Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Waterproof Speaker Review

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Review

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is a product of Cambridge Soundworks, and it is another Bluetooth speaker in the trendy line of Oontz Angle speakers.

Oontz Angle 3 and Oontz Angle 3 Plus are previous models, and they were pretty popular on Amazon.

So now, with some improvements in the sound and build quality, we have the upgraded version – Oontz Angle 3 Ultra.

Some recognizable things and features from the previous version, like the triangular design and the price, have stayed the same. If you prefer something more significant and louder but still with the same design, there is a supersized Oontz Angle speaker called Angle 3XL Ultra.


  • Cheap
  • Portable and lightweight
  • IPX6 certified
  • Great Bluetooth
  • Battery life
  • Loud


  • At high volume levels, there is a distortion
  • Poor bass reproduction


The Oontz Angle 3 Ultra comes in a recyclable box, together with a 6 ft long USB to micro USB charging cable, 3 ft long aux cable, manual, and warranty. There is no wall charger, so you will have to charge the speaker through the computer or power bank unless you buy it as an extra.

The speaker’s dimensions are 6.4 inches in width, 2.8 inches in height, and 2.75 inches in depth. The weight is 15 oz.

Like all other Oontz Angle speakers, the speaker looks like a triangular prism, small and compact. The cabinet is made of plastic, with an unremovable aluminum grille that protects the drivers. All the edges are rubberized, and the Angle 3 Ultra is available in two colors, black and white.

Two full-range (2.7 W each) Neodymium drivers are positioned on the front side, behind the protection grille, so there is no 360 degrees sound. There is also one down-firing passive radiator for improved bass response. But you can place the speaker both horizontally and vertically. There is a slightly better stereo separation when placed horizontally.

In contrast to most Bluetooth speakers, which have control buttons on the top, OontZ Angle 3 Ultra has them on the right side. There are buttons for Bluetooth/call, play/pause, two track management buttons, two volume buttons, and one for power. The controls are easy to use, and the dedicated track buttons for the previous and next song are a nice touch because you can’t find them on other small Bluetooth speakers.

There are three LED indicators: Bluetooth indicator, wireless dual stereo indicator, and charging indicator.

There is a built-in microphone located right above the Bluetooth indicator. The speakerphone works well in a quiet or moderately loud room. If there is too much noise around you, the microphone will pick up that noise, and the voice will be muffled.

Next to the control panel are all the inputs located, such as 3.5 mm aux input and micro USB charging port. They are protected with a rubber flap for water resistance. The speaker is IPX 6 certified, which means it can survive splashes but can’t be immersed in water. If you use the speaker in aux mode or opened rubber flap, the water-resistant feature is nonexistent.

On the bottom of the speaker, there are rubberized feet for neutralizing vibrations. In the middle, the plastic mesh serves to allow air to move.

Angle 3 Ultra has Bluetooth 4.2, and the range is up to 100 ft without obstacles or 30 ft indoors. The connection is stable and of fantastic quality. The speaker is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, and if you have an mp3 player without the Bluetooth feature, you can use the aux port. When the speaker is paired with a device, the Bluetooth indicator is solid blue. When the aux cable is used, the Bluetooth indicator turns green. If you want to connect some device wirelessly again, you have to remove the aux cable first. No NFC pairing is supported.

You can pair two OontZ Angle 3 ultra speakers (daisy-chaining), but you can’t daisy-chain multiple speakers. Even when two speakers are paired together, you can choose between stereo mode (one speaker is left, the other one is right channel) and dual stereo mode (both speakers play the same audio, without left and right channel).

Pairing two speakers is a bit complicated, but it is well explained in the manual. You turn on both speakers and pair one of them with your Bluetooth-enabled device, and this speaker will be the main one. The other speaker should be in pairing mode (flashing blue light). Then on the main speaker, you should press and hold the play button for 5 seconds until the wireless dual stereo indicator starts flashing white. You will hear “dual pairing” from the main speaker. After a few seconds, you will hear “left channel” from the main speaker and “right channel) from the second speaker. The wireless dual stereo indicator will be solid white. This way, you can play music in stereo mode with stereo separation.

Suppose you prefer the same audio output from both speakers (dual stereo mode) after the speakers are paired. In that case, you should press and hold for 5 seconds the “next track” button on the main speaker until the wireless dual stereo indicator turns solid orange on both speakers.

Battery life is fantastic as well. If you use moderate volume levels, the battery can last almost 20 hours. At full volume is less than 10 hours.

Recharging through the USB port on the computer takes lots of time, approximately 7 hours.

Sound quality

The loudness and sound quality are truly surprising for such a small and portable Bluetooth speaker. Compared to speakers of the same size from more famous companies like JBL and Bose, OontZ Angle 3 Ultra sounds even better.

The bass is present and tight, although not the highlight theme of this speaker. Play a song that is heavy on the bass. The digital processor inside the speaker will try to eliminate the frequencies responsible for distortion, so you will not get the best listening experience.

The reproduction of the mids and highs is much better. The mids are sweet and full of detail, while the treble is clear.

And OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is very loud, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.


Oontz Angle 3 is a perfect portable budget Bluetooth speaker. You can use it indoors and outdoors. You can use it to listen to music when showering or when driving a bike. The speaker can be there for you when you go to the beach as well. So if you want a loud speaker that comes in a small package, Oontz Angle Ultra 3 is the answer for you.

Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Waterproof Speaker Review
Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Waterproof Speaker Review


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