Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review

The Lamborghini special edition Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus relies on a matt stainless steel charging case and design elements from the car brand. In addition, the in-ears offer the very good sound of the original, ANC, a transparency mode, and extras such as the automatic pause of playback when removing an earphone.

In cooperation with Master & Dynamic, Lamborghini launched a special edition of the MW07 Plus wireless in-ear headphones from Master & Dynamic at the end of 2020, which, in addition to the features of the headphones with well-known design elements from the Italian super sports car manufacturer, are intended to win over buyers. The functions and shape of the MW07 Plus with active noise suppression and a stainless steel charging case are also retained in the Lamborghini edition.


  • Consistently excellent audio quality
  • Autonomy in clear progress
  • Careful manufacturing quality


  • Noise reduction not as effective as the competition
  • Transparent mode lacks quality

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus earphones made of acetate are available in the special edition in the three color combinations high-gloss white / case in matt silver, high-gloss black / case in matt black, and matt black / case in matt black – the latter is used in the test. In all variants, the characteristic Y-style element and the Lamborghini emblem can be found on the earphones, the latter also on the top of the charging case.

The delivery of the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus in the Lamborghini special edition includes the earphones and the stainless steel charging case, a small bag, a USB-C charging cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter, five pairs of ear tips, and three pairs of ear wings, each in different sizes, as well as quick start instructions. Except for the small pouch, the accessories are not provided with the Lamborghini logo or design elements but are identical to those of the normal version.

Technical data and functions of the M&D MW07 Plus

Bluetooth 5.0 without Multi-Connect and aptX
Master & Dynamic relies on Bluetooth 5.0 for data transmission. In addition to SBC, aptX is also offered as audio codecs, but the HD or low-latency variant must be dispensed. “The headphones do not support Bluetooth Multi-Connect,” so they can only be connected to one device at the same time, and the connection must be disconnected manually before another device can establish a Bluetooth connection.

M&D relies on beryllium drivers (10 mm) for the audio drivers but does not give any details on frequency response, sound pressure, or distortion factor.

More than 11 hours of battery life

Master & Dynamic indicates up to 10 hours of battery life on one charge of the earphones. In the test, using aptX at medium volume and mixed music playback, 11.5 hours were achieved. In the charging case, the earphones can be fully charged a little over three times so that the stated battery life of a total of 40 hours is significantly exceeded.

If active noise cancellation is used, the battery life is a bit shorter, but at 9.5 hours, it is still well above average for in-ear headphones.

Fast charging for earphones and charging case
Both the charging case and the earphones also prove to be quick chargers. After 15 minutes, the earphones are half charged again, so they play music for over 5 hours. Finally, however, they are fully charged after a total of just 40 minutes. The same applies to the charging case. The battery in the charging case is half charged after 15 minutes and fully charged after 40 minutes – remarkable and significantly faster than the competition, which usually takes at least twice as long. As usual, the batteries in both the earphones and the charging case cannot be replaced by the user himself.

At 89 g, the stainless steel charging case is heavier than many of its competitors, but with its flat design and matt stainless steel surface, it is easy to carry and convincing to the touch. The dimensions are 26.0 × 64.0 × 45.0 mm. The earphones fit well into the case with any included ear wings and are held securely by magnets. There are no problems with unintentional discharge in or on the charging case. Three LEDs on the front of the charging case indicate the battery level of the charging case and the two inserted earphones. Each LED can light up green, yellow and red for this purpose. The middle one indicates the charge level of the case. The outer one is that of the respective earbuds.

The case is charged via a USB-C port on the back. Wireless charging is not supported. As mentioned, a USB-C charging cable with a USB-C-to-USB-A adapter is included.

The unusually shaped and comparatively expansive earphones rely on a handcrafted acetate housing and weigh 9 g each – comparatively heavy but unproblematic due to the additional hold via the ear wings. Acetate is widely used for eyeglass frames.

Two beamforming microphone arrays are used in the earphones for telephony and active noise suppression; Master & Dynamic does not mention the frequency range covered for telephony.

With IPX5, even in the rain

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus earphones are certified according to IPX5 (protection against water jets from any angle). Therefore, they can also be used in the rain and during sweaty sports without any problems. However, the charging case is not protected against water or dust.

Problem-free single-use
Both earbuds can be used individually as they can each be connected to the smartphone individually. However, in stereo mode, only one earphone is paired with the smartphone; the audio signal is then synchronized between the earphones. Depending on which earphone is put away, the smartphone must first automatically connect to the other earphone to play music again. After switching from stereo to mono, playback must always be restarted manually, as it is paused by the automatic ear detection and does not start again.

The switch from mono to stereo when the second earbud is removed from the charging case is seamless. The M&D MW07 Plus does not use annoying signal tones when changing from mono to stereo or vice versa. Since both earphones have buttons for operation, this is restricted to the respective functions in individual operation.

Operation via buttons on both earphones

The operation is implemented by Master & Dynamic with the MW07 Plus on both earphones via buttons on the top. The right earbud has a multifunction button that can start and pause playback when pressed once. If you press it twice, you jump one track forward. If you press it three times, you jump back on track. If you hold down the button, the smartphone’s voice assistant starts.

The left earbud, on the other hand, offers two separate buttons for volume control. The front button increases the volume, and the rear button decreases it. A double assignment also extends the range of functions for these buttons. If the front Vol + button is held down, the transparency mode is activated or deactivated if it is switched on. Meanwhile, the active noise suppression is switched on and off, in the same way, using the Vol key. Voice announcements inform the user about the action taken. It is not possible to use both modes with only the left earbud inserted. The same applies to an adaptation of the control and assignment.

Incorrect entries are possible when screwing in.

Even if not using touch makes incorrect entries less likely, the MW07 Plus are not completely immune to it if you put them in your ear. When turning the earphones to screw in the ear wings to fit exactly, you initially repeatedly grasp the buttons and unintentionally trigger them. Even with the in-ears from M&D, a little familiarization and adjustment of the handle are necessary to rule this out.

Auto-play and auto-pause via optical sensors

Using inward-facing optical sensors in both earphones, Master & Dynamic automatically pauses and resumes playback on the MW07 Plus when an earphone is removed from the ear or reinserted. In practice, both actions are reliably implemented.

No app, no equalizer, no updates

Master & Dynamic does not offer a smartphone app for the MW07 Plus. It is therefore neither possible to adjust the assignment of the buttons, nor to deactivate functions such as auto-play / auto-pause, to adjust the intensity of the ANC and the transparency mode, to carry out firmware updates, or to save equalizer settings on the earphones, like this that they apply across devices.

An app called M&D Connect was only introduced with the MW08, which was presented at the end of March 2021, but it is not compatible with the MW07 Plus.

Firm hold even during sports

The combination of ear tips and ear wings in many different sizes also ensures that the M&D MW07 Plus Lamborghini has a secure hold and a comfortable fit with little pressure in the ear, allowing sporting activities. Since both elements are separate, the user can combine the various ear wings and ear tips with one another as desired, which enables the use of different sizes. Since the left and right ears are usually not shaped identically, it is worth trying out a wide variety of combinations again to determine the best fit.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review
Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review
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