Marshall Woburn 2 Review

Marshall Woburn 2 Review

The Marshall Woburn 2 speaker is the most powerful and imposing of all the brand’s Bluetooth speakers. This second version of the Woburn gives you the possibility of using it in a multi-room. In addition, it is a more innovative and more efficient model.

The Woburn 2 speaker is one of the Bluetooth speakers of a very well-known English brand in guitar amps. Therefore, this giant and powerful loudspeaker completes the range of the two connected speakers, Stanmore 2 and Acton 2. So how does the Woburn 2 differ from its pairs? Our opinion and test on this page!


  • Versatile use
  • Auxiliary, RCA, and Bluetooth
  • Rich, powerful, and refined sound
  • Elegant design


  • USB port not available
  • Fixed use
  • Wi-Fi function missing

The Marshall Woburn 2 speaker

The Stanmore 2 is a Bluetooth speaker which is even more powerful and imposing. But, without a doubt, the purchase of a Woburn 2 speaker will cost you more money.

This brand never skimps on the quality and reliability of all its models of devices. TheĀ  Woburn 2 is no exception to this rule. A robust design, an elegant design, a dynamic, rich, powerful, refined, and more expressive sound. That’s what the Marshall Woburn BT 2 speaker has in store for you.

First impression

The Woburn 2 speaker looks like most of the brand’s loudspeakers, vintage design, vinyl-coated casing, face wrapped in a grid-like fabric. The Marshall logo graces the face of the speaker and takes center stage. The lower metal and gold edge of this face show the year of creation of Marshall.

Once again, the brand takes care to equip its loudspeaker with four rubberized feet to ensure more stability and seating. The top of the Woburn 2 speaker houses the control panel, which is arranged as follows:

  • An auxiliary input
  • A source indicator: Bluetooth, auxiliary, RCA
  • Three potentiometers with illuminated gauges (volume, bass, and treble)
  • A play and pause button
  • A small rocker switch to stop the device or turn it on

Note: To be sure of your choice, consult our: Buying guide on the best Marshall Bluetooth speaker. In addition, we deliver to you the eight most popular connected speaker models signed by Marshall in this article.

At the back of the speaker, you will notice the presence of two RCA inputs and that of a classic bipolar cable input to connect the device to 220V mains. In general, we can say that the speaker sports a correct vintage design with a resolutely modern look and particularly neat finishes.

This speaker also gives you access to two color choices. Therefore, you can opt for a Woburn 2 speaker in white or black.

Flexibility of use

The Woburn 2 speaker has been designed to meet the same usage destinations as the Marshall Tufton model. This loudspeaker is dedicated to fixed use, so it does not include recharging batteries and must be permanently connected to the mains to operate correctly.

However, this sedentary loudspeaker has the advantage of being as easy to handle as Marshall’s other indoor loudspeakers, to name only the Acton 2 and the Stanmore 2. This loudspeaker also offers great flexibility in wired or wireless mode. Therefore, this speaker can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via an aptX Bluetooth connection.

You can directly plug in a 3.5 mm jack plug on the top of the device to stream music from a Smartphone, PC, or vinyl record player. In addition, you can pair the Woburn 2 speaker via Bluetooth if you want to stream music from your playlist or via any online media streaming service.

The Marshall Woburn 2 has two RCA inputs to guarantee greater ease of use in analog mode. Therefore, you can use your colored plugs to stream the sound of your media player, video game console, or television to this speaker. Remember that the Woburn 2 speaker contains a sound power of 112 dB.

This speaker has all the capabilities and performance required to sound in a large room. Like Marshall Kilburn 2, the Woburn 2 loudspeaker model offers high-fidelity sound reproduction, and the sound it generates asserts itself much better than the sound delivered by its predecessors.

What about the sound?

The Woburn 2 speaker houses two 25mm tweeters and two 133mm subwoofers. Two class D amplifiers power them respectively to release a sound power of 110 W. Once connected to the source, whether in wired or wireless mode, the speaker delivers clear, powerful, and refined sound.

The highs are reproduced with more clarity; the mids are expressed more nuanced and, therefore, harmonious. As for the bass sounds, provide a nice round and detailed sound to give more breadth to the music you listen to without silencing it.

