Mackie Thump15BST Monitor/PA Box Review

Mackie Thump15BST Monitor/PA Box Review

Mackie stands for solid quality at a reasonable price. In addition to many watts and a 15″ bass speaker, the manufacturer has also given the new Thump15BST a Bluetooth connection. We tested what the Combi offers in practice and how it works.

The Mackie Thump15BST active multifunction speaker offers a 2-way system with a 15″ bass and a 1.4″ titanium compression driver dome inside, which together are powered by 1,300 watts. The bass gets 1000 watts (class D power amp) and the midrange tweeter 300 watts (class AB power amp). So, it’s no wonder that the key data also shows an official weight of over 18 kilograms. Not for the living room gig, but rather something for concerts with about 50 to 150 people. A few dozen more people can come if the active basses from the Thump18S series are added.


  • Good sound, even at high levels
  • Extremely low in feedback
  • Practical rehearsal room concert solution
  • Good value for money


  • Somewhat unwieldy due to size and weight

Side note

There is also a smaller brother, the Thump12BST with 12″ bass, which then weighs about 3 kilos less, but otherwise has largely the same key data.

Speaking of key data

With its many corners and edges, the plastic housing of the Mackie Thump15BST is not designed for aesthetes. Although, to be fair, it should be pointed out that it makes a discreet, neutral impression from the front and is only slightly bulky from the side and rear. And is it made of plastic? Yes, it is. However, it is of high quality and makes a solid, durable impression – Mackie has done well with this philosophy so far.

Let’s get to the operation

The box offers a Bluetooth channel and two other channels, each with an XLR/jack combo socket, which can handle microphone and line signals alike. In addition, the box provides an XLR line out to either connect a second Thump15BST – in that case, everything stays in mono here – or to add a sub, e.g., B. the Thump18S to fire. Two XLR strips are usually pulled from the console to one concert box.

One or two microphones can also be plugged directly into the Thump in the rehearsal room. The box thus also proves to be a practical rehearsal room solution. If desired, it can be placed on the floor to be used as a monitor – for this purpose; it has an EQ preset specifically for monitoring and the bevel on the side.

The third channel is a pure Bluetooth channel, a cinch socket or similar; one looks in vain here. The Bluetooth signal can then be looped through from the first box directly to a second. The volume of both boxes can also be controlled separately using the free app called Thump.

The mixer and all other settings can be operated directly on the box or more relaxed via the app. For example, some would prefer a parametric EQ instead of the 3-band or miss a (reverb) effect, but the Thump15GST is so clearly structured that it can be operated from a small smartphone without fiddling around.

Let’s get to the essentials

The Thump15BST has a stable sound, which is more powerful in the bass and very round in the mids and highs. That little bit of extra bass for most live applications is just the boost you need there! If this is not desired, you can intervene effectively with the simple 3-band control and various EQ presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Monitor are available and Music w/Sub and Live w/Sub).

It still sounds round, even at higher volumes, without overturning certain frequencies or even hurting your ears. With a specified 1,300 watts, the Mackie Thump15BST offers some headroom, although you might expect something even louder in terms of performance.

Nevertheless, the box should keep up with most loud bands in the rehearsal room and at concerts without any problems. In addition, the performance benefits the good sound at high levels and certainly the very good feedback stability.

Conclusion on the Mackie Thump15BST

Mackie has sensibly expanded a proven system with the Bluetooth option. The balanced sound is worthy of praise, which is only a bit fuller in the basses, and the box can maintain the sound quality even at high levels without hurting the ears. It is also highly recommended for all those who repeatedly struggle with feedback. Finally, it is ideal for bands looking for a powerful rehearsal room system and wants to use it live.

Mackie Thump15BST Monitor/PA Box Review
Mackie Thump15BST Monitor/PA Box Review


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