Pure DiscovR Review

Pure DiscovR Review

Portable loudspeakers are trendy. It is even better if they are also intelligent. The DiscovR from Pure plays an extremely good role in this league, as our test of the smart speaker shows.

The Pure DiscovR does not come with a built-in digital radio. Still, it can handle Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice controls much better. If desired, it can even replace the manufacturer’s own control devices such as the Amazon Echo or Apple’s HomePod.

The DiscovR can also develop a multicolored LED light ring on the top. Almost all controls for the speaker are located there. The only exception is the pairing button for Bluetooth, located on the back. However, the preset buttons for the favorite stations on the speaker’s corners on the StreamR have a different function on the DiscovR. Instead of transmitters, voice commands can be stored here, which can then be activated at the push of a button. However, the Pure DiscovR does not have a display.


  • Sensitive speech recognition
  • Music recognition
  • Easy handling


  • Treble fidgety
  • Washed out in the middle
  • Few connections

Pure DiscovR: the equipment

The Pure speaker is a pure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker and does not have a built-in FM and digital radio. This clarifies on the go, and streaming can only be done via Bluetooth.

A smartphone or tablet must be paired for this. Alternatively, an analog source can also be connected via a 3.5-millimeter jack and play music accordingly. However, a suitable connection cable is not included with the device and is not already mounted on the speaker, as with the Pure StreamR.

Therefore, USB media in the form of USB sticks or external hard drives cannot be connected and cannot be used as a playback source. A charging cable is included with the speaker, but not a suitable USB power supply.

This is a shortcoming because, in particular, due to the voice control for Alexa and Apple, the smart speaker is certainly often stationary and not operated via the built-in battery. After all, all common and often already existing USB power supplies or any USB sockets of computers, televisions, or other devices can be used. Pure also states 15 hours as the mileage for the built-in speaker. But, of course, we also measured this very carefully. The loudspeaker only lasted 7 hours and 13 minutes playing an Internet radio station at room volume in the practical test.

Operating the speaker using the controls at the top is made easier by a proximity sensor. If you move your hand over the device, the buttons light up and can be used. Pure has designed the volume control particularly cleverly. This is located in the middle and is operated by wiping movements clockwise or counterclockwise. To physically turn off the built-in microphone, push the speaker’s top into the speaker like a large switch.

The operation

In principle, the speaker from Pure has three different operating modes:

  • WLAN with voice control
  • Bluetooth
  • Analog sources

Pairing via Bluetooth is easy via the corresponding button on the back. Devices paired with the speaker can, of course, be used later by simply switching to Bluetooth mode. Then it is also possible to play Internet radio or various streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, or Amazon Music via the loudspeaker, for example, when using it on the go.

However, the Pure DiscovR does not have a hands-free function. The speaker can be used with the voice services Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple in stationary operation. However, the speaker must first be connected to the WLAN and paired with the voice service.

New: voice control

An app must first be installed and started on the smartphone. The speaker can then be searched for and set up there. By selecting the WLAN network and entering the password, the device can be connected to the home network. This is then linked to the voice service so that the loudspeaker can also accept voice commands via the built-in microphone. A button on the speaker allows you to disable the microphone temporarily. If necessary, this can be permanently separated by pressing in the entire control unit.

In addition to pure questions about the weather, news, and other services, Alexa can also connect to streaming services such as Tune-In or Amazon Music and play tracks there. Again, the voice control worked flawlessly in the test. Incidentally, thousands of Internet radio stations available via Tune-In can also be played in this way. In addition, four of the most frequently used voice commands can be stored using the four favorites buttons in the corners (Pure calls these “preset corners”).

Unfortunately, it is impossible to save frequently used radio stations as your favorites. Incidentally, in connection with Apple Airplay 2, in addition to voice control, multi-room with several system-compatible loudspeakers can also be used. Therefore, save frequently used radio stations as your favorites.

Streaming services

The Spotify streaming service has a special function. In contrast to other streaming services, this can be used not only via Bluetooth but also via WLAN. There is also the interesting function “Music Discovery.” This allows songs to be recognized and, if desired, stored in a separate Spotify playlist. The music service is then controlled via the Spotify app on the smartphone. Searched for and recognized songs (e.g., from Internet radio) are stored in the “Pure Discovery” playlist and can be played directly via the streaming service.

DiscovR in practice

After a short familiarization phase, operating the mobile loudspeaker becomes child’s play. The smart speaker is also visually convincing due to its design and, last but not least, the stylish LED ring. Compared to the StreamR, the DiscovR is built a little larger and can also convince a little more in terms of sound. Although the bass reproduction is not as great here either, the device sounds quite balanced overall and is suitable for mobile music playback. However, we wished for an equalizer to change the bass and treble. The speaker from Pure is also quite ideal as voice control for Alexa or Siri. He always responded to our voice commands and understood them correctly.

Operation area

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the Bluetooth speaker is ideal for mobile use in the garden, when traveling, or on the lawn in the park. The speaker cuts a fine figure and stands out with its unusual design. However, a connected smartphone is required for operation on the go, which takes over the playback of the media since there is usually no WLAN available there.


The DiscovR is a great replacement for Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s HomePod voice control systems. But the speaker can also be used perfectly as a Bluetooth speaker. We liked the acceptable sound and the exceptional controls. However, an equalizer and the missing power adapter are on the wish list, which is a real shortcoming given the not exactly low purchase price.

Pure DiscovR Review
Pure DiscovR Review


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