality of Q Acoustics 3030i Review

The 3030i needs about 50 hours of a break-in period to show full potential truly.
What comes as a surprise is the sense of space and air around the soundstage, which is pretty comprehensive, allowing the instruments and vocals to spread. Every note sounds full and with a substance. The bass doesn’t dominate or control the soundstage but adds more weight and presence. It is good that low frequencies do not overshadow other frequencies but offer complexity instead. Q Acoustics 3030i have a significant focus and precision and tonally offer an outstanding tonal balance. The sound has a comforting warmth, complete with detail, and the voices are sharp clear. Even in larger rooms, the bass line is fulsome, where usually small speakers tend to sound lean. There is depth to the sound when listening to choirs and soloists, but you can also identify various solos on the stage because of the stable and assured imaging.
As with all other small monitors, the Q Acoustics 3030i have the best sound with their tweeters at ear level. There are 25 inches high speaker stands that elevate the speakers to the right level. They also look aesthetically pleasing to match the design of the speaker itself.


In everyday use, the 3030i are ideal speakers for all music genres. They have the necessary accuracy, space, and focus for classical music or jazz, but they also have the strength for electronic music or rock.
The Q Acoustics 3030i are the perfect middle ground between the smaller 3020i with outstanding sonics and the big 3050i with powerful sound. They are made for people who have space for more extensive bookshelves but are not interested in a pair of floor standers.
The bass is deep and having a subwoofer is not a must. Of course, if you love the lower depths in music, the addition of a subwoofer will help you with that. Overall, 3030i is a beautiful speaker, worth having at home.

Q Acoustics 3030i Review
Q Acoustics 3030i Review


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