Mackie MC-350 Review

Mackie MC-350 Review

Two years ago, the American company Mackie made its debut with the inexpensive, closed studio headphones MC-150 and MC-250. The MC-350, which is slightly higher in price, is expanding this product line, just like the MC-450. So do you get more sound and quality for more money at Mackie? First of all: Yes, it is! Read in our test report how the Mackie MC-350 performs in detail and where its strengths and weaknesses lie!


  • Accurate subbass
  • High frequency boost fixed
  • Detailed sound throughout spectrum
  • Relatively natural sound
  • Excellent value


  • All plastic build might not last forever
  • Some pairs have unmatched channels

Details & practice

Features and peculiarities
The Mackie is dynamic studio headphones in a closed design with circumaural ear cups, the 50 mm transducer accommodates. The cable, three variants are included in the scope of delivery, is attached to the left-hand side with a bayonet lock, which prevents it from being pulled out unintentionally. Furthermore, a sturdy case with an integrated storage box for the cables is part of the generous equipment of the headphones. The quality of the MC-350 looks very robust and indeed of higher quality than Mackie’s inexpensive headphone debutants MC-150 and MC-250, which is partly due to the upholstery made of real leather. The Mackie MC-350 sits securely and largely comfortably – the contact pressure is, of course, a little more courageous than with many open models. However, it is unusual for my head size that I have to adjust the size to the maximum size, so the MC-350 will probably be too small for some prospective buyers.

MC-350 cable options

Sound Quality

Apart from the annoying structure-borne noise that the cable transmits into the left auricle, the Mackie MC-350 is really good fun! Its playback properties manage the balancing act of powerful sound. A large natural playback also allows sound assessments, making the MC-350 universally applicable and, thus, a highly recommended all-around headphone for bedroom producers. The quick response and dynamics, which do not cause any noteworthy compression artifacts even on bass-heavy tracks, are well done. Both the bass and the treble are present but tasteful and well balanced – no trace of “smiley face” or “bathtub frequency response.” Overall, the Mackie MC-350 is perfectly tuned!


The Mackie MC-350 masters all the sonic requirements placed on professional monitoring headphones. The generously equipped studio headphones are ideally suited to even for mixed assessments and creative production. Somewhat surprising is the insufficient reserve for size adjustment for larger heads, which unnecessarily limits potential customers. In any case, it fits me – on my head and in my loot scheme, so that a check is worth it!

Mackie MC-350 Review
Mackie MC-350 Review


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