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Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall Acton II main characteristics 


The Bluetooth speaker known as Marshall Acton II has a balanced, rich sound, although several remarks have been made on an apparent distortion on tracks withdeep bass.

Arguments for purchasing


  • Strong, balanced sound
  • A design that draws you in
  • Built-in bass and treble knobs


  • Having a higher volume level leads to distorts on tracks with deep bass
  • The back panel does not catch the eye
  • Does not come with accessories included

Specification of Marshall Acton II

Having a good retail price and being amongst the three newly manufactured Marshall Bluetooth speakers, this one comes at the lowest price and the smallest, size-wise (keeping in mind that the reviews of the Stanmore II Bluetooth and the Woburn II Bluetooth are in progress). Talking about size (it does matter!), this one is relatively large. When it comes to appearance, if you are fond of Marshall amps look, this one is a star product for sure. Be sure it is a strong performer when it comes to power. The bass settings are adjustable, as well as the treble knobs. However, unfortunately, if you are looking for a portable speaker, this one is not a match. The same goes for a speakerphone – there isn’t one – which, frankly, are characteristics most sub $300 models have.

The audio quality is pretty good, except for, like we said before, the distortion difficulties on deep bass tracks. Design 4.5 pounds and 6.3 by 10.3 by 5.9 inches (HWD) that come in black, as well as white models with leather layering covering most of the top and side panels, with the distinctive Marshall logo located on a tweed, covered front face, giving it a classy, timeless look.

There is a 3.5 mm aux input on the top panel, a source button, a play/pause button, and a power switch. You can also find three knobs for the volume, bass, and treble levels presented in under-lit red notches on the control panel frontal region. The dual tweeters are powered by a 15 – watt Class D amplifier, while the woofer is powered by a 30-watt Class D amplifier, having a frequency range of 50Hz-20 HZ. Although the bass vibrations are pretty strong, the speaker has good support of a four-foot construction.

Design of Marshall Acton II

The rear panel is black–colored and not so attractive when it comes to looks. Speaking of which, setting it beside a wall deals with this problem, but placing it in the center of the room might get occasional – that is one ugly speaker- comment. Function–wise, besides the ported area for air moved by the drivers to escape through and a covered connection for service only, the back panel is mostly there to offer Ac cable connection and the safety warnings and logos. The negative comments about this speaker mostly revolve around the fact that for its price, the wireless speaker needs more inputs (use with TVs, turntables, stereo/home theater gear). In that regard, for the price you pay, the only accessory you get is a power cable. Also, as we stated before, there is no speakerphone functionality, which comes off as a colossal mishap, and the lack of this feature has been a customer turn-off.


Speaking of performance, this speaker has a rich, full sound. However, in some cases, the above-mentioned high volume distortions, severe difficulties with deep bass, even at mid-level volumes, raise severe performance anomalies. Having that in mind, combined with the $250 price tag, this non – portable speaker with distortion issues comes off as an overpriced product, with evident flaws in that regard. Summary All things considered, the look of this speaker does not go unnoticed. Honestly, we are not crazy about the back panel.

On the other hand, the sound is pretty great, except for those distortion issues we talked about before. In general, the speaker can provide natural and rich sound without shifting the balance. In that regard, dealing with the ugly back panel and the distortion difficulties might suggest placing this speaker behind a wall and not listening to music containing deep bass. Keeping that in mind, it might be worth checking out the JBL Xtreme 2, the Sony SRS-XB40, the Klipsch The One, or, for a bargain, the Ikea Eneby (12 –inch). So in that matter, all of the models, as mentioned earlier, offer solid Bluetooth audio design, while some of them have portability as a feature.

In a few words, The Marshall Acton II Bluetooth speaker gives you a rich, balanced sound.

The bad news is – tracks with profound bass cause distortions.


Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker Review
Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker Review


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