Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review

Many British audio brands are famous not only in the UK but worldwide. Some of the most popular brands are KEF, Monitor Audio, Cambridge Audio.

Monitor Audio was created in 1972, and its recognizable mark is the golden dome tweeter. Monitor Audio’s products are known for their fantastic performance and are among the best selling in the audiophile industry.


  • Well organized and clear presentation
  • Well balanced sound
  • impressive timing and dynamics
  • Fantastic build quality


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In 2017, Monitor Audio upgraded the entire Silver series with the launch of the sixth generation, which included: Silver 50, Monitor Audio Silver 100, Silver 200, Silver 300, Silver 500, Silver FX, Silver W-12, Silver C150, Silver C350, etc.

This review will write about the largest bookshelf speaker from the sixth generation Silver series – The Monitor Audio Silver 100 Bookshelf Speaker.


Monitor Audio Silver 100 is a two-way ported design speaker with 230mm x 375mm x 300mm (WHD) dimensions. The weight of the speaker is 9.3 kg. It comes in four wood veneer finishes (walnut, black oak, natural oak, and rose nut) and gloss black and satin white.

The speakers come with two removable grilles that attach magnetically.

There are no screws on any of the speaker’s sides, making it clean and straightforward. The Monitor Audio Silver 100 is not a square design but slightly irregular, reducing the cabinet resonance and the standing wave inside it.

Silver 100 has the completely redesigned 1-inch gold dome C-CAM tweeter and the iconic 8-inch RST mid-woofer speaker unit, with the inherited top platinum second-generation technology. The powerful 8-inch C-CAM mid/bass driver is fixed into the compact cabinet. The name C-CAM comes from Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium alloy diaphragm. Because of the rigid material, the distortion rate is low. The same material is used on the treble and the woofer, so the high and midrange tones are the same. As far as the treble is concerned, the surface of the C_CAM tweeter’s diaphragm is gold coated. It was introduced in Monitor Audio speakers in 1986 because it provides good damping characteristics of the tweeter.

The minimum amp power to drive the speaker is 40 W, so it is easy to get an excellent listening experience within the frequency range of 40 Hz to 35 kHz. The overall sensitivity is 88 dB.

The binding posts are designed according to the frequency division of the corresponding speaker units. The upper pair is for the tweeter, and the lower pair is for the mid-woofer. The advantage of this arrangement is that the source signal transmits to the tweeter and woofer simultaneously, resulting in a low delay of the treble and mid-bass. The crossover frequency is 2.8 kHz.

The bass port has an intelligent line design. The lines are combined with the speaker’s parameters and the cabinet’s design in a so-called HiVe II port Technology. The idea is to match the air’s vibration frequency in the bass port with the vibration frequency of the low-frequency speaker unit. This way, the low-frequency extension is enhanced, and the airflow noise is reduced, all resulting in greater sound efficiency.

Sound quality

Silver 100 is an upgraded version of the previous Silver 2 bookshelf speakers, with improved characteristics of the old generation of metal speaker units. The Silver 100 is slightly flatter than the earlier models, but at the same time, has kept the consistent neutral and warm sound.

The new generation golden dome tweeter is transparent and clear at high frequencies, perfect for female voices.

The highs are rich with detail, and the reverberation is accurate.

When it comes to the instruments in the track, they are rich in texture, and the overtones give the music a great sense of space. Because of optimizing the sound of the mid-low frequency and the tweeter, the music is distinct with prominent sound positioning.

The Silver 100’s mid-woofer uses the Rigid Surface Technology (RST), which enables the paper cone to maintain the original quality and rigidity of the paper cone, making it fast and clean.

Silver 100s are versatile with positioning. If you put them right against a wall, you will accentuate the bottom end but won’t sacrifice too much of the dynamics.

It is excellent that the Silver 100 bookshelf speakers match other speakers in the series and can be used as back surround speakers for home theaters. This way, you can get good sound effects.


Monitor Audio Silver 100 bookshelf speakers are fantastic speakers with inherited top platinum second-generation technology and being great for audio and home theater, expands their potential on the market.

Thanks to the beautiful design and excellent sound quality, Silver 100 bookshelf speakers will find their way to the audiophile’s hearts.

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review
Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review


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