Marshall Major IV Review

Marshall Major IV Review

The Marshall Major IV holds a prominent place in the realm of headphones. They are the epitome of sonic excellence and sleek form factor. The target audience for this critique is those thinking about purchasing a set of these headphones, and the goal is to present them with as much information as possible to aid in that process.

We will cover the design, comfort, sound quality, features, comparison with similar headphones, pros, disadvantages, and conclusion.
We will provide all the required information for headphones that combine style and substance.


  • Bass-forward and bright audio performance
  • Easy-to-use on-ear controls
  • Includes audio cable for passive wired listening
  • Strong battery life


  • Can be difficult to balance properly on wireless charging pads
  • Sound signature not for those seeking accuracy

Design and Build Quality

These headphones have a sleek and attractive design inspired by the renowned Marshall amplifiers. A black leather headband with a brass logo and black matte plastic ear cups with brass accents characterizes these headphones. 

Аlso, the ear cups are adjustable tо offer a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes. The ear cushions are soft foam and coated in a breathable fabric, giving comfort during long listening periods.

The build quality of the headphones is robust and durable. The headphones are crafted with superior materials engineered to last, ensuring they stand up to daily wear and tear. 

The hinge mechanism is strong, and the ear cups have a fair degree of resistance, making them suitable for usage on the run. They also come with a drawstring pouch for storage and transport, which helps keep them safe when not in use.

The design and build quality of this model of headphones are top-notch and make them a terrific choice for anyone seeking a pair of elegant and useful headphones.


ModelMajor IV
TypeOn-ear headphones
Driver Size40mm
Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz
Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity99 dB SPL (1mW/1kHz)
BluetoothYes, version 5.0
Battery LifeUp to 80 hours (wired) or 30 hours (wireless)
Charging Time3 hours for full charge
ControlsMultifunction joystick, on-ear cup button
MicrophoneYes, with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancelling
Colors AvailableBlack, White
Accessories IncludedUSB-C charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, manual

Sound Quality

They have excellent sound quality. They offer a well-balanced audio performance with clear and powerful bass, smooth mids, and crisp treble. 

The 40mm dynamic drivers give a wide frequency response that delivers an immersive listening experience. The headphones also have a nice soundstage, with a clear separation between the various musical elements.

Its powerful bass response doesn’t drown out the rest оf the music. The sound is well-balanced, with distinct mids that suit various musical styles, from pop to rock to classical. 

The highs are clear and sharp, making the entire sound more distinct.

This model of headphones has exceptional sound quality and delivers an in-depth listening experience. These are your best bet if you’re searching for headphones with a balanced and robust sound.

Connectivity and Features

These headphones have several inputs and outputs to accommodate a wide range of listeners. Because they have Bluetooth 5.0, a secure and dependable wireless connection is always maintained. Also, you can still use the headphones when the battery runs out because they contain a 3.5mm jack.

Their impressive battery life is one оf its defining characteristics. They’re great since you can use them for long listening sessions without worrying about charging them. The headphones can be charged in 20 minutes but have a 20-hour playtime.

This product is a great choice because of its extended battery life, several connection choices, and user-friendly controls that simplify altering the volume, skipping songs, and answering calls. You can operate the headphones without taking them off your head because the controls are conveniently placed on the ear cups.

They are a great option for anyone seeking a pair of headphones that don’t just look good but also sound great and have various useful features.

Competitors Comparison

It’s crucial to look at this model of headphones alongside other options in the same price range before deciding. Knowing their advantages and disadvantages will help you decide if they are the best option.

The Marshall Major III is a competitor to the Major IV headphones. The Major III headphones are comparable tо the Major IV in design and music quality; however, they have a shorter battery life and a slower charging time.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is another set of headphones in the running. Sony’s headphones are more expensive than the Major IV’s because of their higher-end build and somewhat superior sound quality.

Last but not least, think about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones. Although they provide a snug fit and a neutral audio output, they don’t have the cool looks or recognizable names that make the Marshall Major IV headphones stand out.

Although the Marshall Major IV headphones face stiff competition, they stand out from the crowd thanks to their innovative design, excellent sound, and versatile features.


Go no further than this model for headphones that successfully marries form and function. They have an attractive and modern look, a sturdy construction, and a superb sound quality that will transport you into the music. 

The headphones’ flexible design, long battery life, and user-friendly controls make them an excellent daily-use alternative for various situations and activities.

These headphones provide many advantages over competing models, costing around the same money. These headphones are perfect for the music lover who values both comfort and good looks in their headphones.

They are аn excellent option for those searching for fashionable and functional headphones.

Marshall Major IV Review
Marshall Major IV Review


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