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Recently Logitech Z625 attracted attention with a positive vibe, especially regarding gaming and its focus on consoles. We all know how difficult it can be to find good 2.1 desktop speakers, and it comes as a surprise that a company as Logitech, known for keyboards and mice, has done an excellent job with speakers.

So basically, Logitech Z625 is an updated version of the previous model, the Z623. There is only one difference between them, and all the rest stayed the same. The update is the added optical input to Z625.

It might sound like a small thing, but the truth is, it expands these speakers’ use quite a lot.

This single addition allows you to connect your console or TV in a way that provides higher quality and is more efficient.


  • Optical input
  • 400 watts peak power
  • THX-certified
  • Powerful bass
  • Deep lows


  • Lack of Bluetooth
  • Accuracy could be better
  • No remote control

Design of Logitech Z625

The 2.1 configuration means two satellite speakers and one more giant subwoofer, with a combined power output of 400 watts peak power.

It is a versatile system that allows the connection of three entertainment devices at the same time.

The satellites are 8-inches tall, which means they are not overly dominant looking, especially with their black color with a matte finish resistant to fingerprints. They have anti-slip rubberized feet for better stability on your desktop.

Volume and bass level dial and power on/off button; all the controls are on the right unit. There are also aux-in and 3.5 mm headphone out ports for private listening. The left and the right unit connect directly to the subwoofer. The difference in the connections is that the main speaker has a very thick cable that goes into VGA type connector on the back of the subwoofer.

The satellites don’t have a tweeter, but only one 2.5 inches full-range driver each. A shiny phase plug is in the center of the driver, surrounded by soft rubber. They look pretty good with grills removed. Grilles are metal mesh, and you need to use the proper amount of force to remove them.

The subwoofer is a square box with grilles protruding a little bit. Its driver is about 7 inches across, while the cabinet is approximately 9 x 12 x 11 inches, made of MDF, and heavier than it looks. It also has a massive port (2.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches in length) with port flares on both sides.

As mentioned before, the main feature in Z625 is the installed optical input, which enables you to hook the speakers directly to your TV’s optical output. If you have different devices connected to the TV, the audio will go through the optical out. If you play multiple audio sources simultaneously, they can all play at the same time. There would have been much better if Z625 had Bluetooth to be stronger competition to soundbars.

Logitech Z625 is THX certified, which means that the speaker set has the highest audio performance standards.

Sound quality

Once you start playing music, you will instantly understand that there is a lot of bass, not hard-hitting nor boomy, but if you turn the bass more than half of its value, the overpowering kicks in immediately.

The positioning of the speakers is also essential to find that sweet spot.

The satellite speakers angled upwards, which helps, but you need to find the ideal position to ensure that the cone of sound is perfect.

The cymbals are crisp and clear, but the vocals lack sweetness. In general, the sound is bright with heavy bass.

Watching movies will show you the true character of Z625s. They are excellent at producing sounds of special effects, bombs, car crashes, and explosions. The 8-inch driver of the subwoofer will make the windows shake and tremble. They are a match made in heaven for video entertainment.

Dialogues will stay clear if you adjust the EQ settings and the bass control on the speaker itself despite the heavy bass.

There is a small withdraw with the headphone out jack on the right speaker because its amplification is not significant. It might come as a setback for gamers without HD audio support on their front panels.

Otherwise, when playing games, Logitech Z625 are amazing at stereo separation.


Logitech Z625 speaker set is a good quality audio system that will not disappoint you. Bluetooth option, as an idea of wireless audio streaming, would have been a nice touch.

The ability to connect up to three devices simultaneously is excellent, so you don’t have to bother switching between audio sources every time you want to watch TV or play games on a PC or console.

This versatility, powerful performance, good looks, and sound are more than enough reasons to decide to buy Z625.

Logitech Z625 REVIEW | Speakers for PC & Consoles
Logitech Z625 REVIEW | Speakers for PC & Consoles


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