Polk Audio T15 Review Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio T15 Review

Polk Audio is a giant among the manufacturers of loudspeakers, present on the market for more than 40 years, offering devices from very affordable prices up to four-figure numbers of money. Their products have a reputation of being well built, with quality materials, providing smooth and warm sound.

This review would be about Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers for those on a budget willing to buy quality speakers without affecting the bank too much.


  • Mountable
  • Excellent materials and quality
  • The vast and broad soundstage
  • Wide dispersion
  • Great for budget surround systems
  • Good bass extension


  • An audible gap on direct axis height level


The size of Polk Audio T15 is 7.25 x 6.5 x 10.63 inches, and the weight per speaker is 8 lbs.

The Polk Audio T15 speakers arrive with grilles on, simple with just a Polk logo on them that gives them a little sparkle. The side panels are not of textured vinyl veneers, typical for products in this price range, but are black wood grain. The grilles attach to the speakers with thick grille guides and have acoustically friendly black fabric.

Once you remove the grilles, the drivers are exposed. The 0.75 inches tweeter dome has a blue plate around it with the Polk logo, and the 5.25 inches woofer cone has a gray surface. There is a 3.5 cm front-mounted port between the two drivers, making it easier for the speaker to be mounted directly on the wall, using the already provided keyhole mount on the rear.

The cabinet construction is as expected, half-inch MDF, except for the front baffle with a bit thicker (0.75 inches) MDF.

The 0.75 inches tweeter has a silk/polymer composite dome with a wide dispersion but does not have the dynamic range in the lower treble bands as a full 1-inch dome. The 5.25-inches woofer has a polymer composite cone, and its motor section covered in an aluminum pot is heavy and weighs about 3 lbs. There is no venting for the motor, so the cooling is based only on the aluminum’s thermal properties.

Both drivers, the tweeter and the woofer use Polk’s Dynamic Balance technology to combine different resonant materials, which damp each other resonances for a low-resonant composite as a result.

The T15 comes with magnetic shielding, so you don’t have to worry about signal interferences from cables or nearby devices when using them. The speakers also come with adhesive rubber pads in case you decide to use them.

Sound quality of Polk Audio T15

When it comes to speakers, the quality of the sound they produce is the most important. No make-up or beautiful looks of the speakers can improve the poor sounding. Also, it would be best if you took into consideration the burn-in period. Twenty hours should be minimum, although speakers tend to significantly improve after 40 or even 100 hours of serious listening.

And honestly, Polk Audio T15 sounds better than it should.

The sound is warm and lacks some details, but that is normal for the speaker’s price. The imaging is excellent, with an expansive soundstage that works with any music.

Being loud for their size is another plus, especially considering the minimal distortion.

The bass is where Polk Audio T15 shines. Even without a subwoofer, the speakers provide powerful bass with remarkable dynamic range on the lower end.

In case you want to improve the sub-bass, you should consider pairing it with a subwoofer.

The mids are good, but they don’t surprise you as much as the bass. Voices are average for the price, and T15s sound best when you play tracks that are not heavy on vocals.

The high treble is the only frequency that kind of feels neglected. Somehow it feels like it is one-two steps behind while the other frequencies take the lead. Depending on your music taste and whether you prefer shrilling highs or not, you can use an amplifier to give more details to the highs. Some people have noticed that sound is much better if the speakers’ position is above or below the ear level.

In conclusion, T15s are speakers for all kinds of music, and they provide accurate and beautiful sound, with wide and flat frequency response and low distortion. Of course, they can’t give the high-end speaker micro details and sweet musicality, but you don’t pay the same amount of money to be realistic.


The Polk Audio T15, a two-way speaker system, is a perfect choice for a basic sound system and can offer fantastic quality and likability when paired with a decent amplifier.

T15 is a great way to enter the world of high-end audio. Although the speakers are not expensive, you probably will change and upgrade other components such as an amplifier, cd player, etc., before deciding to change the speakers. And with every upgrade, the speakers will just sound better.

Polk Audio T15 Review Bookshelf Speakers
Polk Audio T15 Review Bookshelf Speakers


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