Marshall Major IV Review

Marshall Major IV Review

The Marshall Major IV relies on wireless charging in the auricle, a new folding clip that keeps it in place when folded up compactly, and a battery life that is sufficient for 21 times Lord of the Rings. This makes the small on-ear headphones a very good mobile companion that does not disappoint in terms of sound.

The Marshall Major IV uses wireless charging in the right auricle. Despite its even more compact dimensions and a new folding clip, the square on-ear headphones in the typical Marshall design should offer a battery life of up to 80 hours on a single charge – more than twice as much as the 30 hours of their predecessor.


  • Bass-forward and bright audio performance
  • Easy-to-use on-ear controls
  • Includes audio cable for passive wired listening
  • Strong battery life


  • Can be difficult to balance properly on wireless charging pads
  • Sound signature not for those seeking accuracy

In addition to the headphones and a quick start guide, the scope of delivery includes a USB-C to USB-A charging cable and an AUX spiral cable. However, if you want to charge the headphones wirelessly, a wireless charger based on the Qi standard must be purchased separately if you don’t have one.

The technique in Major IV

If you have forgotten to charge the Major IV’s battery after 21 times Lord of the Rings, you can also use a quick charge function, which charges the headphones via cable within 15 minutes for another 15 hours of music playback. It takes around 3 hours to charge the headphones via USB-C fully. In the test, the Marshall Major IV lasted 83.5 hours on a single charge at medium volume. The headphones can also be used passively via the included 3.5 mm audio cable. However, when the headphones were actively used and there was a Bluetooth connection simultaneously, no sound was played over the cable in the test.

Second, headphones can listen to via cable.
Alternatively, the 3.5 mm socket can also be used to connect a second pair of headphones if the Major IV itself is used via Bluetooth to listen to music with someone else.

Bluetooth 5.0 without Multi-Connect and only with SBC
Bluetooth 5.0 is used for the radio connection to the smartphone or tablet. The Marshall headphones do not support multi-connect, i.e., the simultaneous Bluetooth connection to two end devices to seamlessly switch playback between them without first having to disconnect and start Bluetooth connections. The only audio codec available is SBC. Neither AAC nor aptX or even an HD codec is offered. The competition offers significantly more in these two areas.

40mm driver and lightweight

The Major IV drivers have a diameter of 40 mm. Marshall specifies the sensitivity as 99 dB SPL (100 mV @ 1 kHz), the impedance as 32 ohms. The frequency range of the drivers is the usual 20 to 20,000 Hz. The Marshall Major IV weighs only 165 g, so it is again light.

Operation via a five-way joystick
Operation is via the five-way joystick already known from Marshall headphones, placed on the Major IV’s right auricle. To switch it on and off, the joystick must be pressed for two seconds – Marshall’s rich switch-on melody signals this again. With a single press, playback is started or paused, while a double press activates the voice assistant of the connected smartphone. Tracks can be jumped back and forth using right or left. Holding down a direction will fast forward or rewind. The volume can be adjusted by pushing the joystick up or down.

If you want to use the headphones to make calls, calls can be accepted, rejected, and ended using the joystick.

Control via the joystick is again very intuitive in everyday life. In practice, incorrect entries do not occur. The pressure points in each direction are well chosen and provide noticeable feedback when actuated.

No app for equalizers or adjustments

Marshall does not offer an app for Major IV. This means that it is impossible to use an equalizer or to save its profiles directly on the headphones, regardless of the device. Adjustments to the functions or software updates cannot be carried out either.

Quality and comfort

Smaller, foldable, and softer ear pads
The Major IV also remains true to the design of the series. The square ear cups do without the patterned imitation leather on the outside, and the earpads are smooth and softer. However, the artificial leather known from its predecessor can still be found on the headband. A silicone rim on the outside of the ear cups and the well-balanced weight ensure that the Major IV can be placed on a Qi charging base without any problems.

The Major IV folds up small to take with you. What is new is the small folding clip on the outside of the hinges, which keeps the headphones in their compact position and thus makes them even smaller than the Major III Voice. The suspension, like individual parts of the hinges, is made of metal. The size adjustment to the head circumference is infinitely variable and holds its position safely in everyday life. The fit of the Marshall Major IV is very comfortable, especially for on-ear headphones, as the ear pads are pleasantly soft and the pressure is not too high. The earpads can be replaced by twisting them counterclockwise from the auricle.

The passive isolation of external noise is lower than that of over-ear headphones due to the design, but it is still good.


Marshall Major IV Review
Marshall Major IV Review


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