The bass, in particular, retains its dynamism and provides punch even when set at a low level. In addition, the Woburn 2 supports the ultra-low latency Bluetooth 5.0 aptX codec when it comes to wireless connectivity.

Compared to other Bluetooth loudspeakers, for example, Marshall Stockwell 2 loudspeaker or the Marshall Uxbridge loudspeaker, the Woburn 2 loudspeaker gives a faster response time between the sound emission from the source and the diffusion of sound through it.

Diffusion takes place within 10 m without showing the slightest signal loss. Bluetooth pairing, therefore, provides better dynamic sound distribution for this device, regardless of the mobile device you are going to use.

The power will always be there with the Woburn 2 loudspeaker, no matter how loud you want to set the sound. So even at a high volume, no sound saturation will interfere with your listening comfort. And the same when the sound is played at a low volume.

With the Woburn 2 speaker, you get a more detailed and nuanced sound reproduction, even when the volume is set to a fairly low level. Like other loudspeaker brands whose reputation is well established, Marshall has its sound typology. It is focused on Rock, Blues, and related rhythms.

It is, in a way, its acoustic signature. The latter tends to assert itself more in all recent conceptions. And the same through the Woburn 2 speaker. However, this speaker is designed to reproduce a qualitative and subtle sound that will enrich your listening experience, whatever your genre of music.

The Woburn 2 speaker will faithfully translate the sound of all types of acoustic instruments, whether played with or without electric instruments. It is the same for the vocal polyphonies, whether accompanied or not.

Product alternatives Woburn 2

You may need to access other speaker choices as an alternative to the Marshall Woburn 2 speaker. Then we can suggest the Auna Linie 501 FS WH speaker and the Yamaha Music Cast 50 Bluetooth speaker.

Sony GTK-XB60B speaker

Practical and convenient to use to complete your home cinema, the Sony GTK-XB60B Extra Bass High Bluetooth speaker is capable of delivering 55 watts of sound power. In addition, it is associated with DSEE technology and Extra BASS mode. Its design is based on a three-voice technology that ensures that the sound is diffused harmoniously and fluidly without generating the slightest saturation, even at high volume.

Yamaha Music Cast 50 speaker

The YAMAHA Music Cast 50 speaker can work perfectly in a multi-room to interact with other speakers of the same brand. In addition, the speaker can be connected to your mobile devices and most of your multimedia sources either by wire or wireless mode via Bluetooth. This home automation speaker also offers the advantage of costing less than a Woburn 2.

Other Marshall speakers

TheĀ  Woburn 2 speaker is not the only accessible loudspeaker for this brand. Therefore, the slight lack of budget should not hinder your desire to experiment with new listening sensations. That’s why we suggest other Marshall products whose price will certainly fit your wallet.

Marshall Stanmore 2 speaker

In order to combine the best between sound power, connectivity, ergonomics of use, and lower price, the purchase of the Marshall Stanmore 2 speaker is the best choice to adopt. This speaker is powerful and smart enough to play your favorite tunes in small or large rooms. The Stanmore 2 is also equipped with two RCA inputs.

Marshall Acton 2 speaker

With Marshall Acton 2, you will enjoy the best advantages of the Stanmore 2 (at a lower price) in your bedroom, in your studio, or your garage. Acton 2 is as powerful as the Stanmore 2. Moreover, it has the same characteristics as the latter. The sound quality is with pronounced bass, refined highs, and very nuanced mids.

Who do we recommend it to?

The Woburn 2 speaker aims at a specific audience of audiophiles who would like to pay a certain price to enjoy a better listening experience. If you are one of them, opt for purchasing a Woburn 2 without hesitation!

You might also want to save. In this case, you can always turn to models like Acton 2 or Stanmore 2. This will allow you to discover the brand while experiencing new listening sensations.

Woburn 2: Verdict

The Woburn II provides a fully rich and high-quality sound. The Woburn 2 loudspeaker provides clear and precise sound reproduction over the entire frequency range, whether in the bass, midrange, or treble. Given the power of this “vintage Bluetooth speaker” model, its ease of use, and the reliability it offers, we can only recommend it.

Marshall Woburn 2 Review
Marshall Woburn 2 Review


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