Polk HTS12 Subwoofer Review

Polk HTS12 Subwoofer Review


Over the years, many companies have subwoofer offerings that set the bar high and raise the expectations among AV enthusiasts regarding what they can expect in return for the money they pay.

Facing such a competition, Polk introduced Polk HTS12, a 12-inch ported subwoofer that is not only affordable, well built with an excellent design but also promises to deliver deep bass with low distortion.


  • Attractive design that easily fits with the home decor
  • Universal ports compatible with most home theater setups
  • Built-in controls
  • Handles high volume levels without port noise or distortion


  • The price is slightly higher than other similar subwoofers produced by Polk in the past


Polk HTS12 has a sleek design with rounded corners and a slot on the bottom that shows off the down-firing port.

The cabinet’s dimensions are 43.5 cm x 46.1 cm x 47.9 cm (WHD), while the weight is 25.9 kg. You have the powered subwoofer, grille, 8′ AC power cord, the manual, and online product registration sheet in the box.

The subwoofer’s cabinet is rigid and sturdy, resistant to damage in case of some accidental hits. Also, acoustically inert, the enclosure reduces internal standing waves for less audible coloration. The non-resonant MDF construction ensures a more lifelike sound. It is available in washed black walnut finish and classic brown walnut.

A 200-watt (400-watt peak) RMS class-D amplifier pushes the 12-inch polypropylene cone driver of Polk HTS12. The 12-inch front-firing woofer has a rubber surround and provides deep and accurate bass. Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance technology is incorporated and is Klippel optimized for clean, clear bass with better linearity, minimum distortion, and better durability.

The HTS12 also utilizes floor-firing Power Port Technology for deeper bass and reduced port noise. Power Port is a patented technology for smooth transitions of air from the speaker into the listening area. This way, the bass is extended, profound with minimum turbulence, distortion, and port noise. Subwoofers equipped with Power Port have 3 dB less port noise than other subwoofers without this technology.

There are controls for the volume, low-pass (40 Hz t0 160 Hz), and phase adjustment on the subwoofer on the rear panel of the subwoofer. These controls give you the flexibility to adjust the sound output to your liking. The low-pass filter is active only for stereo RCA inputs and is deactivated when LFE input is used. The phase switch lets you select 0 degrees (standard) or 180 degrees (reverse). If the bass sounds unclear or muddy, changing the phase control might help with the bass.

Also, there are a power switch and a 12-volt trigger. There are an LFE connection and a stereo RCA with a low-pass function.

The subwoofer has a dynamic balance driver that eliminates distortions that might happen at high volumes. Also, a patented power port technology prevents port noise from being generated while the subwoofer is in use.

The subwoofer has a feature to automatically powers off when there is no longer signal from the receiver for more than 20 minutes. It is not a wireless subwoofer and requires a wire to operate.

The frequency response is 22 Hz to 180 Hz, and impedance is 8 ohms.

You have five years warranty for the woofer and three years for the amplifier.

Sound quality

Polk HTS12 has a convincing, tight, and tactile bass. If you are worried about the 200-watt amp rating, consider that HTS12 pushes its driver to the limit without any signs of stress.

This mid-sized affordable 12-inch subwoofer does everything you would expect from it. It might not reach infrasonic depths, but playing with the EQ, you can take out the maximum from your system and get a full-range response. The Polk HTS12 is clean, tight and the port never chuffs, making it seem invisible. When you listen to music, the impact of the subwoofer is not just physical but also emotional. You just let go and let the music flow as you feel the instruments in your guts.

The subwoofer is terrific for watching movies, with its thumps and thuds that feel so real. You don’t feel like the device is pushing its limits at any time.

It comes as no surprise, but HTS12 is excellent for games; in the same way, it is ideal for music and movies. Listening to the soundtracks that enrich the gaming experience, the explosions, and the low-level rumbles of your favorite game, bring more excitement and pleasure.


The Polk HTS12 is a superb option for a 12-inch ported subwoofer. It looks good and is a total package. Sure, other models can outperform it, but it is definitely in the top choice selection. It is an excellent subwoofer that will enhance your home theater system with clean sounds no matter if you watch movies or listen to music.

Polk HTS12 Subwoofer Review
Polk HTS12 Subwoofer Review


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