Marshall Stanmore II Review

Marshall Stanmore II Review

Among musicians, Marshall is practically synonymous with high-quality guitar amplifiers and other pieces of audio gear. So it’s no wonder that this brand has also established itself as a leading manufacturer of wireless speakers, given the company’s long history of excellence in audio technology.
It’s not hard to see why the Marshall Stanmore II iѕ one of their best-selling wireless speakers. The design and audio quality of this robust speaker are equally impressive. We will examine this product in greater detail and comprehensively analyze its appearance, sound, connection, and user experience.


  • Classic and stylish design with a vintage feel
  • Solid build quality and durable construction
  • Exceptional sound quality with powerful bass and clear treble
  • Versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth, RCA input, and 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Multi-room audio and voice control through the Marshall app and Alexa
  • Built-in EQ switch for customization оf audio profiles
  • Energy-saving standby mode


  • Expensive compared to some other wireless speakers on the market
  • Large and heavy, which may not be ideal for portability or small spaces
  • Limited compatibility with some streaming services, such as Apple Music
  • Some users may find the vintage aesthetic to be too retro for their taste
  • No built-in battery, sо you need to plug it into the work

Design and Build Quality

Its iconic, retro styling makes the Stanmore II easily distinguished as a Marshall. The speaker is clad in black vinyl with gold trim and sports the classic Marshall emblem. You may adjust the volume, bass, and treble and toggle between inputs using the knobs on the speaker’s top panel.

The 4.65-kilogram Stanmore II is well-constructed and reliable (10.25 lbs). The cabinet’s vinyl exterior gives the impression of lasting for years without peeling or cracking. The speaker’s grill is a tiny mesh that shields the drivers without distorting the sound.

A carry handle is on top of the speaker, making it portable and easy to transport from one location tо another. For its price range, this device is an excellent speaker.

Sound Quality

In terms of performance, the Marshall Stanmore II is unmatched, producing a robust and enveloping sound. Over a wide variety of frequencies, this speaker’s custom-tuned drivers and class D amplifier allow for remarkable clarity, detail, and depth.

The speaker can accurately reproduce low bass tones and high treble notes, with a frequency response range between 50 Hz and 20 kHz. The speaker’s bass response is especially noteworthy, providing deep, powerful bass without smothering the middle or highs.

The speaker’s clarity and detail are unaffected by increased volume, and the sound is crystal clear even at the highest levels. Therefore, this speaker has a large soundstage, sо it can easily fill a room with sound and provide the impression of depth and width.

This device is an excellent choice for serious music listeners because of its superb sound quality. So, this speaker will make any media experience more exciting and enjoyable, whether watching a movie, listening to music, or playing a video game.

Connectivity and Features

Because of its many ports, you can link Marshall Stanmore II to various electronic gadgets. The speaker allows connection to your mobile device, computer, or TV through Bluetooth, RCA input, or an auxiliary 3.5 mm jack.

Setup is hassle-free with Bluetooth, and the resulting wireless connection is reliable and has low latency. For superior sound quality, the speaker is compatible with the aptX codec.

You can connect numerous speakers and manage them centrally using the Marshall app, which the speaker also supports. Also, you can manage your music and other smart home devices with just your voice with the speaker’s integration with Alexa.

The speaker’s EQ switch lets you select from various predefined sound profiles to better suit your taste in music. Also, a standby mode helps the speaker conserve power when you’re not using it.

This product is an excellent speaker for various situations thanks tо its numerous inputs and outputs.

Competitors Comparison

Though this model is a superb speaker, several models are available. Therefore, it is against some of its most formidable rivals, and their specs are compared here.

The Sonos Play:5 is a high-powered wireless speaker with a minimalistic design and premium audio. Also, it has many streaming services, multi-room playback, and voice control. A few customers, however, may prefer Stanmore II’s retro design and the fact that it costs less.

The JBL Charge 4 is a compact Bluetooth speaker with high-fidelity sound and extended playback time. Water-resistant to IPX7 and a lower price tag than the Marshall Stanmore II make it a popular option for usage in the great outdoors. However, it may not be the best choice for analytical listening because it lacks Stanmore II’s clarity and detail.

The Klipsch The Three is a premium wireless speaker with a classic look and sound. Among its features are wireless streaming, voice activation, and the ability to listen in many rooms simultaneously. Although it may not be as portable as the Marshall Stanmore II, it does come at а higher price.


When it comes to its superior sound quality and convenient features, the Marshall Stanmore II is a strong and aesthetically pleasing wireless speaker. This speaker is ideal for those who value both high-quality sound and a retro look, thanks to its timeless design, sturdy construction, and simply connecting.

This model stands out from the crowd of wireless speakers because of its superior sound quality, wide variety of connection methods, and helpful features like multi-room audio and voice control. So, you can trust that this speaker will enhance your experience with whatever you use it for, bе it music, movies, or video games.

This purchase is an excellent option for those seeking a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing wireless speaker. This speaker will impress even the most discerning audiophile with its robust sound, simple connectivity, and flexible features.

Marshall Stanmore II Review
Marshall Stanmore II Review


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