Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones Review

Panasonic ErgoFit Review

The Panasonic Ergofit earbuds are one of the most inexpensive and the most decent pair of earbuds for their price point. They offer such an incredible comfort and they don’t fall off the ears. To find a pair of earbuds that are at their price point is such a difficult job. Not a lot of people review these kind of cheap air buds but the Panasonic ErgoFit have earned it. They come in a variety of vibrant colors: blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink, red , white and black. When a lot of people hear about their price tag they don’t have very high expectations for them but they have a lot of low expectations for them. Many reviews off of Amazon praise the earbuds but still not a lot of people expect too much from them. When you first open the earbuds and take them out of their blister pack that they come in your first impression would be that they are indeed very cheap looking but they’re designed it as love your flair and a dash of cheerful coloring seems to save them. These earbuds were intentionally made for the iPod Nano that also came in variety of bright colors.


Panasonic ErgoFit are described as a hybrid earbud they are part earbud like your basic Apple your pad and the other part is soft with a silicone rubbery touch. Included are also three different types of sizes of silicone eartips. For their price point it would have been better that they were made as a full on hard bud, but the silicone tip that goes into your ears helps with the sound isolation and maximize the bass output. You match the three different types of silicone ear types to your ear for maximum Noise Cancellation and for maximum comfort. And they said in the ears pretty well without falling off. The construction of the wires is very poor. The wires that lead up to the earbuds is very thin and is very fragile. They do have an L-shaped plug that goes into the phone jack which is very useful but for the people that have a thicker or more tougher phone cases may have a little bit of a trouble getting the plug into the phone jack.

Sound Quality of Panasonic ErgoFit

When it comes to the sound quality many have been very impressed of how the Panasonic Ergofit earbuds perform. When listening to music they sound extremely decent and when in comparison to much more expensive earbuds they sound amazing. They give out a reasonable amount of bass and detailing to the music you’re listening to but you can see their full and true potential if you’re listening to more quieter and more refined tracks especially with jazz music or acoustic music. And of course they are limited with bass heavy music or tracks. Even the harshest critics for headphones have said that they’re not bad and they don’t work as bad as they thought they would because of their low price point and how they are made. And many more have said that they were very more cost effective replacement to the apples regular stock EarBuds.


As many people reviewer’s and critics have said I too don’t want to raise much expectations for these earbuds but if you’re on the more clumsier side and you tend to lose things very often these very cost-efficient headphones will save a lot of your money and are as good as any other pair of earbuds that come with your smart phone. If you don’t wanna worry about losing expensive headphones and if you want to have a lightly or work out with a light pair of your phones than Panasonic ErgoFit are perfect for you. The worst thing that could happen with these earbuds is that they wouldn’t fit well onto your ear but of course you can eventually get them or just return them and if you don’t like the color you’ve picked you can comfortably get a second pair in a different color because they are  just that inexpensive.

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones Review
Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones Review


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