Nura NuraLoop Review

Nura NuraLoop Review

The manufacturer Nura offers its over-ear headphones Nuraphone now also the in-ear plugs  Nuraloop on. In a much more compact form factor, the headphones are supposed to adapt the sound reproduction to the anatomical features of the wearer’s ears thanks to the patented automatic hearing test – as with the large nuraphone. In addition, noise suppression should also ensure quiet against background noise.

The test shows that Nura was able to transfer many of the good properties of the Nuraphone to the Nuraloop – especially when it comes to sound. But the same applies to the nuraphone: It is better not to lay the charging cable.


  • Capable ANC
  • Superb personalized sound
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Competitive price
  • Can be used wirelessly or with an aux cable


  • Proprietary charging cable is less than ideal
  • Overly sensitive touch controls
  • Automatic on function is a bit finicky
  • Bulky design

The Nura Nuraloop are not completely wireless earplugs but connected via a cable. This is just long enough that we can comfortably carry the Nuraloop. To be able to dangle it safely around your neck, the cable is a bit short. The headphones are connected to one end device via Bluetooth. Multiple connections are not possible.

Good hold, thanks to the bracket behind the ear

The earplugs themselves are well adapted to the shape of the auricle and are very comfortable to wear, thanks to silicone attachments. Different attachments are available to users depending on the fit. Practically, some of the small protective grids are included in the scope of delivery, which keeps dirt away from the inside of the plug and can be easily changed.

The two plugs each have a flexible bracket that provides more support behind the ear. As a result, the Nuraloop does not fall out of the ear, especially with stronger movements such as running. Of course, if you wear glasses, you may have to try something out until the temples are comfortably adjusted – but that worked well for us.

Otoacoustic hearing test improves the sound.

Theoretically, the Nura Nuraloop can be used directly without the Nura app, but we do not recommend this. As with the Nuraphone, the sound quality of the Nuraloop improves enormously thanks to the automatic adjustments that we can make via the app. We can also start an automatic, otoacoustic hearing test here, which measures the sound reproduction of our eardrum.

Based on the returning vibrations, the Nura app also determines which frequencies need to be adjusted for the Nuraloop. Thus, in contrast to hearing tests with other headphones, such as those from Beyerdynamic, we don’t have to do anything other than hold still: the system plays a series of tones, the returning signals of which are measured.

We are presented with the result in a circular diagram that largely corresponds to the one we received with the Nuraphone – so the test seems to be consistent. After the test, we can use an audio sample to compare the adjusted and the original sound.

Optimized settings work wonders.

As with the Nuraphone, this difference is clear: As soon as we activate the optimization, the sound is clearer, fuller, and overall more balanced. The bass can already be heard well in the basic setting, but they do not drown out the sound. When the sound enhancement is activated, the mids are also reproduced less muffled.

As with the Nuraphone, we can use another slide switch to set the strength of the bass reproduction – Nura calls this “immersion mode.” The low frequencies can be regulated from very inconspicuous to very strong. We set the setting for ourselves once and then didn’t feel the need to change anything – no matter what kind of music we listened to.

The bass reproduction of the Nuraloop is, of course, not as extreme as with the Nuraphone. The Nuraphone outputs audio signals per ear via two drivers: one for highs and mids, which sits directly in the ear, and one for the lows, which sits in the over-ear shell. This means that with Nura’s large headphones, the bass can be turned up so far that the shells flutter.

Strong bass also with the Nura Nuraloop

With the Nura Nuraloop, on the other hand, all frequencies are reproduced via a loudspeaker; there is no separate bass driver for construction reasons. Accordingly, the bass is not quite as impressive as with the Nuraphone. In addition, because of the significantly smaller size, the low frequencies can also make a lot of noise with the Nuraloop, depending on the type of music.

The pure in-ear construction of the Nuraloop also has the advantage over the Nuraphone in that the earplugs are much more comfortable to wear over a longer period. With the Nuraphone, we have found over time that the in-ear plugs integrated with the over-ear shells press on the lower area of ​​our ears due to their design. After several hours – for example, on a transatlantic flight – this can become uncomfortable. With the Nuraloop, there is no such pressure. As a result, the plugs are very comfortable to wear even for several hours.

Noise-canceling at a high level

Like the Nuraphone, the Nuraloop also has built-in noise suppression. As with the large over-ear model, this manages to filter out background noises well. As is common with such systems, low frequencies are better kept away from the user’s ears than high frequencies.

In everyday life, this means that the Nuraloop can almost completely filter out the noise of a street or the hum of an engine, but the barking of a dog or the screaming of a child is more likely to be heard. However, impact noise is not an issue with the Nuraloop, and the external microphones used for noise canceling behave inconspicuously in windy conditions.

If we want to understand our surroundings, we can activate the environment mode. This regulates the volume of the music down and reproduces the outside noise on the headphones. This means that we can easily have conversations or hear announcements in a train station without removing the Nuraloop. We put the ambient mode as a touch gesture on one of the earplugs – both have a touch field each.

The setting can be easily made via the Nura app. Settings such as the start/stop of a piece of music or fast forward are also possible. The control panels also respond to circular swiping gestures. For example, you can regulate the volume or the strength of the noise suppression. The touch fields are sensitive enough to be easy to use – we didn’t have any problems with them in everyday life. When we make a touch gesture, we receive acoustic feedback.

Good battery life of up to 14 hours

We can also use the Nuraloop as a headset for phone calls. This works well so far, but our voice is perceived as dull on the other side in places. The battery life for the Nuraloop says Nura is 16 hours and more. In our tests, we reliably achieve a runtime of twelve to 14 hours with fully activated noise suppression.

The headphones are charged via a special cable that connects magnetically with metal contacts on a plastic part in the plug connection cable. According to Nura, ten minutes of charging should be enough for two hours of music enjoyment – in fact, the Nuraloop charges quite quickly. A small LED in the charging cable shows the charging status.

It is also possible to connect the headphones to a jack socket using another special cable. Like the charging cable, this is connected via a magnetic connection. This construction takes some getting used to when wearing, but after a short time, we no longer notice the cable in our neck – especially since it is long enough.

Better not forget the charging cable.

Users shouldn’t forget or lose either cable at home, especially the charging cable. Without this, the Nura Nuraloop cannot be charged. A new cable does not cost a lot and is almost certainly only available from Nura itself, not specialist retailers. We have got used to keeping both cables in the supplied carrying case.


Thanks to the automatic hearing test and the audio adjustments, the Nura Nuraloop are very good-sounding Bluetooth headphones. The frequencies are neatly separated from one another and do not overlap. In addition, the bass range can be amplified in the Nura app so that the earplugs can develop a lot of oomph.

But even with the bass fully turned up, we can still perceive the highs and mids. From our point of view, a setting of around 60 percent is sufficient, but that is certainly a matter of taste.

Due to their anatomical shape and the retaining bracket, the Nuraloop sits comfortably and securely in the ear. Even with strong movements, they do not fall off. After a short time, we no longer notice the cable in the neck. The operation via the side touch surfaces works well.

Nura NuraLoop Review
Nura NuraLoop Review


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