Master & Dynamic MW07 Go Review

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go Review

Positioned in the sports segment, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go is a serious alternative to Powerbeats Pro.

At LiquidAudio, we appreciated the MW07s from Master & Dynamic, a New York brand that makes quality audio products with a refined design and slightly above-average acoustic performance. With the MW07s, the manufacturer signed wireless headphones, which were very expensive, but gave value for their money. In 2019, it did it again with two versions: the MW07 Plus, equipped with active noise reduction (in fashion), and the MW07 Go, designed for sport.


  • Lots of tips provided
  • Stylish charging case
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Very good sound quality


  • Lack of application
  • All plastic

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Go has a lot to do with this positioning since Beats hit hard with its Powerbeats Pro. It is the first truly wireless headphones. So how does Master & Dynamic intend to stand out? By its premium finishes, its sound reproduction, and its different design (without ear hook).


As their name suggests, the MW07 Go takes the rectangular design of the MW07 but is slightly more compact. This aesthetic choice will always be open to debate: some hate it while others love it. One thing is certain: they have a slightly less sporty look than the Powerbeats Pro, whose ear hook leaves little room for doubt. In this sense, the MW07 Go is a little more discreet despite the pop and shiny colors (blue and red in addition to white or black).

Sporty fiber obliges, the MW07 Go is designed to be durable and very resistant to water (IPX6 certification, which protects against splashes and rain but does not allow immersion). For this, the engineers used the composite material TR90, used in particular for spectacle frames. It has another advantage: its lightness.

We find this emphasis on durability with the charging case, which swaps the elegant but fragile stainless steel for plastic coated with technical fiber. It turns out to be very compact and, too, very light. As a result, it will have no trouble fitting into a sports bag.


To pair the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go to your Android or iOS smartphone, there is no need to download an application. On the other hand, it will be necessary to tour the Bluetooth parameters to find and link them quickly. The consequence of this facility becomes restrictive if you want to use the headphones with another device (you will have to remove them from the first one first).

The MW07 Go is limited in terms of functionality: they do not automatically pause when one earbud is removed, while only the one on the right has microphones for calls and requests from the voice assistant (the one configured default the phone). Otherwise, there is a multifunction button on the right MW07 Go. It allows you to manage playback (one click), go to the next song (two clicks) or previous (three clicks), or even activate the voice assistant (long press). Finally, we find the keys linked to the volume control on the left, which avoids going through the source.


The MW07 Go are awesome headphones, and we have to admit that they are rather very comfortable to use, neither too intrusive (feeling of discomfort) nor too absent when worn (the fear that they will fall). It must be said that Master & Dynamic continues to trust its magic fins, which fit naturally under the conch of the ear. This attribute guarantees better support, even if the insertion of the MW07 Go requires a procedure explained in the manual (the headphones are tilted forward to let the fins slide by pushing in the tip).


Master & Dynamic has also thought of providing various tips (five in all) and fins (three). In this way, everyone will be likely to find the combination that suits them after several tries. Comfort was an essential box to tick for the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go, designed to take a whole workout without hampering the effort. On this point, the bet is won, hands down.


While the cheapest in the MW07 range, the Go models do not distort the sound signature dear to Master & Dynamic. Far from being flat, even if bass enthusiasts find that it lacks a little, it provides balance. The songs listened to are precise and airy, with a palpable clarity in most genres (sometimes the vocals hiss a little, but it’s nitpicking) and a sharp backstage cut. The MW07 Go is very comfortable for wireless headphones, especially thanks to their welcome richness in the reproduction of mediums. It is generally warm.

As a bonus, we will not fail to highlight the passive noise reduction, which works rather well, while, now, the competition is equipped with an active solution. However, we would still like Master & Dynamic to develop a companion application to refine the settings further. On this point, we will favor Sony.


The battery life of the MW07 GB climbs to between 9 and 10 hours on a single charge, while the case provides 12 hours of additional listening (it pays for its small size). In short, Master & Dynamic has favored headphones, capable of holding out for a very, very long time (AirPods barely last more than 4 hours). Allow 15 minutes to charge the box to 50% and 40 minutes to refuel. Alas, it is not compatible with wireless charging.


Don’t like the ear hook design of the Powerbeats Pro? Perhaps the more rectangular shape of the MW07 Go will appeal to you. Sporty variations of Master & Dynamic’s MW07s, these wireless headphones are a serious alternative to the product designed by Beats, especially if you don’t own an iPhone.

Thus, the MW07 Go are distinguished by their resolutely premium finishes, which does not mean fragile. They also offer quality sound reproduction based on balance and precision. For mid-price range, they have enough to become the allies of athletes for whom style is also a purchasing criterion.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go Review
Master & Dynamic MW07 Go Review
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